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Prologue: Nightmare

I careen through the darkening residential streets as fast as I dare. By taking deep breaths, I am able to control my panic and concentrate on driving. Oh, please get me there in time. Please. No. I must not think of this now. Drive. Just drive. I notice the beautiful azaleas while stopped at the longest light. Azaleas are my favorite spring flower as they herald the promise of warm weather, sunshine. I wrestle with the thoughts of summer days spent at parks filled with kids. Stop it. Just one more mile. Almost there.

Finally, the large brick building comes into view. I am here. I park the car and make my way as fast as I can to the elevators. I wish I had my strength back so I could just sprint up the stairs. Are the elevators always this slow? The ding signals the arrival of a car which is thankfully empty. I rush in and hit the button for the 6th floor. I am out of the elevator and halfway down the hall before the doors can even open fully. People frown and dart out of my way as I speed walk down the hall. Almost there.

When I reach the doorway, I take a deep breath to settle myself as I am terrified to find out what is on the other side. Come on Bella. He needs you. He needs your comfort so now is not the time to fall apart. Opening the door, my senses are immediately assaulted. The lights are too bright, the beeping monitors too loud and the smell. No one likes hospital smell.

After I frantically wash my hands, I throw a hospital gown over my clothes. Turning the corner to enter the main room, almost every person turns to look at me but I see none of them. My eyes are fixed on the tiny figure about ten feet in front of me. Oh. My. God. Anyone can see how critically ill he is just by looking at him. There is no denial now. 50% survival rate. My son could die.

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