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The birds in the trees began to sing as if they sensed the atmosphere surrounding the Cullen house, people chattering downstairs as they waited for the grand entrance, and the reason they all came, to walk down the stairs hand-in-hand.

"There's no need to be nervous, Bella," I told myself as I looked at my reflection in the floor length mirror in Rosalie's room. I was wearing a slim-fitting white dress that stopped at my ankles and high heels, which I wore to appease Alice. They made me appear taller than I actually was, considering that, along with my height from being a wolf, I added another couple inches with the heels. I was practically a giant. "You're just going to go down and celebrate your marriage, is all."

"A bit nervous?" a voice asked from behind me, and I was able to see the reflection of the person who had spoken in the mirror. Marjorie, with her stomach beginning to swell from her pregnancy, was smiling politely as she waited by the door, her hands on her round stomach.

Shortly after Alice and I got engaged, and the Volturi left, Marjorie and Frank soon realized they would become parents, again, and were thrilled, though slightly surprised. Regardless, they were happy that baby Julie, they wanted to keep her name with the month theme like August, would be arriving soon.

I nodded as she began to walk over towards me. "A little bit. It's not every day you have a wedding party."

She chuckled as she grabbed the brush on the dresser and started to run it through my hair. "Yes, well, it's not every day you get married, is it?"

"No," I responded with a light chuckle.

"Well, then this shouldn't be as hard as getting married, now should it?"

With a sigh I turned around, shaking my head. "It was easy to get married, though. I didn't have thousands of judgmental eyes looking at me when I said "I do", but now…there are hundreds of people here, and I'm positive at least one of them doesn't respect my choice."

"Pardon my language, but fuck them," Marjorie scoffed, shaking her head as her eyes closed. I had to admit, I was surprised Marjorie knew how to curse, as she was much like Esme, very polite no matter the situation. "Who cares what they think? As long as you're happy, then that's the only thing that matters, right?"

"Yeah, but—"

She shook her head with a smirk. "No buts. When I'm right, I'm right. Now are you ready yet? Your mother is about to come in here."

As if on cue, I heard a slight rap on the door and I turned to see my mom smiling at me. "Oh, don't you look wonderful. Alice is going to love seeing you in that dress."

I rolled my eyes. "Mom, she's already seen me in it when she wanted me to try it on a week ago. I'm sure she knows what I look like."

"She's right, you know," Alice said as she walked past my mother with a smile on her face, her pale pink dress brushing against the hardwood floor as glided towards me. "I do love seeing you in that dress. That's why I picked it out, Mrs. Swan-Cullen."

"Of course you did, Mrs. Swan-Cullen," I said with a smile as I pulled her in for a sweet and soft kiss.

"Renée, the music is about to start," Dad called from the stairs, causing my mother to beam as she clapped her hands.

"That's my cue to go," she said, throwing a genuine smile in our direction. "We'll see you girls downstairs."

Mom left then, Marjorie following seconds after, leaving Alice and I in Rosalie's room. Alone.

"Can we just skip the party and go to the honeymoon?" I whined as I pulled Alice in for a big hug, causing her to giggle as I nuzzled her neck. "You know I hate attention."

"Which is precisely why we didn't have a big wedding in Canada," she countered as she pulled back, a sly smile on her lips as she got that evil little glint in her eye. "You owe me."

"So not fair," I muttered under my breath, though I knew she was right. I agreed on this party because I knew it would make Alice happy, and since Alice would be with me, I figured it wouldn't be so bad.

"Ladies and gentlemen," we heard Carlisle start from the bottom of the stairs, so we both knew what that meant.

Alice took my hand with a smile on her face. "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be," I sighed as I let her lead me through the door, waiting for our cue.

"—and it would be my great honor to present Alice and Bella Swan-Cullen."

We emerged at the top of the stairs, and I was immediately taken aback. Not by the people applauding us as Alice and I slowly walked down the stairs. No, it was by the decorations. Pink and white ribbons were hanging off of almost everything. Light pink rose petals covered nearly every surface, and tiny white tea candles flickered wherever there was an absence of flowers. The scrumptious smell of the cake—baked by Esme of course—was only matched by the beautiful decorations in the icing. It was really all too much. Of course, after that initial glance, I didn't have much more time to look at it.

Once our feet hit the ground floor, we were ushered to the dance floor where Esme insisted that we have our first dance as a married couple. Under all of the attention, I, being me, began to blush as the music started playing.

