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Summary: Arlothiyenne, niece to Celeborn and Galadriel, is a child of destiny. A Child given great powers and a task of the Valar, is brought before The Lord and Lady of Lorien for training and for protection. Born to two parents, both having powers of their own, she is adopted by the Lord and Lady to hide her true blood line. After a two hundred year absence, she returns to do what her destiny requires and full fills it. Finding her love with the March Warden.

Prelude Chapter One: Child of Destiny

Musings of a Mother, Meetings, and a Plan

Shelowyn stood there in the throne room of her brother and sister-in-law's palace, her husband, Maeolari standing beside her with their crying daughter in his arms. Dread of being there shone clear on Shelowyn's mind. It had been many centuries since she last saw her brother, and it was her marriage, that had kept her away.

Her mind drifted, drifted into the depth of the past.

With her knowledge of her own past, and that of her husband, it was no wonder that her sister-in-law had seen it and warned Celeborn of it. Celeborn and Galadriel had warned her, but she had already seen it and it mattered not to her. The only one that had no knowledge of it was Maeolari, and seeing into the past, Shelowyn saw that it was best to be kept as a closely guarded secret starting with Maeolari's mother Erinwen. With good reason, for if he knew, it would ruin him.

Her own parents, conceived her out of a long affair that lasted nearly century. Her father, Galadhon had been a great Lord in Doriath and her mother, a handmaiden to Galadhon's wife. It was no secret in those days of the Lord's affair and was not looked down upon. Ninnia, her mother, had many attributes that caused all the ellon to want her. Great beauty, noble personality, and not to mention a power deep within her that no one had seen the likes of. The visions and foresight served the kingdom well for impending danger, her will to bend the elements was a wonder and her healing powers were well sought after. But her main power was that of wielding flame made her legendary. Her powers deemed her a sorceress, but that mattered not to Galadhon. It was her beauty that captivated the Lord and started the affair. He pursued her relentlessly, daily he had wooed her until finally she gave in. Galadhon's wife, was made aware of the affair, did not protest, for it was not uncommon for bonded mates to take on other lovers. The secret of the affair stayed that way for nearly a century, but then a child was conceived and all was made known.

Seeing how his own wife could not bear any other children, Galadhon embraced fatherhood again. Hoping that a daughter would be born. He already had two strong sons by his wife, and a daughter would be a welcome change. He doted upon his lover, making sure that all was just so for her, providing everything she could want or need. This made his wife jealous, but she endured and accepted that this was how it was supposed to be.

Shelowyn's birth brought about a great sadness to the Lord's heart, for the one he held close to his heart, second to his wife, was lost. Knowing the babe was special seeing her mother's strength and powers emanating in her, he took the child to his wife and asked if she would raise the tiny baby. His wife peered down at the baby in his arms and instantly loved her. His two sons, Celeborn and Galathil, accepted the baby as their sister and guarded her as if she was a special gift.

As Shelowyn grew, so did her abilities of fore sight, healing, and the ability to wield the elements, but also came a great wisdom. Galadhon's wife made sure to tell Shelowyn of her heritage, feeling it only right. Though she loved the girl as her own, she felt no pains in telling her. Shelowyn accepted it but still loved the woman as her own mother.

Shelowyn's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her husband's shushing the crying child. She only smiled and reached out to touch the baby's head. The child calmed a bit. Shelowyn looked around the main hall that held the thrones of Galadriel and Celeborn, wondering where they were. She felt on edge, a little out of sorts for this visit. 'Why have we come here?' she questioned herself.

The dread grew more and the butterflies in her stomach began to flutter wildly. A shadow was coming, she had felt it for many years, but had tried to ignore it. When her daughter was born, two years before, it finally became more pronounced and the decision to seek help became a necessity. Maeolari cooed at his baby daughter, and looked up to smile at her. 'If only he knew the full reason why they were here.' she thought.

Weary from their journey from a long extended visit from Mirkwood, Shelowyn found her thoughts straying more. She thought on the first meeting with Maeolari nearly two thousand years ago. The vision still fresh in her mind, his heritage haunting her still.

His parentage was one of strange origins. His mother, Erinwen, had been an elleth from Rivendell, who worked in the house of Elrond as a maid. After her parents sailed to the Undying Lands, she made the long hard journey to Mirkwood to live with her brother, an advisor and friend to the King, and his wife and children. She lived there happily and easily made a name for herself as a healer with precognition and strange healing touch. But this mattered not to the people of Mirkwood. She was revered as valued member of the healing houses. A royal courtesan of sorts. It was rumored that of the many females, the King visited, she was his favorite, but that was just a rumor, truth was she had only loved one, and one only, Maeolari's father.

