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~Puppy Love~

"Woah woah woah WOAH! ALL SESSHOUMARUS NEED TO REMOVE THEIR HANDS FROM KAGOME!" Kagome shouted as she leapt away from them. The two larger Sesshoumaru's had surrounded her and wrapped their arms around her waist.

"You must be mistaken," she said to Daini.

"This Sesshoumaru does not make mistakes." Daini smirked.

"None of us do." Kan added.

"But Sesshoumaru doesn't like me! He barely tolerated me when he was… you know… normal."

"Tell me, Kagome," Kan began, he approached her again and chuckled when she backed away. "Has the original ever, provided, for you?"

"P-provided?" Kagome squeaked as she backed into a couch and fell on it.

"Yes, for example, has he hunted for you?"

"Well, yes but-"

"And has the original ever shown, favor, to you over the others in your group?" Daini asked approaching as well.

"Favor?" Kagome leaned back on the couch as they leaned closer.

"Does he prefer to spend his time around you rather than the others?"

"W-well, we'd spend some time talking every once in a while."

"Has he ever protected you?" Kan asked.

"W-well yes there was a time or two that he saved me."

"Kagome, my dear." Kan sat down on her left.

"You most certainly are," Daini sat down on her right.

"Our Intended." They both nibbled on her ears simultaneously. Kagome shuddered and let out a whimper.

"Mate?" Little Sesshoumaru looked at the trio in curiousity.

Daini let out a growl towards him, but not in a threatening kind of way. The boy tilted his head, before letting out a yip and a nod and rushing over to the podium.

"Sesshou! Don't mess with that!" Kagome called as the little boy tugged on the thin little chain attached to the large crystal on the podium. He pulled the crystal off of the podium and rushed over to them. He hopped onto Kagome's lap and clumsily threw the chain over her head and around her neck. "Wh-what are doing?"

"Excellent idea Daini!" Kan grinned at the crystal that now hung around Kagome's neck. "Now we can go wherever our intended goes."

"This was your idea? Well I'm sorry to burst your bubble but…hey!" Kagome tried to lift the necklace off but it glowed a bright blue and didn't budge. "What's going on!"

"For safety reasons the crystal cannot be removed by anyone but the original and his kin, or his mate." Daini answered her.

"In other words, you cannot remove it until you become our mate." Kan rumbled, nuzzling her neck. He growled at little Sesshoumaru. The little boy's eyes widened and whimpered before growling back.

"What are you telling him?" Kagome asked warily.

"I am simply telling him that if he removes the necklace, you won't be his mate."

"What?" Kagome squeaked.

"You didn't really think that we'd let you convince the original to take the necklace off for you?" Kan laughed.

"Hn, we will be by your side until the day comes where the original makes you our mate."

"Oh god!" Kagome groaned.

"Think of it as a good thing. With us by your side, you will always be protected, and we will be there to guide you through the tasks of being Lady of the Western Land."

Kagome took another tug at the chain. Once again, it glowed blue and did not budge. 'Now I know how Inuyasha feels.' She thought.

She stood up, pulling away from Kan and Daini's grasp again and taking Sesshou-chibi with her. She walked out of the room and headed for the library. Of course, Kan and Daini followed right behind her.

"Where are we headed?" Daini asked.

"The library."

"Why the library?" Kan asked.

"That's where we are working on returning Sesshoumaru to normal. I need to fix this as soon as possible so he can explain to you how I'm not his intended and he can take off this freaking crystal."

"Poor dear is still in denial." Kan teased.

"Hn, there is a point where denial becomes stupidity." Daini scoffed. "Be sure not to cross it Kagome."

"Well where was the point where sanity became lunacy? Because I'm pretty sure I crossed it a looooooooong time ago." Kagome muttered continuing her way to the library. She finally caught sight of the familiar large wooden doors and pushed them open.

"Ah, good afternoon Milady." Jinchi greeted as he stood from his desk "Oh! I see you have met Milord's advisors."


"Oh? How so?"

Kan, who was not one who particularly took joy in being talked about as if he was not there, wrapped an arm around Kagome. "She does not believe that we have marked her as our intended. 'We' being the original of course."

"Geez! What is it with you and the touching?" Kagome pulled away again, but Kan held on to her this time.

"Why should I not touch what is mine?"

