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Previously: Feeling my control slipping, I forced myself to pull away. Bella lay in my arms and began to stir, whimpering in pain.

Edward burst into the clearing and looked from the lion, to Shadow, to Bella lying in my arms. "What have you done?" He snarled at me. The rest of the family burst into the clearing at that moment. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" He shouted.

"SHE WOULD HAVE DIED!" I shouted back, "She would have died…" Edward fell to his knees beside me, pulling Bella into his arms.

"Bella" he whispered, "my sweet Bella" We were both in shock, sitting there and staring at Bella. Carlisle's voice broke the silence.

"We have to leave. Now." He was right. Bella's death would have to be faked, and we had to disappear. Edward and I ran Bella to the mansion, laying her gently on his bed. Everyone else was packing. They had made the scene in the forest look as though Bella had died with Shadow protecting her. There was no body of course, but the humans would come to their own conclusions.

When everything essential was packed, we all raced to the cars. Bella, Edward and I were in the Volvo. Edward was driving and I was sitting in the back trying to comfort Bella as best I could. She had begun the transformation in earnest now. I had hoped that she would remain unconscious, but that didn't happen. She was writhing on the seat and trying to hold her screams of pain in. I wondered… did she know what had happened?


I woke to find every part of my body on fire. Through the haze of pain I tried to figure out what was going on. I had been with Shadow in the clearing… Shadow, she didn't make it… that much I knew. My heart twisted.

I pushed that memory away for later. I had been in the clearing… the lion, it attacked me. And then I blacked out. So why wasn't I dead? Or was I dying? No, I couldn't be dying. Dying was supposed to be peaceful. This was torture.

I vaguely remember someone finding me. And then… the fire. But the only people who would have found me in time were the Cullens.

The thought hit me quite suddenly, clearing away the pain for a moment and leaving perfect clarity in its place. I was becoming a vampire.

My head swirled and the pain took over once more. Who had changed me? Edward? Alice? I didn't know. The pain was becoming stronger and I struggled not to scream. I knew that they would be nearby and there was no need for them to feel guilty. After all, this was what I wanted.

I didn't know how long the pain lasted but, finally, I could feel it retreating. It first left my fingers and toes, leaving them freezing. Slowly, the fire retreated from my body, but it didn't bring any relief. For every part of me that became blessedly cool, the fire seemed to grow more around my heart. My heart was beating a mile a minute. Like it knew that the end was near, like it wanted to get all of the heartbeats in that it should have had. The fire burned white hot for a moment and I arched my back. And then, it was gone, and my heart stopped. I was a vampire.