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"Gilly, I'm going out now with the others." Hikari said, glancing over at him.

Gill continued staring at his book "Fine."

Hikari raised an eyebrow as she stood by the door, even though it was her birthday Gill hadn't said anything... typical. Though actually Gill was going to tell her happy birthday, but when he got out of working and came back to the house Chihaya was there giving Hikari her present making Gill pout the whole rest of the day. He couldn't exactly look at Hikari because of her wearing Chihaya's gift, a orange headband with a white artificial flower on it and some sort of mini swirl design printed on it. There were two reasons Gill was bugged by this, one being that it was Chihaya who had given her this gift, and the other issue was that he had gotten her a orange necklace that looked like the headband. Gill winced slightly as he thought about it. He had two days to regain his confidence, Hikari and the girls were going to a water park and would spend two nights there. Gill had heard the boys talking about it but ignored them. Hikari slipped on her shoes and grabbed her bag "Bye, Gilly see you later." She said.

Gill turned and said "Bye." Then went back to doing his own thing. Hikari smiled slightly then left.

Later that day, Gill had been dragged to a event with the other guys thanks to Chihaya. He wouldn't say what they were going to be doing so Gill had a bad feeling. They walked into the bar and most of the guys were there talking. Right away he knew what they were going to talk about, Hikari's part at the water park. Hikari invited all the girls and left the guys here, and some of them like Luke wanted to have some fun with this. As Gill sat there with Chihaya he heard the plan. Some of the guys, Owen, Luke, Tao, Juluis, Chihaya, and Gill, were going to go to the water park as well to spy on the girls. Luke already had tickets and the whole plan set. "So what do you guys think?" Luke asked Gill and Chihaya.

Both of them sat there and said "No!."

Luke pouted "But it will be fun!" He whined.

"Do you have any idea how mad Hikari and the others will be?" Chihaya asked.

"Last time something like this occured I was caught by Hikari in a girl's store..." Gill muttered with a death glare.

"But it will be fun!" Luke repeated.

Owen nodded "He is right, we get to go on some slides and stuff, also we can watch the girls." He said with a smirk.

"How is that fun?" Chihaya and Gill asked at the same time.

"You get to see them in swimsuits~!" Julius added.

Both Chihaya and Gill sat there for a moment, though there eyes quickly reflected a hint of curiousity. Luke and the other boys smirked "You two get to see Hikari in a swimsuit." He teased.

Right away, Chihaya was on the ground with a huge nosebleed. Gill was tougher to beat though, his eye twitched as he kept his usual stern expression "So?" He asked.

"So?" Luke repeated "Wouldn't you like to see what type of swimsuit Hikari or Luna would be wearing?" He asked.

Gill continued glaring, trying to block out images "No." He said.

"Really, aren't you at least a bit curious? Would Hikari wear a stripped yellow bikini? Or maybe a pink one with a lot of strings to pull on?" Luke asked with a wicked grin.

Gill sat there thinking about it, his eye twitched again and his face flushed when the images went into his head. Seconds later he was on the floor as well with a nosebleed, he pounded his fist on the ground in defeat.

"So are you two in?" Owen asked.

Both slowly raised their hands "I can't believe this..." Gill muttered.

"Me neither..." Chihaya replied. And once again, their adventure begins.

Hikari stood in line with a tube on her arm as she waited for her turn on one of the slides. She was with Lena, Kathy, Annisa, and Luna while the other girls were either relaxing in the wave pool or on another slide. Luna rested her head on her tube "I hate when we have to wait in lines..." She muttered. Kathy laughed "When is it ever fun? Besides, this place is always busy."

