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Lot of Talking and Thinking

"Mac, what the hell are you doing here?" Don asked when he opened the door for his friend. "Aren't you supposed to be at the hospital with Stella?"

"It's a long story. Can I come in?"

"Fine," he nodded and let him in, they both sat down on the couch.

"I panicked."

"About what?"

"Don, how do they expect me to be a father if I can't take care of Stella?"

"I'm pretty sure your mother told you already, but you don't have to be the one reminding Stella to eat or anything. She should know she's carrying your guys' child."

"I'm going into the Marines."

Don gave Mac and upset glare. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"I need to serve my country."

"You need to take care of your child first. You don't want Stella to do this alone do you?"

"She's better off doing it all herself."

"Do you even know what you're saying? Mac, you love her right?"

"Of course I do. I will always love her."

"Then why in the hell are you abandoning her?"

"I'm not abandoning her."

"Well it sure seems like it to me."

"You don't know Don."

"I don't huh? My mom abandoned my dad; she made him raise me all by himself."

"Don, I didn't know."

"Of course you didn't know. I can't let you do to Stella what my mom did to us. If you go through with this you are going to make the biggest mistake of your life. I don't think Stella would ever forgive you for it."

Mac sighs, "Of course she wouldn't, I wouldn't even want her to forgive me."

"Mac whatever you do, please just go back to Stella, before she does think you have abandoned her and the baby."

Mac nodded, "Thanks Don for letting me see how dumb I'm being."

"I'm your friend, I want you to always do the right thing."

Mac smiled, and pulled his friend into a hug. "You know, Jess is very lucky to have found a guy like you."

"Thanks Mac, and remember Stella only deserves the best, do not ever become Frankie."

"I wouldn't ever think of it."


Stella woke up, Millie was still holding onto her hand.

"How long was I asleep?"

"Just an hour."

"And you stayed, for me."

"Of course I did honey, you are after all like a daughter to me."

"Thanks Millie for all the help you gave me during my pregnancy."

"Anything for you, okay sweetheart," Millie smiled and kissed Stella cheek.

Seconds of silence passed when they heard the door open, and there appeared Mac.

"Hey," Mac gave a soft smile to Stella.

"Hi," Stella replied back.

"Mom, can I have some time alone with Stella?"

"Of course McCanna," Millie got up from the chair, kissing the top of Stella's head. She walked to Mac and gave him a short hug, and then she left the room.

Mac silently walked over and sat in the chair, automatically grasping hold of her hand.

"I'm sorry Stella."

"I'm sorry too Mac, it's not your fault I'm in the hospital. I should have taken better care of myself."

"It's a two person job Stella, this is my kid too."

"I know… I um heard you were wanting to go into the Marines."

"I was thinking about it again, only because I was thinking how horrible of a father I would be."

"You'd be the best father our child would ever ask for," Stella replied, kissing his hand.

"You always know the right things to say."

"Because I can't stand seeing you sad, it makes you a lot more stubborn you know," Stella winked.

"Thanks," Mac smirked.

"I love you Mac, but you have to tell me what you're thinking, because this is how this relationship has to work. If it involves me or the baby, I don't like feeling out of the loop."

"I'm sorry Stella," Mac sighed, his hand covered her cheek and his thumb rubbed on the surface. "I can't stand the thought of me leaving you or the baby. As your husband I'm supposed to protect you."

"I love you as my husband," Stella smiled, and pulled Mac close planting a soft kiss onto his lips.

"Mmm, I've missed these soft beautiful lips," Mac traced them with his tongue. Stella let the tongue slip passed her mouth and she moaned as her tongue rubbed against his.

Stella smiled into the kiss when his hand slid up her thigh.

Moments later Mac pulled back.

"That felt nice, I really needed it Mac."

"Me too," he whispered and started to suck gently on her neck.

"Mac, as much as I enjoy this, I do not want to be turned on in a hospital bed."

He pulls back fully with a smirk on his face, "I'd have to agree with you there Stella," Mac replied, rubbing his arm up and down Stella's arm and then intertwined his fingers with hers.

"I love you Stella."

"I love you too Mac," Stella wraped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss, which they would enjoy until they had to breathe for air.

Things were finally back to being better. Nothing could really ever tear this couple apart, they were too good for it.

No this isn't the end, there is more to come so stay tuned for it.