Chapter Twenty: An Epilogue

Instead of going to church on Sunday mornings, Pavel and Natalya stayed in their living room, where there was an old piano that had belonged to Pavel's mom. Natalya had taken her sister's son and her piano in after her death, and Pavel was very grateful for that. Even though he had his own electronic keyboard now, he loved to play that piano, and he reserved his Sunday mornings to it.

Natalya loved to watch her nephew play on Sundays as much as Pavel loved to play for her. Mostly, because her sister's picture was on the piano, as it was a stand-up. Her sister's pretty face seem to watch over them as Pavel played.

This Sunday was no different. Pavel got up, dressed as nicely as he could for being in his own living room, and Natasha sat in her armchair as Pavel lifted the piano cover and sat himself down. He paused over the keys for a moment before he smiled and began playing the background and melody for 'Searching for Light' (which was the number 5 top played track on the radio these days. 'Invisible Love' was number 1), only humming along as he played.

It had been three weeks since Scotty and Pavel's smashing first date. They had gone on a number of other dates since then, of course. In the course of that time, Pavel had gotten into the college in town, was picking out his courses for the next year, and had graduated from high school, as well as turned eighteen.

The Brothers Grimm were still together, of course, and Pavel was still writing songs for them, which were gaining more and more popularity. They were received well at gigs, and they were now mixing songs for the second album.

Summer vacation was starting today. As Chekov hummed, he was reminded that Scotty and him were spending one last afternoon of freedom together before the Brothers Grimm (and Pavel) went on a two month tour to big cities in five major states. That's all they had time for before Pavel was expected to attend a week of orientation before classes formally started in fall.

There was a sudden knock on the door. Pavel had that fluttery feeling that it was Scotty. Natasha signaled him to continue playing, and he did, taking his eyes off his mother's pretty face to watch as his aunt let Scotty in. They quietly sat down in the living room, Natasha in her chair, and Scotty on the couch. Scotty hung himself off the arm of the couch and closed his eyes as Pavel changed the music to a song that reminded him of his mother. A beautiful piece simply called "Wind."

And as he played (not humming this time) he glanced back at the picture of his mom and thought, his eyes closed and his smile warm, 'Thank you, Mama. Without you and your music… my life wouldn't be as wonderful as it is now.'


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