"Kan." Daini called. Kan shrugged and released Kagome and returned to his position next to Daini. Daini looked at Kagome. "You'll have to forgive Kan's boldness. He is a copy of the original during a time when he did not have as much control as he did when I was made, or as the original is, or is supposed to be, now."

"Hn, I have just as much as control as any, I simply see no use in having it around those that belong to me."

"Well I don't belong to you!" Kagome argued.

"Of course you do." Both Daini and Kan said.

"I'd have to agree with Milords Kan and Daini." Jinchi interjected. "You do have the scent mark of Lord Sesshoumaru on you. You are by youkai law their intended."

"Aw man not you too!" Kagome groaned. She looked at the three older youkai, then at little Sesshoumaru who was still in her arms. He had begun dozing not long after they'd entered the library. She moved to a large couch and laid him down. She sighed. "Let's just focus on returning Sesshoumaru to normal, then we'll figure this out and I'll be on my way.

"As you wish, milady." Jinchi gestured towards the left. "The healers have been researching over this way."

~Early Evening~

"Milady!" Jaken squawked as he entered the library.

"Yes?" Kagome looked up from the book she was reading.

"It is almost time for dinner, what would Milady like?"

"Oh! Well," she bit her lip, "I'm not really hungry."

"Hn, you will eat something whether you are hungry or not." Daini scolded.

"I don't feel like eating. I'm not hungry! Besides, my time would be better spent researching than eating food I do not want to eat."

"Then you will eat as you read." Daini said.

"Bring an assortment of fruit, bread and cheese to the library." Kan told Jaken. The little toad nodded and scurried off to fulfill his orders.

"Why do must you to argue with everything I say?" Kagome huffed.

"My dear, it is you that argue with everything we say." Kan ginned.

"See! There! You've done it again!" She glared at him. "You two are nothing like the Sesshoumaru I've met."

"The Sesshoumaru you've met is the side we show to outsiders and those we do not trust." Daini explained.

"Such as our idiotic half brother." Kan growled. Daini nodded and continued.

"Had the original continued his courtship, you would have most assuredly seen the side we show you now."

"Uh huh… riiiiiiight. I could really use a Tylenol." Kagome groaned pinching the bridge of her nose.

"What is a Tylenol?"

"Nothing, never mind."

The library opened once again and three servants entered the room. One carried a large bowl of fruit, another carried a large platter with cheese and bread, and the other carried a large pitcher and four glasses. They all placed their goods on a nearby table and stood there silently.

"Thank you." Kagome smiled. "My son Shippo and my friend Kirara have been playing in the garden just outside of here." She gestured towards the door leading to the garden. "Could you please call him in and make sure he eats? Tell him I'll be there to help him get ready for bed later."

The servants bowed again. "Yes Milady." They chorused and moved silently to their tasks.

"Thank you." Kagome called to their retreating forms.

"You seem to have caught on quickly when ordering the servants." Daini noted as he plucked a grape from the fruit bowl and plopped it in his mouth.

"Hm, well I have been here for a week now, I guess I've just gotten used to telling people what to do. I'd rather think of it as asking politely though." Kagome said.

"A week? You have been in this palace for a week and you've just today come to see us?" Kan asked.

"Yeah, well, the healers spent the week examining Sesshoumaru and he wouldn't let them touch him at first, it took a lot of coaxing to get used to the healers. He still won't let the servants near him." Kagome looked up from her book. "The only reason I went up to that room was because Jaken said I had to take over the Western Lands until Sesshoumaru returns to normal."

"As well you should." Daini said. "You are after all the future Lady. Think of it as practice." He took away the book in her hand.


"We told you to eat." Kan picked up a slice of apple and held it to her lips.

Kagome sighed and took a bite.

"That's a good girl." Kan smirked and popped the rest of the apple into his own mouth.

Kagome picked up a piece of cheese and held out her free hand. "I'm eating, now give me the book back." She took a bite of the cheese. Daini handed her the book back along with a glass of water.

The sound of rustling alerted Kagome to Sesshoumaru's awakening. She put down her book and walked over to him as he sat up. "Hey there sleepy head." She grinned. "You've been napping for quite a while. Guess this means you're going to be up all night huh?"

Sesshoumaru looked at her with a dazed look in his eyes. "Mmmmmmmmmmmate." He mumbled and snuggled into her chest.

