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Rachel had arrived at the airport in her a red and green plaid jacket that Finn had gotten her last Christmas (because, even though Rachel didn't celebrate Christmas, she still received gifts from Finn) and a black skirt. She wore a black boots and a beret with a bow on the side. Finn usually came up to New York for the holidays, but this year, Rachel decided to surprise him and come to Columbus for a visit. She was very much a relationship girl; if she couldn't date Finn via long-distance communication, then she wouldn't date him at all. And frankly, Rachel didn't want to be without Finn. Therefore, all though they talked and texted daily, this would be the first time in three months she would be seeing him.

After waiting for her luggage, Rachel made her way out of the airport and smiled. Of course, she had other news to share with Finn. She didn't know how Finn would react to the news of being a parent. She felt bad, as she had kept this secret for a little over two months, but she wanted to be sure and she wanted to show him in person. Maybe then he would consider moving to New York with her. There was no way she would ever leave…not after having such a successful run on a rendition of Wicked.

At first, Rachel had been upset that she was pregnant. After all, she was only twenty-one; her life still lay ahead her. But as she began to think about it a bit more, she realized it wouldn't be as bad as she had thought. This was Finn's child, and in her opinion, she had never felt closer to felt him. There was something about being apart from him that increased the love she felt for him.

Her bus stop was one of the first. She couldn't help but feel relieved; she always hated city buses. She much rather preferred the taxis in New York. But, alas, taxis were a very rare sight in Ohio.

Rachel eagerly left the bus and glanced around the apartment complex, scrutinizing it with a wary gaze. She did not approve of Finn living in such standards. He definitely needed to come to New York with her. No; he would come to New York with her. She sighed and made her way towards the complex. She new Finn was on the third floor, and usually she didn't mind climbing stairs, but her pregnancy seemed to have drained every last ounce of her energy. It would be hours before she finally motivated herself to climb the stairs, and then another few hours to finally make it up. And by the time she did, she would be complaining, saying she was hungry.

That was one of the things that annoyed Rachel about pregnancies: just how hungry you became because you were now eating for two. Large meals with small ones in between were definitely not how Rachel got her skinny form. Hell, she didn't even mind the morning sickness…but the fact that soon she'd be too fat to shop in the regular women's department bothered her. It always had, even when she was a little girl. Of course, then she didn't understand much of anything.

Finally motivating herself to climb the stairs she started up and groaned as she dragged her bags behind her. Why did she pack so much? So she was staying with Finn for a little over two months (uninvited, too); why hadn't occurred to her that she could just shop for more clothes?

When Rachel finally made it up the stairs, she was panting. She would remember next time to not pack nearly as much. She heard something ring behind her, and she quickly spun around. An elevator. It would have been helpful to know there was an elevator in this stupid apartment complex. She bit her bottom in annoyance and turned back around.

"Keep going, Rachel." Rachel coaxed herself quietly. "Look for room 314…314…" After running into room 309, Rachel knew she was close. She felt her smile growing bigger as she quickened her pace. She was only moments away from seeing Finn. Standing a few feet away from her were two boys; one was tall with long, lanky legs and sandy hair that fell over his green eyes while the other was unusually short with short but thick brown hair and brown eyes. They both turned around and stared Rachel up and down.

"Who are you?" The short boy asked. Rachel frowned. She wanted to tell them it didn't matter, but she knew she had nothing to be ashamed of by saying she was Finn Hudson's girlfriend coming down to visit for the holidays.

"Finn Hudson's girlfriend." Rachel announced proudly, glancing at the door number: 312. Two doors away from seeing Finn. Both boys exchanged a glance.

"Um…maybe you should come back later…" The taller boy said a bit uneasily.

"Is Finn not home?" Rachel asked, frowning. Finn had told her that almost all the people that lived in this complex went to college with him and that this was the nearest complex to school. Both of these boys looked too young to be in college.

"No…he's home…I just think he might be…busy…" The tall boy answered again, a bit uneasily. He scratched the back of his head nervously. Rachel snorted and rolled her eyes.

"Finn is never too busy to see his girlfriend." Rachel argued. "And if he is, he'll just have to stop whatever he's doing and give me all his attention." The boys exchanged a glance. Rachel's grin stretched wider as she made it to her destination: room 314. She dropped her purse and opened the door easily. It wasn't smart for Finn to have left his door unlocked, but for once, she was thankful he was so slow. She grabbed her bags and made her way into the apartment.

But as Rachel made her way deeper into the apartment, she almost swore she heard someone giggle. Not Finn…but someone else. A girl maybe…Rachel sped through the apartment until she made it what looked like Finn's living room. And there he was, lying down on the couch…making out with another girl. In all her shock, Rachel found no words to say. So instead, she picked up a picture of the two of them on one of Finn's end tables and threw it to the ground. He glanced up and his eyes widened.

"Rachel!" He gasped. Rachel crossed her arms, tears filling her eyes. "What are you doing here?" Finn asked. The girl sat up slightly, licking her lips and scrutinizing Rachel.

