I knew that i should have been there when my little sister's adoptive parents told her that she was adopted. I knew and yet the Ministry was a pain and said that i had no right because i wasn't in her life for the past 12 years. Little gits! Ugh, at least she's coming to spend Christmas with me and the rest of her actual family. Oh- I'm so sorry- you must be terribly confused. My name is Clarissa Raina Marie Hawitarite - long story on the two middle names. My little sister has just started her forth year at Hogwarts and is the only girl out of the so called 'Golden Trio', Hermione Jane Granger- but her real name is Hermione Vera Jane Hawitarite. This is just the beginning of the entire story so lets see if you can keep up with me and my sister rambling- eh?

It was a nice day- which was down right deceiving the minute i walked into the kitchen. Mom and Dad were sitting at the kitchen table looking at me with some sad expression on their faces and the first thing i thought was - Who died? and What happened? I got my answers but i didn't really expect what came from my mothers mouth. "Hermione, we're not your real parents. We're not even your real family dear." Those two statements put my body into shock. I wanted to say -Yeah you are, you're the only people i remember being around but that was a lie. When i was two there was the girl with me at my birthday party- she must have been three years older than me- and was helping me blow out my birthday candles. One the back of the picture was my name and Clarissa with the date and under that it said 'Sister now and forever' with a heart in childish hand writing.

Of course that wasn't the worst part of it- the worst part was when i got a letter from my sister telling me that she was so sorry that she wasn't there when my adoptive parents told me but if she was the Ministry would have had locker her up. That was the worst part- which is why i am now packing my trunk so i can have it shipped to Hogwarts tonight with me. Tomorrow school starts and even though i love school i hate most of everyone else- like Malfoy is always picking on me calling me a mudblood but am i even really a mudblood? Oh who am i kidding? I need answers and those answers i can most likely only get from my sister.

This is going to be a long year :(