Eternal Flower

POV Tozay

I don't actually remember much about Tozay, so I put in some feelings about war, and it's effects.

Hope it's still enjoyable.

Master and sailor, Father and son,

waiting forever for this war to be won.

Everything that used to be a game,

when this is over, will never be the same.

Serving my nation, my people, my prince,

I became a captain, and I've been fighting ever since.

Supporting my family, defeating my foes,

Combating the source of all of our woes.

But out of the darkness, into our hearts,

Is a fource that can rip whole armies apart.

Secretive, still, a Dragoneye girl,

sending friend and foe alike into a whirl.

Shaping a legend, her glaring red light,

Tangled in webs yet ready to fight.

Moving in a direction she feels is right.

Rushing towrds her goals like a demon in the night.

That Eternal Flower, that endless reign of love,

frees our families and neighboors, like the sun above.

And no matter how many loved ones, this war took away,

we can all recover our souls, with the new light of the day.

And, guess what? I decided to expand to 12 instead of 10!

The next one is for Vida, a character I liked alot, and the last will be... a SURPRISE.

So expect 2 more in the weeks ahead. But only if I get reviews!