Quinn's POV

I walked down the hall with Brittany. After I was kicked out of Cheerio's, Britt was still pretty nice to me. So we were kinda good friends. Oh and I'm on cheerios again. Yay for me!. But I was still trying to get that image of Puck flirting with that new girl out of my head. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I saw Brittany stopped, and was starring at something.

"What's up, Britt?" I asked, and glanced where she was looking at some kind of goth girl.

"That girl looks like Tina!" Britt staged whispered. The girl looked over at us, confused. She didn't really look like Tina THAT much, but poor Brittany didn't realize that

"Shush" I hissed "She can hear you" I knew she probably heard me too, but if she realized I was just trying to save her from embarrassment, she would thank me, I guess…

Brittany shrugged and smiled, and saw Tina. Oh No…

"TINA! THAT GIRL DRESSES LIKE YOU!" She screamed, pointing at the girl. I held my head in my hands as everyone (including Tina) looked at the girl.

Tina walked away awkwardly, and Brittany clapped. I looked at her, and this tome REALLY whispered "You shouldn't have done that, Brittany" I said. She just shrugged

"Whatever. I'm gonna see the ducks" She said, and happily skipped away.

I looked and saw the girl was still there. I walked over to her, apologetic smile on my face. She looked over at me.

"Hey, I'm sorry about Brittany. She's kinda" I didn't wanna say 'dumb' or 'stupid' or slow but… What could I say?

"A Lindsay?" The girl said. I didn't know what she meant though. Maybe that was HER Brittany

"Uh- Yeah. Anyway, I'm Quinn"


She looks like she is about to say something when a gut with black hair and green eyes appears. He's actually kinda cute. He has a guitar strapped around his back. That was cool. But it didn't take me long to figure out two things

He was Gwen's boyfriend

I was Blushing all over

I hated that. No, this was my year. With not getting distracted by guys. I feel embarrassed

"I gotta go" I say, and walk away as fast as I could without running.

This isn't gonna end pretty