"I'm sorry I've inconvenienced you." Rachel hissed, spinning around her heels and pushing her bangs out of her face. "I should've called first." She made her way towards the door.

"Ah, crap, wait, Rachel!" Finn cried, stumbling as he followed behind Rachel.

"For what?" Rachel asked, spinning around. "So you can give me some lame excuse, say you weren't making out with someone else? Because you were, Finn! I saw you!" Rachel cried. He opened his mouth to say something, but the slut who had been kissing her boyfriend answered first.

"Damn straight, he was making out with me." She lightly touched him on the arm. "And it was nice. I bet we've had more chemistry then he could ever get making out with a midget like you." She sneered and then smirked. Rachel felt the sudden urge to punch the girl right in the nose, which was quite unusual for her, as Rachel hated violence. Perhaps it was her pregnancy hormones that were spinning her emotions wildly out of control.

"Shut up, Linda." Finn hissed, turning back to Rachel, his eyes pleading. "Please, Rachel, don't go. I can explain, I really can." Finn begged.

"There's nothing to explain." Rachel said through gritted teeth. "It's obvious now why you were so eager to abide by a long-distance relationship."

"No, Rachel, that's not it at all! C'mon, please—"

"I'm leaving now, Finn." Rachel said slowly, tears falling down her cheeks. "And I'm not coming back. Ever. We're done." She spun back on her heel and made her way out of the apartment. Maybe she was being too dramatic, but part of her knew that she had made the right decision. She didn't want only part of Finn's attention…she needed all of it.

"Bye, bitch." The girl's voice called behind her. And then Rachel was gone…and as she promised, she never returned to Columbus. She never contacted Finn, and she never told him about her pregnancy. She never told anybody.


It had been one year since Rachel Berry had seen Finn Hudson. She missed him, though she would never admit that to anyone. And now…now she was sitting on the floor of her small but very neat apartment…playing with Seth. Her one-year-old son. The father was no other then Finn himself, but the thing was, he didn't know. No one knew about Seth.

His hair was as dark as Rachel's, but that's where their similarities ended. Everything about Seth screamed Finn…the way he walked, talked, smiled, and laughed…it all resembled Seth's absent father. His hair was even mussed in the same boyish way Finn's was.

But Rachel knew she couldn't blame Finn; he didn't know about Seth. So she raised Seth as a single mother without any help from family or friends.

Rachel didn't know why, but she was ashamed with herself. She hadn't been able to keep Finn, she had lost him. Perhaps that was why she never told her dads that they were grandfathers. Or why she never told her friends she had been pregnant.

She could still remember everything clearly, all those mistakes that had taken place a little over a year ago. The part where she showed up at Finn's apartment, the part where she left, and the part where they never spoke again. Maybe if she had listened to those two boys who looked too young to be in college and turned around and come back later, she could still be wrapped in Finn's arms. They would be a family.

But the sane part of Rachel, the part that knew her life was a reality and not a fantasy, told her that walking into the room was the best decision. After all, Finn would've never been fully hers if she hadn't run into…them.

So caught up in memories that seemed to belong to another time, it took her a moment that the little boy tugging on her shirtsleeve was Seth, begging for attention. She shook her head and glanced down at him with a smile on her face.

"What is it, baby?" She whispered, smiling as his tiny hand clutched onto his little football. She had been flipping through the TV channels one day and for a split second, left the TV on one of those sport channels and Seth, who had been playing with his building blocks at the time, instantly glanced up at the TV. Ever since, he had been attached to football, all because Rachel had left the television on one of those NFL games. Of course, Seth had called it, 'the oval ball game' and although Rachel found it completely adorable and quite smart for someone his age to come up with a name like that, she eventually corrected him and 'the oval ball game' then turned into 'foo-ball'.

"More foo-ball." He begged. Rachel smiled; she should've seen that coming. But she was far too wrapped up in her thoughts to have been paying attention to Seth.

"It might not be on now." Rachel said gently. She hated football. She always had, and the fact that her son had inherited his father's love for it both annoyed and touched her. But Seth had inherited Rachel's stubbornness and shook his head, scrunching up his face.

"Foo-ball now." Seth demanded. Rachel sighed and leaned back, reaching for the remote, turning on the TV and making her way to the ESPN channel. Sadly, football was on. She sighed as Seth clapped his tiny hands together, his eyes instantly glued to the TV.

Rachel stood up and made her way to her bedroom, glancing out the window and taking in the view of New York again. She'd never get used to the vast view of nothing but buildings. It may not have been anything special, but this view resembled something to Rachel. It was here, in this city, that she not only made it to Broadway, but where she and Finn had shared some of their sweetest moments together. But now Rachel couldn't stop thinking of their last moment together. She wished it had been sweet, like the ones they shared in Lima and New York. But something about Columbus, even when she had first made it, gave her a wrong feeling. She now knew it was because Columbus was a symbol…a symbol for the end of the one good thing in her life: Finn.

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