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Summery: What if Ariel was too late to save Eric? Would she ever be able to save him, regain her voice, and win her happily ever after?

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Too Late.

Ariel's POV;

Too late. I was too late.

I could feel it before I even hoisted myself onto the huge wedding ship that contained Eric and Ursula disguised as Vanessa. I could feel it before I heard her voice drift down and say 'I do.' But even if I could feel it, even if I knew I was too late, the shock of seeing the two of them kissing their first kiss as man and wife knocked the wind out of me.

They were married. Married.

I was expecting something. Something big. Something to let me know I had lost. Vanessa/Ursula cackling and revealing her true form. Maybe even I would shrivel up on the deck into one of those things she held captive in her cave. Or her eels reaching up to drag me back underwater.

None of that happened.

The only thing that happened was the people in the back turning slightly to look at the maiden dripping wet in a dress that wasn't formal for a wedding. Some of the guests looked at me like I was crazy. Others, they probably noticed the look on my face, looked at me pitifully. Like they knew I was heartbroken. But I didn't really see them. All I could see was Eric. My Eric. My Eric that wasn't mine anymore. He was hers. Legally. And apparently emotionally as well. Even if it was fake, he still belonged to her.

My bottom lip trembled and I felt like I was going to fall. Fall over the edge, fall onto the floor. One of those. But something kept me up. Grief? Remorse? I sniffled.

I don't know how long I stood there, but I stood there a while. Because it was nightfall already and because Ursula/Vanessa was right in front of me now. I let out a soft gasp and blinked, taking in the scene around me. Eric was standing on the other side of the boat still, people all around him. Congratulating him, perhaps. No one really noticed his bride, I had to blink back tears at the word, was away from the commotion. Stepping backward, I felt my back press up against the railing and snuck a quick glance back. It looked much gloomier and evil at night. The water looked like just a big, dark abyss; sucking you in if you fell.

"Poor little Princess," Ursula crooned, as if she really did feel sorry for me. I forced myself to look back at her. I wouldn't let her know how far she got to me. And that was far. "You've lost your prince. You've lost your voice and you've lost your poor little family." She gave me an evil smirk. But even such an evil look on the face she wore made it look good.

In fact, if I wanted to sound selfish, she looked somewhat like me. Her complexion was darker, her hair was brunette as were her eyes, but there were some resemblance between the two of use. I took a deep breath through my nose and stuck my chin up.

She chuckled and it sounded melodious. How could someone so evil sound so sweet? Oh yeah, that's right. It wasn't her voice.

"Don't worry, little Princess. I'll take very good care of your Prince." She winked and laughed once more. My fists clenched at my side, my eyes watered and I felt my heart contract at the thought of Eric being only with her. Forever.

"In the meantime," She went on as if she hadn't noticed the change in my posture. Her voice lowered. "You and I made a deal. You make the Prince fall in love and kiss you in three days or it was over. You, obviously, failed. You're mine now. Don't think you can get out of it. I would take you underwater right now and use you as a hostage for your dear old daddy. But, alas, I suppose these humans would very much notice if the bride wasn't around for her own reception." I could practically hear the smugness in her voice telling me she had won. But she had won. There was no denying it. "So here's the deal. I'll give you your fins back, Flotsam and Jetsam will take you down to my lair, and you can wait for me there. After that, we'll have so much fun taking the kindom away from Triton." She talked about it like she was talking about having a slumber party and I was her best friend.

I couldn't stand it. I raised my hand towards her. Now, a Princess would never raise her hand at anyone. But this Sea Witch was angering me so much. My hand came down.

Ursula caught it in her hand. "Tsk, tsk." She said calmly. "It is un-lady-like to hit."

Then her necklace started to glow.

In less than a second, I felt wet like I was under the sea again. Then I opened my eyes and realized I was underwater. And not only that, but there was a change.

I had my fins back.

I had my fins back and had lost so much.

I was too late.

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