The elf's name had slipped from all memory, but Erinwen took that to the grave with her when Maeolari was just an elfling of three hundred years of age. But Shelowyn knew it and like his mother decided, kept it closely guarded and secret.

The Elf was not truly an elf, but a Maian wizard who had not reached his full potential, he had disguised himself as elfkind. The true nature of himself hidden until the right moment in time for it to be revealed. From the vision of the event, it was shown that the Maian had an agenda he wanted to bring forth. To create a helpmate, one of his own flesh, and endowed with power to help him in his quest of practicing magic. But the Valar saw the true nature of his creation, and stripped the power from the babe, while still in the womb, and would hold that power for the next generation.

The Maian, watched and waited for the birth of the child, his son and visited Erinwen one last time, with the intent of stealing the child away. But he was fooled. The Valar intervened just in time. Upon looking at the child and seeing he had no power in him at all, he became enraged. He blamed Erinwen of conspiracy, but she simply told him she prayed the Valar would bless their child. The maian, then revealed who he was truly, which caused the elleth to be heartbroken and glad she had prayed the Valar would bless her babe. The Maian abandoned his lover and her child, never to be heard from again.

In the years following the birth of Maeolari, Erinwen told him nothing of his father's true self and simply told those around her that the father was not her true mate and that he had died. This is what Maeolari knew. At the age of three hundred, on a journey back from Rivendell, an elven entourage was attacked by orcs, and Erinwen was killed taking the knowledge to the grave. The survivors took Maeolari back to his uncle who raised him.

Many years later, when Shelowyn came to Lorien to live in the land her brother had Lord ship, a great party of elves, her brother and sister-in-law included, traveled to Mirkwood. It was then, that Shelowyn and Maeolari found each other.

Upon the first meeting, she saw his past, knew of it fully, but her heart was taken the instant they said hello. Galadriel, being gifted in fore sight, saw what she had seen and told Celeborn to take care and discourage the relationship. But neither her nor Maeolari listened. Their love was strong from the beginning. So they married.

Nearly fifteen hundred years into the marriage, Shelowyn began to be plagued by dreams and visions of a child being born. Her child, a daughter, and the child would have a power beyond reckoning. It was seen the child's inner light was brighter, more powerful than any other. This child, would be the light of the people and the judge of all that is good and evil. Her powers though strong, even in the visions, was not fully known, but Shelowyn could feel that she would need help.

For nearly five hundred years she waited, until it was so that she conceived. The child that grew within her, hummed with power. She felt it each day getting stronger. When the baby was born and she was able to finally look down into the face of her, she saw that what she had seen had come true. The powers the tiny girl was unfathomable and she knew that the only way to help her was to come and seek out the help of her sister-in-law. Speaking to Maeolari, they made the decision to make the journey from their home near the Ferochel, to Mirkwood to see his family. For two years they stayed. Thranduil deemed them family and became attached to them all, including little Arlothiyenne, who had stolen the hearts of all she encountered. All saw that light in her, and knew she was important.

Shelowyn's thoughts stopped there as the blinding light surrounding her brother and sister-in-law came into the room. She looked up feeling her reserve dying down, she wondered how they would react. Would they finally accept her husband? How will they react toward her daughter?

The Lord and Lady slowly walked down the stairs, their sights set on the family at the foot of the stairs. Shelowyn and Maeolari bowed in respect to them. Galadriel smiled warmly and Celeborn just stared at the couple, his expression unreadable.

Shelowyn and Maeolari stayed bowed until they were spoken to. "My sister, why is it you have come at this late hour? We had expected you long before now?" Celeborn inquired.

Holding a hand to her heart in respect, she spoke, "My brother, forgive us for the late hour, but have come seeking help and counsel. I would have been here sooner, but we have been in Mirkwood longer than expected."

The baby in Maeolari's arms was becoming more restless and began to cry. Celeborn hearing this walked to stand in front of his brother-in-Law. Holding out his arms, a small smiled played across his features. "This must be my niece. Let me." he said looking down at the bundle in Maeolari's arms. Tired, Maeolari laid the baby in the Lord's arms. Celeborn smiled and Shelowyn caught a glimpse of wetness forming in them. "She is more beautiful than I thought she would be. What do you call her?" he asked looking at his sister.

"Her name is Arlothiyenne." she said feeling better about being there.