Hikari glanced at the slide they were supposed to be on she grinned as she watched a double tube appear and launch itself into a funnel, it went around in circles before dropping into a hole which lead to another part of the slide. She always called it the Toilet bowl despite the fact that its real name was the Twister. As they got closer, the five girls got more and more excited to go on. Once they made it to enter the slide the five stood there looking at each other "Do you want to go first?" Kathy asked Luna, Luna shook her head "No, how about the birthday girl goes first, she can be the tester." She said, nudging Hikari. Annisa sighed and walked over to the slide "It is not a death trap..." She said with an annoyed tone. She sat in the tube and waited for the okay to go, when she went the other girls quickly peaked over the railing, waiting for their friend to appear and go into the toilet bowl. "What is she falls off?" Lena asked and Kathy quickly replied "That won't happen." Even so, they all watched and it felt like hours even though it was mere seconds. Annisa shot out to the slide and spun around the toilet bowl before slowing down and disappearing. After a moment, Luna quickly said "I call next!" and quickly ran over to the slide before the other girls had a chance, Lena stood there for a moment "A second ago you guys didn't even want to go on..." She muttered as she stared at them. Once all of them got off the slide, they were soaked and laughing. "What next?" Kathy asked, looking at Hikari. Hikari stood there for a moment "We can just relax in the river pool for now if you want." She suggested "I think the other girls are in there as well." After saying that Luna started walking the other direction "I'll catch up with you later, I'm going on the drop off slides again." She said with a smile before walking away with her tube. The other girls met up with each other and went in the river to relax, little did they know that they were not the only ones there now. Owen, Luke, Tao, Juluis, Chihaya, and Gill walked into the water park. Due to Luke's ideas they all had sunglasses on to try and bring out that spy and cool guy mood, thought the spy mood was quickly ruined by the fact that they were all in swim trunks and Tao's straw hat. They still got attention from some of the girls that were there. Luke quickly gathered the boys into a huddle "So where do you think they would be?" Owen asked. "On slides..." Gill said with an annoyed tone, even though Chihaya and Gill lost to the temptation of bathing suits, they still showed signs of not wanting to be there. Owen and Luke gave them a look "Yellow bikini..." Luke repeated for most likely the one hundredth time, it still got Chihaya who turned bright red and his expression changed, but Gill managed to maintain his usual attitude though he blushed slightly and sighed "Fine..." Chihaya glanced around before going into the group huddle "They could be anywhere, its a water park for heaven's sake..." He said "We should walk around until we find them and take it from there." Owen and the others nodded "Good idea, Luke what do you..." Luke disappeared, they looked around and heard a shout. Luke was already grabbing a tube and running through the water park. "He is going to give us away..." Gill said with a clear frown, Chihaya glanced at him "Well... the girls would not be very surprised seeing him here... us on the other hand... We will have to be a lot more careful." The others nodded "Now we will all meet back here in about an hour or so to see if we found anything." Owen said. Chihaya looked around then pointed "Or... we could go on some slides, they are all there..." He said, all the boys looked and saw the girls in the tubes on the river. They all leaped and hid behind a shack that sold towels before any of the girls could see them. Gill peaked out, he tilted his glasses down so his sharp blue eyes could make sure they were there "This is going to be a bit more difficult than I thought..." He said, then twitched slightly when he saw Hikari. She was in a two piece, an orange top that tied around her neck with a light floral pattern on it, and black swim shorts that clung to her thigh. Not like his imagination with the yellow bikini, but it still made him blush. She still manages to pull that off... He thought then shook his head Get a grip... he thought then looked to the others "Going on the slides now would be a good idea if they are all down there." He said. Owen peaked over "Are all of them there?" Chihaya looked over as well, Gill could tell he noticed Hikari as well "I think they all are..." Chihaya said as he looked back at them. They all looked at each other for a moment "We should probably join Luke then..." Tao suggested. Julius nodded "Yes, I did not come here in this for nothing." He said, pointing to his new swim trunks. Everyone stared at him for a moment before Gill coughed and glanced to the side "Fine... let us just be sure not to get caught..." He suggested. He looked over again and saw everyone except Chihaya had taken off then "Did they leave right when I said fine?" He asked then, Gill's eyebrow twitched slightly. Chihaya nodded "Uh-huh..." he laughed then and turned "Might as well look for a slide or something to go on." He said as she put his hands on the back of his head. "Coming Gill?" Gill stood there for a moment then moved his hand through his hair "Sure... though water slides are not my thing..." He said with a annoyed look. Chihaya gave him a look "Nothing is fun to you is it? Just give it a try, I am pretty sure you have not even been on one." He said. Gill gave him a glare and was about to speak before realizing that he actually had never been on a water slide before "Fine..." He spat and followed Chihaya then.

