Man To Man

Chapter 3- Banished To Lapush

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All throughout lunch Sam noticed that Orin looked confused about his situation with Audrey, After they finished Orin away from the group

"Let's go for a walk." He said


Once they were on the beach again Sam pointed out his observations

"So I noticed you looked confused about your relationship with Audrey."

Orin nodded.
"Yeah I'm pretty confused. I tried to talk to Jacob about it but he seems just as confused as me when it comes to his relationship with Bella so I didn't really want to talk to him about this."

"His situation is a bit different than yours.. let's focus on you right now. How long have you known Audrey?"

"Three years."

"How long ago did you start being abusive to her?

Orin paused. "I don't quite remember."

"Do you love her?"

"Yes, I guess I have a weird way of showing it"

"Do you think you could try to show her you love her in a less violent way?"

Orin had thought he'd taken this vacation to get AWAY from having therapy.

"I suppose.'

Sam smiled. "Leah and I try to take time to ourselves every so often to be alone and let each other know how much we care about each other. Have you ever thought about doing that with Audrey?"

Orin stopped to think for a moment then sighed.

"No, I guess not. See I'm kind of a tough guy by nature. It's kind of hard for me to get emotional."

"Well it doesn't hurt to show your emotional side sometimes. It may give her the opportunity to realize that you ultimately care about her."

That was the best advice Orin had ever gotten. Why was he paying his therapist so much money? He didn't pay this guy anything. That advice hit the nail right on the head.

"What suggestions do you have for stuff I could do? I'm not really the romantic type."

"Go for a nice walk in the park, perhaps take her out to dinner at a nice restaurant or see what she'd like to do."

"Okay. Hey Thanks a lot Sam. I got a lot of thinking to do. Gotta go back to my room. Thanks for your help and thank Leah for lunch."

Sam smiled "Happy I could help you out."

Back at his hotel room Orin got out a pen and pad of paper and started to jot down ideas of romantic things he could do for Audrey. He liked the idea of taking her out to dinner but what else could he do?

He was stuckā€¦ totally and completely dumb founded.

Should he call Seymoru Krelborne and ask him for help? He seemed to have a really good friendship with Audrey. He might know what kinds of things she'd like.

'Nah. That would be like contacting the enemy camp.' He thought to himself.

He had to come up with something fast.