Mamanbou Likes Cherries

By Yoshizilla Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla Rhedosaurus: Mamanbou likes cheeries. Mamanbou likes cheeries a lot. Believe it or not, Mamanbou likes cherries.

Disclaimer: Mamanbou belongs to Nintendo, GAME FREAK, and Creatures. And Mamanbou enjoys cherries.

The entire universe was being filled with fiery explosions beyond the eye can see, flames of red, yellow, and orange colors being ever presented as everything exploded so very quickly. Deep on the planet Earth, all of the landmass quickly melted into molten magma as the bluish salty ocean overtook it, thunder booming and lightning flashing as the dark stormy sky got brightened, the rain pouring harshly as underneath the waves. All of the existing creatures, which were Mamanbou, all panicked as they collided into each other, panicking as they swam about, killing each other as hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of an infinite number of Mamanbou died, revived, and reproduced, all within mere seconds as they all were trying to get to safety. One particular Mamanbou escaped using her agility, making it to her home deep below within the sea, to a private bright green coral that she called home.

"Phew... made it back," The Mamanbou replied as she closed her door, locking it tight as she headed westward into her beautiful home, going into her living room as she noticed the huge load of cherries all stacked on each other. Mamanbou sighed as she grabbed one cherry and began munching on it.

Suddenly, two police Mamanbou busted right through the ceiling, pointing their sticks at Mamanbou. "All right, lady, give us your cherries."

Mamanbou gasped in shock as she tackled into the police Mamanbou, killing them in the process as the cherries fell on them. Mamanbou gasped in shock as her entire home shook, Mamanbou appearing from every corner of the sea as they all ganged up on Mamanbou, trying to get into Mamanbou's cherry stash.

Mamanbou, Mamanbou everywhere.