Chihaya and Gill stood in line for the Twister, both had tubes under an arm. Gill stood there with a bored expression. He glanced up "Seems Luke is already up there..." He said as he saw the blued hair boy up almost to the top. Lucky guy, Gill and Chihaya were not even close. The place was pretty warm and they would not be actually at the top until another ten minutes maybe. Chihaya looked up at where Luke was "Yep... lucky..." He said with a slight annoyed look a he watched Luke go down the slide. "We should be up there soon..." Gill replied with a slight grunt. After a few moments of watching people go down the slide he sighed then and said "Hikari and the others will kill us if they find us here..." He muttered "I am going to get an earful when I get home." Chihaya looked at him "Don't act so down, no one has been caught yet it seems, besides, I do not think Hikari will get that mad." Chihaya replied with a small smile then. Gill said nothing then, he was getting slightly annoyed by how hot it was. It wouldn't be long till it was their turn to go up. After a while of absolute silence between to two, they were next. While they were waiting for the last person to go down before it would be one of their turns, Gill glanced down at the line. What he saw next almost made him want to dive into the slide. Luna and her sister were in line, if Luna would move her head enough she would have direct eye contact with Gill. Gill stood frozen for a moment before nudging Chihaya who looked over at him "What?" Gill didn't want to point he just motioned with his eyes. Chihaya continued giving Gill a confused look "What? What is it?" Gill glared at him until Chihaya looked over, followed by a swear he looked back at Gill "Uh... won't they see us...?" Gill shook his head "No, your turn." Chihaya didn't move "But what if she does see me? Then our cover is over." he said with a nervous look. People were starting to get anxious because the line stopped moving due to Chihaya. "Get moving or they will look." Gill hissed at Chihaya and nudged him again, causing him to back up to get onto the slide. Chihaya managed to get enough courage together and set up his tube. Gill glanced over to where Luna and her sister were at to make sure they hadn't seen. Luna made dead eye contact with him before looking to her sister. Gill saw her saying something to Candace before they both looked, Gill quickly snapped his head back to Chihaya "Get moving." He snapped. Chihaya looked up "Huh?!" Gill was on wits end now, Chihaya was acting dead clueless and it was not helping their situation much. Gill stepped onto the slide then and tried to push the tube Chihaya was on "Go!" He snapped. What happened next was unknown, wether it was Gravity or God's way of just making life miserable, when Chihaya went down the tube, Gill went down with him without his.