Galadriel smiled seeing her husband holding his only niece. It reminded her of the day he first held their daughter, Celebrian. She walked to his side and looked down at beautiful baby. Looking up at Shelowyn the smile was of great joy. "It has been many years since a babe has graced our lands. She shines brightly as well. Shelowyn, sister-in-law, I know why it is you have come. I see your concern, I have spoken of it with Celeborn and agree to help you." Just then the child cried out again, Celeborn trying to shush her without success, the lady held out her arms and took the child. "Hush, hush, little one. It is time for your bedtime."

Maeolari, who had been calm and collected during the wait, looked relieved. Shelowyn snaked her arm around his middle and leaned her head on his shoulder. Over to the right of the stairs, stood the Marchwarden, Haldir standing there serenely looking on. He was handsome and Shelowyn focused on him. Then it hit her a feeling, she looked at Arlothiyenne and then back at him. Somehow she knew the two of them would be tied together. She also noticed quietly, that every time the baby cried, he would look concerned.

The baby cooed again and was now playing with Galadriel's long wavy blond hair. Galadriel smiled and giggled at the sweetness of the child. Taking a hand, she brushed the baby's long dark brown hair from her deep brown eyes. "You are the most beautiful thing. You remind me of my granddaughter, Arwen. But I think it is time for you to go to bed little one. Tomorrow, Uncle Celeborn and Auntie Galadriel shall like for you to come and spend time with just us. Will that be alright, my sister-in-law?"

Shelowyn smiled, she felt good knowing that they agreed to help and wanted to spend time with Arlothiyenne. She shook her head, "Of course, My sister-in-law. That will be well."

"Then it is settled. We have arranged for a nursemaid." Celeborn taking a hand and brushing a hand through the tiny girl's hair. He looked at Haldir, "Haldir, would you see my niece to Alasse's quarters?"

Haldir stepped forward and bowed. "Of course, my lord." he looked at Shelowyn, "My lady, I will keep her safe for you. Worry not." Haldir came to stand in front of the Lady. Holding out his arms for the tiny baby, the child began to cry and pull at the Lady of Light's hair. "Come, sweetling. Time for bed." he said trying to pry the baby from his Lady's arms. The Child released the long tresses she held and looked up at the Marchwarden, giant tears in her eyes. She smiled at him and grabbed his hair, then began to coo. Haldir smiled down at her.

"Haldir," the Lady started, he turned and faced her. "Take care of her, she is a special little girl. While she and her parents are here in Lorien, you are to be her guardian. Her life depends on you and us."

Haldir bowed, "Certainly, my lady. Your command is my privilege." He walked over, the child giggling happily, so that her parents could kiss her goodnight. They each stepped forward and kissed their little one on the forehead. Haldir then took his leave, talking sweetly to her as left out the door.

The Lord and Lady watched with the girl's parents as Haldir held the girl tightly to him. The room silent from the shock of how well the girl reacted to the infamous warden. Galadriel raised a brow before she spoke, "I believe that little one could melt the hardest of hearts." It was more of a stated fact, than a question. She looked at her sister-in-law and brother-in-Law, "Worry not, where he is taking her. Alasse is in the talan next to yours and not be far from you. Now, let us sit by the window and speak a little more.

Sitting in the seating area, the four sat and spoke about the reason for the visit. Being as vague about it as possible, of the four three were the only one that knew the full truth.

The Lady sat next to her mate choosing her words wisely. "I know the true nature of your concern, Shelowyn. Arlothiyenne's powers and her future, have you worried about how to deal with it. It is understandable, considering it could take years to develop them and find out the true extent of their nature. I have given it much thought. There are a few that we can trust to get her the help she needs." The Lady said standing and then turning to face them all. "I have looked into her future, her task will indeed be great and she will have the strength to endure it. But also know, that she will have to leave, learn the way of other people, her travels will aid her in her tasks."

"My love, you say she will have to leave on her own?" Celeborn said shocked.

"Yes, but not by choice. It will come in time. Shelowyn, I have seen your vision about impending doom, your concern of what will happen to you and Maeolari. Remember it is not set in stone, but should it come to pass, Arlothiyenne will be fine, it will make her stronger." The Lady told her assuring the fears Shelowyn had in her.

"Aye, I know she will have it in her to do what she was born to do. I have seen it as well, but mine and Maeolari's destiny will come sooner than we think. I fear, that Arlothiyenne will be left vulnerable. Her destiny is so great that I am afraid for her." Shelowyn said feeling ever ounce of worry rising. The sudden feeling caused her eyes to mist. She wiped them. "Her heritage, her bloodline, will be her downfall if we are not careful. I have had yet another vision of her existence being discovered, and it terrifies me. If we do nothing, all hope will be lost."