Alice giggled. "Do I have to lead? It would be really awkward, you know, since you're so tall."

I rolled my eyes as I started to dance with her. "You're funny."

"And you're cute when you blush," she added with a smile. "I can't wait to get you undressed, Mrs. Swan-Cullen."

"The feeling is mutual," I smirked as I dipped her, several people joining in to dance. As Alice and I danced to the soft rhythm of the classical piece Rosalie was playing, my eye caught Edward and Mei-Ling, both of which were dancing elegantly to the music, Edward whispering in her ear. Soon after the two of them became a couple, I realized that they were perfect for each other; she was quiet, yes, but he could hear her thoughts and know what she wanted to say before she said it, enabling her to remain quiet.

Of course, she also has a poetic mind that he loved, as he told me before, so that could also be it.

Once the classical piece had ended, Alice and I walked into the great room, where we were then bombarded by people congratulating us.

"I'm so happy for you guys," Angela said as she gave us both a hug. "I know you'll be great."

"Congrats, guys," Ben said with a thumbs-up and a pat on our shoulder.

"Oh Charlie," Mom started as she and Dad approached us, her eyes red and puffy as she reached up to dab the corner, careful not to ruin her makeup. "Our little girl is all grown up."

"Renée, we both know she's always been grown up," Dad said as he rubbed her back soothingly, casting a sly glance in Alice's direction. "Hey, Alice, if you ever get tired of this girl, just know I'll side with you in the divorce."

"Dad!" I groaned as I glared at him.

Alice only chuckled as she smiled sweetly at him. "Oh, I doubt I'll get tired of her, but thank you for letting me know I have options."

"Well, we're going to go and talk to Carlisle and Esme," Mom said with a grin. "I was worried that I wouldn't like my daughter's in-laws, but Alice, your parents are delightful."

With that, they both left, and Alice and I finally had a chance to take a calming breath.

"So it seems that little Ali finally settled down, eh?"

Or not.

I turned around to find the source of the voice to come face-to-face with a red-haired vampire, her golden-brown eyes reflecting her amused expression as she glanced between Alice and me. Her clothing choice was bizarre; she wore a belly-shirt that showed off her belly-button, and more specifically, the bite-mark around the belly-button, plus a pair of leather pants.

Either way, she wasn't anyone I was familiar with.

"Amara, you came!" Alice beamed as she walked over and wrapped her arms around the tall red-head, giving her a tender hug before pulling back. "I thought you couldn't make it."

"Well, when Tanya told me that it was a wedding party, I knew I had to come. Why'd you leave that little detail out of our conversation, Alice?" she asked with a smirk before her eyes caught mine. "You must be her Bella. I'm Amara," she said as she held out her hand, "I knew Alice from back in the day."

My brow furrowed as I took her hand. "Back in the day?"

Alice nodded solemnly. "Amara was with the Volturi the same time I was. They loved her gift of manipulating fire that they asked her to join a thousand times before she finally gave in."

Amara shrugged. "I only served with them a year, though. They couldn't argue with me when I decided to leave; they were too afraid they were going to become a bar-b-que to keep me there. The one good thing about that place was that I met this munchkin there," she teased as she nudged her elbow against Alice.

"Well, I'm glad that you two kept in touch."

"Me too. As much as I'd love to continue with this reunion, however, I've had my eye on this certain blonde for far too long now." She pointed behind us and I turned around to see Nadia glancing in our direction, a sly smile on her face. "She seems lonely and I know she's been giving me a look, so I'm going to make my move." Amara winked then as she strutted over towards Nadia.

"Don't break any of Esme's cleaning tools!" Alice shouted after them half-heartedly, a grin on her face as I took her hand in mine. "What?"

"Can we go upstairs?" I whispered as I watched Amara and Nadia flirt with one another. That made me yearn for my wife's touch, especially since I hadn't touched her in a little over a month; she was too busy planning this party, and our wedding, to help take care of my needs.

She nodded and we walked up the stairs, watching our backs carefully as to make sure we weren't being followed, and ended up in her room.

"Today was really beautiful," I told her as she closed the door, turning the lock before she turned to me. "I'm glad you forced me to have a party."

She giggled. "Well, it's not really that hard to force you if you know the right bargaining tool."

I rolled my eyes as I grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to me. "Speaking of, I think it's time that we celebrate with one another."

"Forever and ever?"

"Forever and ever, babe."

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