"You look really good with a tan," Isabella said. We were on the beach having a picnic after going for a swim. Having a private beach did have its advantages we discovered. We didn't have a problem when we wanted to go skinny-dipping or felt like making love outside

Also having someone to come and prepare our meals for us was great. Isabella made fast friends with chef and watched him closely as he prepared different things for us. She made notes to take home with us on the recipes she loved. Today, she loved the lunch menu that seafood salad and the chunky lobster rolls.

"So do you. Your skin looks amazing." I said smiling at her. She wore a white string bikini. I was tempted to pull the strings loose. I would let her finish eating first.

"Babe," she said as she returned the smile," You know, I've never met anyone that loves me as much as you do. I'm so glad I found you."

"I couldn't even imagine life without you now. I mean I could picture it, but I don't want to." I took another bite out of the lobster roll it was so delicious.

"Me either." We had a little radio that played music for us. In front of us, we watched the waves crash softly against the shore. Before we left, I would definitely have to take Isabella sight seeing. This was all old news to me, but sharing with her, seeing it through her eyes, brought something new to it. Or maybe I was just too spoiled to care about it when I was younger.

We would definately go sailboating and see a lighthouse or two. I knew she loved horses so maybe we would visit a stable. She hadn't stopped taking pictures, so I knew she wanted to fill her camera with more memories. Even if they did include me in awkward poses with eyes half opened.

We ate and then played a little on the beach. We watched the sun set and then headed back inside the house. We shared a shower that turned into another love making session. In fact everything led to love making. It seemed we both couldn't get enough of each other. And Isabella wasn't shy about being loud because nobody was ever around to hear her. Nobody but me that is, and I wasn't complaining.

As the chef returned to make dinner for us, I decided to play the old piano. Of course it wasn't tuned, but it didn't matter. Isabella was just happy to hear me play.

"I was thinking if I should get a piano for the apartment, but we wouldn't really have room for one." I continued to play and watch her.

"Well you're always welcomed to play at the studio. Everyone loves you there. But it would be cool to have our own."

"I should've put that on a registry." I joked. She leaned her head on my shoulder and watched my hands go from side to side. She was quiet for a moment then she spoke up.

"I got a call from my mommy earlier. My dad did come to the wedding; he couldn't get time off so he flew out for the ceremony. She said he couldn't miss his only child's wedding."

"I wish I could've spoke to him." I said. Then I thought about it. I was so nervous to meet Phil, and from what Isabella told me of Charles, I was happy I didn't.

"I guess he didn't have a problem with you. He might've shot you if he did" she giggled. I stopped playing for a moment.

"You're joking' right?" I asked

"Wish I was." She continued to giggle. I shook off the thought and started to play again.

"I don't want to go back to work, I could use another week." I admitted. It had been so long since I had a vacation where I actually went away. I wasn't ready to get back into the fire; literally speaking.

"I know what you mean. I don't want to go back yet. But I'm glad to go back with you. It'll be different. I love waking up to you and coming home to you. I love being around you and now we'll always be together". she got up and started to dance slowly. Her bare feet seemed to glide around the floor.

"Always. Mrs. Cullen." I watched her.

"Mr. Cullen." She said. She twirled around, the soft pink dress she wore moved with her. The material was thin and flowy. Her hair was in the messy bun style like when I first met her.

She made eye contact with me and again we made our connection. It was instant. All I had to do was stare into her beautiful brown eyes. I continued to play as I felt myself get turned on.

"Dance with me." She whispered. With a teasing smile, I shook my head no. She smirked and started to wind her body around.

"Come here" I whispered. She shook her head no and playfully started to lift up her dress. I licked my lips as I stared at her legs.

"Marriage is all about compromise..."she said. She held the dress with one hand and moved the other fluidly.

"Give and take..." I said as I hit the keys a little harder. She came closer and grabbed my hand. I tried to play with one as she pulled me away from the piano.

"Dance with me..." she cooed. I got off the piano bench and grabbed her by the waist. I spun her around, and softly let her down. She put her arms around my shoulders and looked up at me with a smile.

"When I'm old grey and senile, will you still want to dance with me?" I asked. She nodded yes.

"And when you can't play the piano, or rescue people from fires. I'll still want to dance with you. Even if you're in a wheel chair." She giggled.

"You can sit on my lap and I'll wheel around in circles." I chuckled.

"But before any of that, and before dinner...there's something I want to do." She tiptoed to kiss me. I kissed her back slowly. I knew what she wanted. I could read her mind.

The End

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