Eternal Flower

A series of four poems about four major characters.

#1 Voiceless


I dream of the days long gone by,

Voiceless memories make me shudder and cry.

But with all the strength it takes me to lie,

I let my emotions scatter and die.

Trust in my friends is all I have now,

Teachers and preachers to tell me how.

But through all the pain I sunk so low,

And I hurt like a criminal on death row.

My hands are touched by the voice of slaughter,

Treated like the child of a shameless daughter.

Beat and bartered,traded and sold,

Taunted by people young and old.

But the greatest virtue,the strongest curse,

Is preventing a heart from becoming worse.

It is a pressure,a burden of power,

But it has budded an Eternal Flower.

So I spend my days lying in wait,

remembering a small twist of fate.

In healing a heart blocked up by hate,

The path is open to a brand new gate.

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The next on is gonna be about Ido.