The Lady came to stand next to her, placing a hand to the woman's shoulder, she offered her comfort. Maeolari sensing his mate's pain, only pulled her close to him. Maeolari sat there consoling his wife and looked up at the Silver Lord then to The Lady. "Is there nothing we can do to help her? My daughter will fall prey to what evils will come. We cannot allow it."

Celeborn sat there listening to what was said. He sat forward, he could feel his wife's mind at work on what to do. Galadriel sat there taking her fore finger and tapping it to her lip in thought. Celeborn looked at his sister and brother-in-Law, "There is something that may help. I know it. Galadriel what if we-" his thought was finished for him.

"We could blood adopt her." The Lady said gazing at her sister-in-law and brother-in-Law.

The couple looked at her stunned. It was a practice long forgotten and never performed. A child could be adopted by parents in this fashion and truly be their flesh. It was not performed anymore cause of the risk of death to the child. Elven couples had been known to take elflings and join their blood with that of the child and death was rarely recorded. Death was rare, but possible. Maeolari stood, his gait strong and almost angry, he stalked to the window. "Absolutely Not! I will not risk my daughter's life doing it."

Shelowyn sat in thought, spacing out into what the future would hold for Arlothiyenne if they did this. The result was that she would survive and it could be the answer they needed to protect her.

Seeing Shelowyn's thoughts the Lady looked at Maeolari. "Maeolari, it is our only hope for her. To mask the truth of who she is. It is the only way. I understand your concern, I know the risk, but I believe fully that she will show no ill effects. She is elven and mostly the death in the children before was because somewhere in their bloodline, they held human genes. This will work."

Maeolari shook his head. "I have never heard of a child surviving such an act. Never."

"My Love, we have to try. I think that if we pray for the valar, since they gave us this gifted child, they would not allow harm to come to her. It is the only way." Shelowyn pleaded.

"My brother-in-Law, I have to agree to this. I would be honored if you allow me and my lady wife to adopt her. Though I only met the little one a short while ago, I already look at her as my own. I believe, this will work." Celeborn agreed.

Maeolari turned sharply, "I am still left in the dark about why it is pertinent to hide her bloodline. Why is it so necessary? Cause of my father?"

His questioning came as a shock to Celeborn and Shelowyn. Did he know? Galadriel cocked her head to the side in wonder. "Tell me Maeolari of what you knew of your father?" she asked him.

"My uncle stated on many occasion when I asked, that my father was a strange elf. One that was mysterious, but yet no one save my mother, know of the true nature of him. One day he was there, the next he was gone. He did this countless times I was told, but when my mother birthed me and then he disappeared, she said he was killed. She took it with her to the Halls of Mandos." he said looking quite perplexed.

Shelowyn had an inkling he may have known some, but not all. She stood and went to stand next to him. "My love when I met you, I saw your past including the history of your father. He was strange and had powers of his own, and they were how should I say, not right with the Valar. This bad blood, is what will attract unwanted attention to the evils of this world. That is what were are trying to prevent. It is not that you are bad, or your mother, but him. Understand that it is no fault of yours what he did." she said wrapping her arm about his middle.

"Why is it I feel as though you are not telling me all on purpose?" he asked.

"Maeolari, the past is your past. You cannot change it. Just know that you are far better than he and it is best you know no more than what was said here." Celeborn said gazing up at his brother-in-Law. For the first time in many centuries, he felt compassion for this elf. He had been a good husband and father to his sister and niece. He smiled. "Worry not, brother-in-Law. This will work."

Maeolari gave up but a looming questions remained. "Can you assure me this will not cause my little girl's death?"

Galadriel smiled warmly, "I would not have suggested it, if I thought it would, but it may be just what we need to mask the evil blood."

"Then I will trust you, but know, I do not fully agree. It is like giving up a part of me." he said. Shelowyn squeezed his middle and kissed his cheek.

"No, not giving up, but adding to it." Celeborn said smiling.

The lord and Lady stood next to one another, ready to leave. "It is time we retire for the night. Haldir's brothers are standing outside waiting to take you both to your talan. We shall speak of this further another time. Rest well and peacefully tonight. Tomorrow Celeborn and I have a busy day of elfling sitting." The Lady said smiling at her husband.

"Aye, we do indeed. Until the morrow, good night." he said taking his wife's hand and leading her behind him out the door.

Rumil and Orophin stood at attention as the visitors emerge from the Main Hall with the Lady and Lord of Lorien. After being told where to lead them, the two brothers led them over the series of bridges and stairs to their temporary home.

Note: Sorry this is so long. The prologue from my original writing has been inter-weaved with some of the story of Shelowyn and Maeolari. I did this to add a little depth in knowledge of where Arlothiyenne's heritage lies.

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