Summary: "When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could always be worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad they have to get better." Based off 'Slender' by Gemini Star01. No Pairings, Rated for gore.

Alright. Been a while since I posted anything, let alone something not from Teen Titans. Hetalia's awesome, though, so it was just a matter of time before I did something from it.

Since I'm really lame, I wrote this based off another ABSOLUTELY AMAZING fanfic by Gemini Star01, 'Slender' (http:/www(dot)fanfiction(dot)net/s/5952008/1/Slender)

While I tried (tried being the operative word) to write this so even someone who didn't understand the fandom or the fanfic it's based off of could jump right in, I definitely recommend it to everyone, because it's a great fic. 'Nuff said.

Things to know:

Slenderman: Scary monster dude who looks like a really tall creepy guy, but likes to eat peoples' souls. He has tentacles that extend from his body, and from what I've read, he seems like a shadow monster. He also can control people, as exhibited in the following. He doesn't have a face.

Characters and Human Names:

America=Alfred F. Jones

Canada=Matthew Williams

England=Arthur Kirkland

France=Francis Bonnefoy

Plot overview: In the fanfiction this is based off of, the guys come out to a Matthew's cabin to shoot a documentary (Alfred hates winter, so he decided to do one on spring, since it is essentially 'killing' the snow), when Slenderman starts screwing with Alfred. Eventually, through a long string of events, he ends up controlling Matthew and torturing Alfred in attempts to get him to spill where the key to the cabin door is (as it is an old one, and only opens, either way, via key).

Now this fic, while based off Gemini's wonderful story, does take a turn at this point. It's fairly gory, at least in the beginning. Also, Arthur and Francis do show up eventually.

I do switch POV's a lot as well (even beginning with Slenderman for the first section), but I try to make it so one knows who's talking when. If there are issues in understanding, let me know and I'll make sure to fix it. :) Alright, on with the story!

Chapter 1

The boy had pushed him too far. His rage finally gave way to giddiness as he watched the scene unfold. The monster outside the window danced happily as he observed his puppet carry out his will, pulling and tearing the flesh and blood that belonged to the controlled's brother. He gleefully swayed as his marionette ripped a single ice-blue eye from its socket and held it merrily before the helpless, whimpering mass held in the chair.

A breeze of anger flared again; this man's reaction was not what he had hoped for. He had hoped for screams, pleading terrified cries, but all he received instead was silence and the occasional moan that escaped the man's tightly clasped lips. Disappointing, to say the least.

He forced his pawn to put on his unseen, sickeningly manic grin and stared down at the trembling figure in the chair. The doll brandished the eye at the bound man, and in one swift motion, crushed it. Frenzied laugher escaped the Slenderman's invisible lips, and was echoed by his shadow in the house.

When his amusement was filled, he allowed his control to slip from the purple-eyed twin. He sunk to the floor with a delightful thud. Slenderman, bored of this game for now, and knowing there would be nothing interesting to see for several hours, decided to take his leave. He would return when the time was right.

As Matthew slumped to the floor, panic seized Alfred's heart. He glanced towards the window, towards the monster, but found it empty. He waited only a moment before calling to the boy quietly.

"Mattie?" He did not respond. Alfred struggled at his bonds, attempting to loosen them to reach his brother, sprawled out on the floor. They were too tight, he knew already, far too strong for him to break through. He didn't know if that was because of some magic the monster put on the ropes to bind his strength, or if Matthew was simply an amazing knot securer.

Fearfully he called to his brother again, louder and louder each progressive time. He could feel his throat becoming raw with exertion, but he continued to speak his brother's name until after several hours it was nothing more than a broken whisper. The pain, the loss, the emptiness of the entire event finally hit him then, with nothing more than his own grating calls to distract him from the quiet lonesome of the cabin.

He feared for his brother slumped against the floor (hopefully) unconscious, which he could only see an outline of thanks to his glasses being removed previous. His eyes, or what had once been his right one (as it was no longer where it should have been, he shuddered to himself) stung in the air as the warm blood that dripped down from his forehead slid down his cheek, cooling as it went. He did his best to ignore the emptiness on the right side of his face; he couldn't think of that now.

Alfred was quiet for a long time. With the pain catching up to him, his dread for his silent brother consuming his rational responses, he felt the dam of emotions he had been holding back through this terrifying event break. Tears found their way down his face before he could protest, and he shook with each heaved breath in attempts to calm himself.

Eventually, from both physical and mental exhaustion, Alfred slept.

Alfred was startled awake by a low groan. As he peaked open his eye, he could see the blur that was his brother shift. A mixture of fear and elation filled him; he was finally awake, yes, but could the monster still be…?

He did not care if he was, he needed to hear his brother's voice, hear that he was okay. "Mattie?" he tried again, noting how raspy his voice sounded. He heard another grunt from the mass in front of him, and encouragingly called out to it again.

Matthew felt dazed. His eyes were tired, and he was reluctant to wake them. An odd smell filled his nostrils, one heavy and bitter, and a coppery taste coated his mouth. Distantly he could hear a muffled voice, familiar, yet off somehow. He couldn't put his finger on it, but it felt…wrong…

Shuffling his knees up, he curled into a ball on the hard surface. It certainly wasn't his comfortable bed. Why would he be anywhere else? Reluctantly, he peeked his eyes open just the slightest. He looked through his filthy glasses as he took in his surroundings with a sleepy stare.

It appeared he was indeed on the ground, of which he recognized after a second as the flooring to his cabin. A vague memory flittered across his mind of coming up with Al for the weekend to help him with his nature film…

The voice grated against his subconscious again, drawing him towards the source. A pair of feet stared back at him, and through the dim morning light, he could see the vague shape of a person towering in a chair before him.

"Oh, thank God, Mattie, you're awake!" the voice exclaimed hoarsely. He acknowledged it as belonging to his brother, and he glared through the darkness in attempts to see him.

The back of his head pounded, and Matthew pulled his fingers from the floor to check it. His hand was covered in a sticky liquid, and couldn't identify much, so he dropped it to rest against the ground once again, adjusting his fingers to avoid them from catching against it. He felt with his opposite hand, which was clean, and reaffirmed it was nothing more than a large, tender bump.

"You alright, Matt? You hit the floor pretty hard. How are you feeling? You okay?" Alfred's voice flittered back towards him, the sound of gravel heavy in his throat. Matthew looked up to reassure him softly.

"Al, I'm just fi-"

Enough light had filtered through the musty window now to illuminate the room, revealing a monstrous scene before Matthew.

Alfred, with a look of relief and exhaustion, looked down on him, the front of his shirt soaked in the blood that drained down his face from the right side. Resting above the stream gaped a dark hole, so very empty compared to its blue brother sitting just centimeters away.

Matthew choked on his words.

Alright, first chapter. Hopefully it turned out decently, I've never written horror before, so this is a trial run. Once again, go read Slender by Gemini Star01, because it's really good.