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Rain poured down on Castanet Island. The weather was the exact same way the small boy felt, sad. Even though it had been several months since his mother past away, his father still refused to come out of his room, he didn't even look at the boy, leaving him all alone. Gill stood outside of his house, staring at the ground slightly, he had just tried another attempt to get his father to at least acknowledge his existence. If his mother was still alive none of this would happen. That is when he started thinking about her, all the happy times he had with his mother and father before any of this occurred. No one even asked how he felt about all of this, they only asked how his father was doing just because he was the mayor. Other than that they just steered clear of Gill. Gill's hands clenched and unclenched, he wanted to scream, yell at everyone, or even just disappear. Instead he burst out into a sprint, going as fast as he could. He could feel tears in his eyes but with the rain pouring on his face it was barely noticeable. Finally when he stopped he was at the Harvest Goddess Spring, almost out of breath. He put his hands on his knees, breathing heavily and crying. Suddenly, something at the corner of his eye caught his attention. He looked up and looked across the small spring that lead to the Goddess's tree, in front of the tree was a girl, younger than him, with soaked bright brown hair. She wore a pink dress and was barefoot. He never saw her before, he walked across the step stones that lead to the other side of the spring and stopped behind her. Her eyes were closed and she was praying. Her eyes suddenly opened and she turned to look at him. They stared at each other for a while. "Who are you?" She asked quietly.

He blinked then said "I should ask you the same thing, why are you here? I've never seen you before."

Instead of talking back to him, she smiled at him, it was a type of smile he hadn't seen in what seemed like forever.

"W-what?" He asked.

"Are you sad about something?"

"Huh?" Did he look like he was crying, he didn't think it would be noticeable with the rain.

"Usually people are drawn here when they are upset about something. Are you upset about something."

"That is none of your business idiot." Gill snapped.

The girl continued smiling at him, the she turned "I was going to have a snack, do you want to join me?" She asked.

He wanted to say now but how could he, with her smile and kind atmosphere, it was impossible. "Sure." He followed her to a small cave on the mountain right next to the tree. Inside was a small bed with flowers surrounding it, along with some little trinkets that seemed homemade like a wood kettle and stones that looked like plates. Even her dress looked like it was homemade, like she made it with her own hands "Stay, here, I'll be right back." She ran outside real quick. Gill stood in the cave looking around, it had a homey atmosphere to it. She came back with a huge honeydew in her arms. She set it on a stone and took a sharp rock and started cutting it. She put two slices on a stone plate and sat on the small bed of grass and flowers. She motioned for him to sit. He sat down and she handed him a slice "The honeydew seems pretty ripe, I hope it tastes okay." She said.

He took a bite of it, it was really sweet and delicious. He blinked and turned to her "It's okay."

She smiled even wider which made him blush, he turned and took another bite of the honeydew. She took hers and started eating it. He stared at her "So how did you do all this anyway, did you steal?"

She looked at him then shook her head "The sprites and Onee-chan helped me."

"Sprites and Onee-chan?" He repeated.

She nodded "The sprites mostly, have you seen them."

He thought for a second "You've seen the Harvest Sprites also?"

She nodded "They help me make tools and stuff like that. They also are fun to play with."

"Who is Onee-chan?" He asked.

"What did she say others called her... I forgot..." She thought for a few seconds then said "Ah, the Harvest Goddess, that's it!"

Now he was stunned "You've seen the Harvest Goddess?"

She nodded "Tons of times."

He blinked, he had only seen her once, how did this girl know her to the point where she called her Onee-chan? "Where are your parents?"

"Parents?" She thought for a second "Oh, no I don't have any. Onee-chan is my family."

"Really?" He asked in complete astonishment.


"Do you have a name?" He asked. She shook her head "Are you kidding?" He snapped.

She shook her head and smiled again "I don't lie, Onee-chan told me it isn't right."

He huffed and looked outside "Do you have parents?" She asked suddenly.

"Well... yeah... or well... just a father now."

