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It was a town where a mind was revered. A town where a thought was treasured.


Ginko had found himself in a town of people that were still. Their eyes seemed unfocused. Their minds seemed blank. If he had a quick study, there was a possibility of him discovering what it was. However, most of the people shied away. They hid behind walls and watched him with suspicious eyes. The ones that could, anyway. Others barely noticed him, lost in their own little worlds that Ginko did not wish to explore.

However, after only thirty minutes or so of walking a young girl approached him. She had dark hair and wore a brown yukata covered in pink cherry blossoms. Maybe nine or ten years old at the most. But her age didn't hinder her from talking to strangers. She stood at her tallest on her toes and looked him up at down as if analyzing him.

"You aren't from around here, are you?" She did not wait for an answer. "Of course not. My name is Sonya, if you need anything, it is best you come to me. I'm…" her eyes grew shifty. "I'm probably one of your best bets right now."

Ginko looked at her in an odd way but then nodded. He removed the cigarette from his mouth and asked her, "So exactly what's going on around here?" He expected a frightened reaction from her, but she smiled.

"It's an epi-epi… Epidemic! Yes, and epidemic. Everyone's been getting sick lately…" She began to walk away and Ginko quickly followed. "It starts with them forgetting things. Like their names and others names, places, and the names of the simplest things. After that they forget themselves! They forget who they are, how they would react. Their families, everything! And then it's like their… basics for life disappear! Kids forget how to chew and swallow, some can't remember how to blink. People can't read or count anymore…" Sonya stopped and turned to Ginko, wide-eyed. "I've even seen someone forget to breathe!" She took in as much air as her little body could to prove it.

"And you? What about you?" Ginko asked, tapping the cigarette against his knee.

"I just told you all of this. Does it look like anything is wrong with me?"

Ginko stared at her before nodding "Tell me something. Is there anyone here that I could take a look at? Someone infected by the 'epidemic'?"

Sonya turned around again and continued walking. "Certainly. I was just going to visit my grandmother anyway." She slowed down and glanced at Ginko. "Are you a doctor or something?"

Ginko smirked darkly, putting the cigarette back to his lips. "Not exactly. Somewhat."Instead of questioning further, Sonya nodded and stayed quiet as they walked in silence.