Mamanbou screamed as she was overwhelmed by all of the Mamanbou, which tried to get the cherries. The cherries, however, all had a mind of their own as they lashed at the Mamanbou, devouring their fleshy pink bodies and leaving their decaying skins to rot as they wreaked Mamanbou's home. mamanbou gasped as she was knocked away towards the surface by the other Mamanbou, turning around and seeing Mamanbou and cherries all falling down from the stormy sky along with the hard as nails rain. Mamanbou screamed as she bumped into a huge cherry, being knocked out as she fell on several harsh cherries, exploding in several pieces as bits of her were all across the world, which was completely engulfed in flames, eventually crumbling into a cookie.

Mamanbou groaned as she looked around, being in an absolute pitch black room. She gasped in shock as she was aware that she was in a room full of the dead carcasses of Mamanbou, the foul stench being combatted by a strange arousing scent of... fruit.

"Wake up, sweet tender Mamanbou..." Said a strangely seductive voice, giggling as it revealed itself, being three cherries all connected to each other. "You had a rough sleep. Perhaps yo need some soothing medicine to help you...?"

Mamanbou gasped as she was pushed into a right corner, all of the cherries giggling nefariously as they cornered her. Mamanbou gulped as she began feeling nervous, the cherries cornering her.