"Now? What happened to the other one?"

He looked at the ground "Mother died a few months ago."

"Oh... sorry."

"It's fine, I'm over it anyway."

She stared at him, the way she stared at him made him want to break down crying, her eyes were full of sincerity and kindness, she looked like she would listen to everything he could say and understand.

"What is a family with parents like?" She asked finally.

"It's fine." He said smiling slightly "I used to come home from school and talk with my mother while she would knit things. My father is the mayor of Castanet so he doesn't come home till later on at night. My mother would help me if I didn't understand something like in school, she would also listen to any problems I had. When my father came home we would eat dinner and talk about different things."

"That sounds nice." She said.

"Yeah..." He said, then he noticed that he was crying again, thinking of all the happy times, now all of them were just memories. He tried stopping but he couldn't. He started sobbing quietly while she watched him. The girl got up and grabbed another few pieces of honeydew, she held out one to him "It will make you feel better if you eat something." She said.

He took one and started eating it, he started crying harder, wanting to let it all out before he burst. She put her head on his shoulder, which comforted him slightly. He continued crying, partly because of how much he missed his family and how it used to be, another because he was happy that she was there, she was comforting to him. She was the first to actually listen to him and understand what he was feeling. After a while she got up and held out her hand "Want to see something neat?" She asked.

He looked up at her "What?"

She grinned "You'll see!"

He stared at her then wiped his eyes and got up. She walked outside with him following, the rain had lightened up a little but it was still hard enough to make you wet. She started climbing a part of the rocks, Gill looked away just in case he saw anything under her dress. She hopped up and looked over at him "You coming?"

"Uh... yeah." He managed to climb up too, she started walking along a slightly narrow pathway that went uphill. Within a few minutes Gill was exhausted from walking uphill. She turned "Are you tired already?"

"You are used to it, I'm not." He said through a few shallow breaths.

She smiled then said "Just a bit further, and it is worth the climb."

He sighed "Fine." He pushed himself up further. They made it to another small entrance into the mountain. She went in "Watch your step k?"

He followed her in, it was like a tunnel and it took forever to make it to where she was going "When will we get there?"

"I see the entrance, we will be there is a sec." She said. Finally they made it into a area inside the mountain, Gill blinked in awe because the walls were covered in glowing crystals and stalagmites.

"This is a secret hideout the sprites showed me, no one else knows this place. You have to keep it a secret k?" She said.


"No, promise me you won't tell." She said with a serious look on her face.

"Okay promise."

"Cross your heart?"

"What? Yeah, yeah, cross my heart."

She grinned then looked around "Don't you love it, didn't I say it was worth the climb?" She asked.

He nodded looking around still in awe from what he was seeing. When they got back to the Harvest Goddess spring he asked "So... you don't have a name."

She shook her head "But you do right?" He nodded "What is it?"

"I'm Gill." He said.

She grinned "I'm glad I could meet you Gill." She was quiet for a second "Will you come back tomorrow?"

He glanced up at her, blushing slightly "What do you mean?"

"Well... I never really have talked to another person before, just the sprites and Onee-chan. I'm curious and I want to get to know you more. I guess I'm saying is that... uh... what is the word... Oh! I want to be friends with Gill." She smiled wider. When she said that some blue started appearing in the sky.

He blinked then he smiled slightly, the first time he had smiled in a while "I think I might have come up with a name for you."

She blinked "Really? What?"


"Hi...kari..." She said it slowly then smiled "I like the sound of it! Thank you!"

"It's fine." He was quiet for a moment "But if you tell anyone that I named you Hikari, I will kill you."

She giggled "Okay!" He sighed and started walking back home "See you tomorrow Gill!" She waved at him.

He turned slightly and waved back at her "Alright." Gill continued smiling as he walked back home, he started thinking things would look a lot brighter starting today.

Alright so next chapter will still be when they are still kids, I'll get that whole thing done first then we can move on to the time skip! Feel free to leave ideas!

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