"So explain to me again what happened?" A lifeguard asked Gill who was sitting on a chair, next to him was Chihaya who was red in the face either from the injury he got or just from embarrassment. "He went down the tube and I stepped in the water just when he went down... then I slipped and went down as well." Gill explained, he had rolled up pieces of tissue in his nose and was red in the face as well. Thankfully the lifeguard that was on duty up on the slide was distracted, so no one witnessed the fact that Gill had pushed Chihaya, stumbled, and went down with him. The lifeguard that was with them now stared at him for a moment "Well... both you and your friend are fine for the most part... maybe a minor concussion. Don't over do it anymore today and get some rest as soon as possible." He told them "Though, you might want to stay here for a couple more minutes if the room is still spinning." Gill nodded then "Right... Thank you." he moved slightly and winced at the sudden headache as well as the swaying room. He rubbed his temples and groaned "Are you doing alright Chihaya?" He asked once the lifeguard went into another room. Chihaya peered up at him after moving the ice pack off his head "I'm just as okay as you..." He said with a slight glare. Gill managed to glare back at him "I know that look... don't say it is my fault." he said. Chihaya sat up then "It is your fault though, you had to freak out and kick the tube, because of that we both basically road down the Twister on our faces!" He snapped. Gill's eye twitched slightly "Freak out? You were the one who held up the line and made everyone look at us! If you would have gone down like you were supposed to instead of taking your sweet time, we might not be in the infirmary while everyone out there is talking about the two idiots that went down the slide with no tubes!" He snapped. Chihaya was silent for a moment "Damn... Hikari probably heard about it by now... between Luna and that we are definitely screwed..." he said with a groan as he rubbed his head. "So much for the idea I had..." he muttered. Gill looked at him "What idea?" he asked. Chihaya glanced at him then "Oh uh... I had an idea that I could maybe ask Hikari out here..." He said "Like, bump into her and talk with her for a bit... before asking." Gill listened quietly and got mad all over again "It is her birthday though and we were not supposed to be here anyway." He said with a strict tone. Chihaya raised an eyebrow at him "What? I thought it was a good chance to try. Why are you upset about it?" He asked. Gill continued to glare at him "It is just... why would you ask that on her birthday? Wouldn't that make her feel uncomfortable?" Gill was close to blowing his own cover with this, though he really didn't care. Gill was genuinely worried about how this would affect Hikari, wether it was as her brother figure or as someone who loves her. Chihaya shrugged "Well... it seemed like she would be alright if we did try and go out... I mean we can just give it a try." He said. Gill was angered even more by how simply Chihaya was acting, this just seemed to be something that should be thought through. "Why are you so upset like this though? You knew I liked her and have not said anything before... Why are you suddenly freaking out when I do want to ask her?" he asked. "Because..." Gill trailed off. How would he word this? There was no good way of wording this, he could easily say "Because I am her brother." thought that was not it, that wasn't the truth in his mind. Thinking about this made the ache in his head increase "Because I ... I also..." he stuttered. Things were getting dizzy again, much worse than before, he winced as the headache got worse. It seemed he had over done it, the sudden stress was making his concussion worse. Suddenly everything went black for Gill.

When Gill came to, he kept his eyes shut. He was completely embarrassed now, falling down a slide, telling Chihaya that he also liked Hikari, and passing out, everything now made him just wish it was a dream. He felt something soft on him, a blanket most likely. Maybe he was dreaming. Maybe he was just in his room, waking up after a bad dream. The sudden pain in his head quickly denied that. He managed to gain enough courage to open his eyes, he was in a room, a hotel room from the looks of it. He looked at the ceiling before hearing someone, he looked over and saw Hikari. She stopped suddenly with a bag of ice in her hand, seeing he was awake. Her expression was blank for a moment before she smiled brightly "Gilly! You are awake, that is a relief." She said with a smile. She walked over then and sat next to him "Are you doing better?" She asked him. Gill stared at her for a moment before managing to sit up, gripping his head slightly "I am fine... I think." He said as he winced slightly at the constant pounding in his head. Hikari handed him the bag of ice "Laying back down maybe the best idea right now, you must've hit your head pretty hard." She said "Chihaya told me everything." She told him. Gill pressed the bag on the part of his head that hurt the most "Sorry..." He said as he looked at the bed sheets. Hikari patted his shoulder "If you wanted to come you could have just said so." She said with a light laugh and a warm smile. Gill blushed slightly as she glanced up at her before glancing to the side "Right... I apologize again for that." As he said that, Hikari got up then "It is fine, don't worry about it. Besides, a few good things came out of this." Gill looked up at her, raising an eyebrow "What is that?" he asked. Hikari laughed nervously and scratched her head "Well uh... Chihaya kind of asked me to go on a date with him, that and the guys are actually having fun with the girls right now, next time we should have everyone come instead of having your little sneaky fest again." she told him. As she spoke, everything got blocked out except the date. Gill's stomach sank then as he thought about it, regretting that he hadn't really told her sooner.

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