There can obviously not be even one season without something undead… or something dead in the living world.

I think that's unkind to the dead things. I mean, when I'm dead, I would like to remain that way, you know? Please, Morgana, don't bring me back. I don't want to be cloudy and wispy and attack people for no good reason. I want to be dead when I'm dead.

I bet they do too.

I bet they just want to be dead again, and they are attacking angrily because they don't know whose fault it is.

Everyone wants to stick up for the minorities these days? Well, what about the undead Merlin people? They are (technically) a minority. We need to start a petition to make the baddies leave them alone!

All that is a long way to say, Season 4 is here, and so are memos! My new story is called "Restrictions and Reprimands". Yes, I'm sticking with the RaR theme. Thanks!