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Ginny Potter was walking along the corridor to the lifts, having just completed the photo shoot for the 2002 England quidditch world cup squad, for which she was lead chaser, with her Holyhead Harpies beater teammate Gwenog Jones as Captain.

When the lift doors opened the disembodied voice echoed out of the lift into the corridor "Department of Magical Games and Sports". 'How Harry puts up with that voice I have no idea' Ginny thought to herself as she entered the lift and pressed the button for the second floor.

"Department of Magical Law Enforcement", Ginny rolled her eyes at the voice and made her way down the corridor into the Auror Office. The sight of Ginny Potter in the Auror office was not an uncommon one and most people didn't bother to stop and look, today however was different, as Ginny was wearing her England Quidditch uniform, her very tight, extremely form-fitting, and quite revealing quidditch uniform.

Ignoring the ogling, which she got practically everywhere and not just because she was Harry Potter's wife, Ginny made her way down to her husband's office but before she had a chance to knock, her favourite voice came from inside the room "Come in Gin".

Harry was sitting in his office going over evidence and reports of a raid the previous day led by Ron and Neville, whilst Harry had had the day off to visit Teddy. In reality Harry did visit Teddy very briefly, and then apparated silently to the site of the raid and changed into his phoenix animagus form to observe the raid and assist if needed.

Whilst flying high above the raid Harry was using the abilities of a phoenix to observe the entire battle, and if necessary flash down to aid someone with flame travel, a gift which Harry uses every chance he can, as he finds it a lot more comfortable, and far more powerful than apparition. Thankfully during the raid Harry's abilities were not needed.

The mansion that was the target of the raid had been packed full of all manner of artefacts and books most of them dark some bordering on pure evil. The particular artefact that Harry was examining at the moment was very different from the others it was a small round golden disc with an hour-glass etched into it on one side; the reverse was covered in Runes, which was what Harry was translating when he felt Ginny's presence from the direction of the lifts.

Whilst tracking Ginny's presence with his power's, he was translating the first set of runes "The Power..." was as far as he got when Ginny approached the other side of his door, he spoke with the loud clear voice that puts fear into the hearts of dark witches and wizards everywhere, and love into Ginny's heart, "Come in Gin".

As Ginny entered the office she noticed the wall of most wanted was the emptiest she had ever seen it, with not a single name she recognised. Other than the wall and the huge filing cabinets there wasn't much else in the office aside from the handful of photos on Harry's desk. Their wedding photo, Ron and Hermione's wedding photo, a picture of Ginny at her Hogwarts graduation (which had pride of place, as it was also when he proposed to her), and a family photo which included all 8 Weasley's and there significant others (for those that had them, Charlie was still as single as ever), also in the picture at Harry's insistence was his godson Teddy, with bright blue hair waving at the camera.

As she stepped further into the room, she noticed that Harry was staring at her and despite the fact they had been married for almost 3 years she still blushed slightly at the extra attention her new uniform gave her.

Harry stood up after staring at her, all thoughts of his case and the golden disc leaving his mind, he waved his hand at the door and it closed and sealed.

Ginny turned at the sound of the closing door and turned back to Harry with a smirk on her face and said in her most playful voice "Those wandless abilities of yours are certainly useful".

Harry smiled at her. As she approached the desk, he resumed ogling of his wife, roving his eyes up and down over her white and red uniform, which he thought would be getting more showing off the pitch than her Harpies outfit.

She reached the desk and leaned across it, Harry did the same and as soon as they were close enough Ginny grabbed Harry's neck and pulled him into a deep kiss, Harry put his hand down on the desk to brace himself.

As he did he felt his hand land on something round and cold, before he had time to register what it was, there was a blinding flash of light and a powerful surge of magic the likes of which neither of them had ever felt before.

Then all was dark.

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