"Are you hungry Sesshou-chibi?" The little boy looked up at her again, then at the fruit bowl and platter of cheese on the table nearby that she had gestured to. He purred happily and nodded. Kagome picked him up and returned to her previous spot between Kan and Daini. As Sesshoumaru and Kagome munched on fruit and cheese together, Kan and Daini observed them.

"You will certainly make a splendid mother to our pups when we sire them."

Kagome chocked on the piece of fruit in her mouth. Sesshoumaru watched her worriedly, but soon returned to his cheerful state as she began to breath normally again.

"Excuse me?" She croaked glaring at Daini, who had made the comment.

"I was simply complimenting you." Daini shrugged and smirked.

"Whoever said I was going to have your pups?" Kagome asked.

"He did." Kan said ruffling Sesshoumaru's hair.

Sesshoumaru giggled and hugged Kagome as if he knew what they were talking about.

"Ugh, I'm tired of talking about this. For the last time, Sesshoumaru did NOT mark me and he is NOT courting me. As soon as he's back to normal he will confirm this himself. End of discussion!" Kagome sighed and sit back more in her seat, Sesshoumaru leaning back with her.

"My dear, the discussion will end when we say so. That will not happen until you accept the fact that you have been marked by the original."

"I don't have to accept it." Kagome argued. "I could always refuse this fake courtship."

"Who would refuse us?" Kan scoffed, pulling her closer to his side. "You'd want for nothing here."

"I'd want my friends and family."

"Then bring them here to live with us." Daini said.

"It's not that easy."

"How so?"

"It's complicated."

"Well, yes we gathered that from the words "not easy"." Kan laughed.

"My family doesn't live around here."

"Distance is no matter." Daini said.

"But time is."

"I do not understand." Daini replied.

"Well, I… sort of… come from 500 years in the future."

"That was unexpected." Kan laughed.

"Intriguing." Daini nodded.

"Still, you would not be away from them forever should they not be able to come here."

"Sorry to burst your bubble but humans can't live that long. I'll be lucky if I even have a tenth of five hundred years left to live."

"Not if we were to mate."


"If the original succeeds in making you his mate, your lifespan will be linked to ours. Silver Inuyoukai are well known for living well over ten thousand years."

Kagome's eyes widened. "That's impossible!"

"No, it is quite possible."

"I've never seen a ten thousand year old demon before!"

"You have met the demon welder Totosai have you not? He is ten thousand and thirty two." Daini informed.

"Most demons choose to take their primal forms around that age, abandoning their humanoid forms unless they are needed." Kan added.

"But Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha are the only silver inuyoukai I've ever seen, humanoid form or otherwise."

"Hn, ten thousand years is a long time to make enemies." Daini looked at her.

"Oh… right. Sango did mention something about that." Kagome muttered. She looked outside, it was getting dark. "I have to go tuck Shippo in."

"Who is Shippo?" Kan asked.

"Shippo is my son."

"Your son?" Daini asked.

"Yes, I adopted him. His father and mother were murdered and Inuyasha and I took him into our group." She said walking towards the room Shippo and Kirara shared. He'd been a little disappointed that he couldn't sleep with her, but Kagome told him she didn't want to wake him up when she went to bed late, so he had agreed to sleep with Kirara as long as he got to sleep with her every once in a while.

"Oh, you mean the kit?" Kan asked. "The original has mentioned him before."

"Yes, Shippo is a Kit."

"Interesting." Kan smirked. "You will introduce us to him?"

"It's not like I have a choice, do I?" Kagome sighed and continued walking.

"No." Daini answered with an identical smirk.

Kagome opened the door to Shippo's room and peeked her head in.

"Mama!" Shippo cheered from his spot on the bed.

"Hey Sweety, are you ready for bed?" Shippo nodded. "Did you wash up?"


"Brush your teeth?"


"Alright then." She sat down on the bed and lifted the covers so that he could get under them.

"Aw, do I have to go to bed so soon?" Shippo asked. "I haven't seen you all day!" His big green eyes began to water. "Ever since we got here you don't play with me anymore." He sniffled.

"I'm sorry baby." Kagome pulled him into her arms and crawled under the covers. "I've been so busy trying to turn Sesshoumaru back to normal, not to mention that Jaken insists I run the palace. I'll tell you what, go to sleep now and I promise I'll stay with you tonight and spend the whole day with you tomorrow."


"Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye." She said kissing him on the nose.

Shippo giggled and snuggled into her embrace. Kagome sang him to sleep.

"Goodnight, Sleep tight, no more tears

In the morning I'll be here

And when we say goodnight

Dry your eyes

Because we said goodnight and not goodbye

We said goodnight and not goodbye."

Shippo was fast asleep as she sang the last few words.

"Hn, you are a good mother." Daini said as he and Kan came through the door.

"Shhhh." Kagome motioned to Shippo. "I don't want him to wake up." She murmered.

"Then you will be staying here for the remainder of the night?" Kan asked.

Kagome nodded.

"Very well." He turned back to the hallway and growled.

Sesshoumaru popped into the room and climbed onto the bed, snuggling to her side. She smiled at him and pulled him into her arms with Shippo.

Daini and Kan moved towards the bed on opposite sides. Kan got into the bed on her right, and Daini gently moved Kagome towards the center of the bed and took her place on her left.

"What are you doing?" Kagome whispered frantically.

"Going to bed." Kan answered.

"You can't sleep here!" Kagome squeaked.

"And where do you suggest we sleep? There is one bed, and you are our intended, I see nothing wrong with the arrangement we have now."

"There is no arrangement!" Kagome huffed.

Shippo shifted in her arms.

"If you do not want to wake the kit, I suggest you settle down and go to sleep."

Kagome huffed in frustration and laid back against the pillows. "Fine, but this is NOT going to be a routine thing."

"Hn, we shall see." Kan smirked, nuzzling against her neck.




"Where are you?"

"Run, Kagome."

"I can't see anything."

"They're coming."

"Who's they? Sesshoumaru?"


"Don't leave! Sesshoumaru!"


"Come back… Sesshoumaru…."

"Kagome, wake up."



"Mama? Why are there three Sesshoumaru's? Mama?"


"Kagome, you're dreaming. Wake up."

"Mmmmm, don't go."

"Very well,"

Kagome felt something warm, soft, and wet run up the side of her face. She shrieked and sat up, causing the two boys on top of her to fall over. "Did you just lick me?" She screamed at Kan.

"You refused to wake."

"So you licked me?" she growled.

"Yes. It is not an uncommon occurrence between inu and their intended."

"Oh yeah? Gee well I guess that makes it alright then." She said sarcastically.


"No! Not alright! I do not appreciate being licked by a man, human or demon, that I hardly know!"

"If It is a matter of acquaintanceship, I assure you, we are certainly for getting better… aquainted." Daini said from behind her. It was then that she realized that his arms were around her waist. She huffed in frustration and crawled out of his embrace, picking up the two boys who were still laying on their backs and staring at her in stunned confusion. She crawled off of the bed with the two boys before turning back to Kan and Daini.

"As of right now, my only interests consist of returning Sesshoumaru back to normal and keeping the Western Lands in tact until he does. After that, this whole thing will be resolved and I'll go back to shard hunting. Please don't get in my way." She walked out of the door of the room, not bothering to look and see if they were following her. She headed towards the baths.



"Why are there three Sesshoumaru's?"

"Those two are copies that Sesshoumaru made of himself, they are the royal advisors."

"Oh. Do you think they can help turn Sesshoumaru back to normal?"


She entered the enclosed springs and smiled at the awaiting maids. "Good Morning."

The three maids bowed. "Good Morning Milady." They chorused.

The maid furthest to the left stepped forward, still bowing. "Does Milady wish to bathe herself again? Or would she like our assistance?"

"No, that's fine, I can bathe myself and the boys, but would you mind keeping watch for me?"

"Keeping watch milady?" The maid in the middle asked.

"Yes, please tell the royal advisors to wait behind the screen over there." She motioned behind her. "If they move from behind the screen, please let me know."

"Of course milady." The three maids chorused. The maid furthest to the right stepped forward and motioned towards the springs.

"The usual items you've requested are by the towels milady. Please call if you need anything."

"Thank you."

Kan and Daini slowly walked towards the direction of the crystal's pull.

"Why has the original not told her?"

"That I do not know. Perhaps there is more to this than what is apparent."

"We must find a way to return him to his rightful form."

"Agreed. We cannot let her remain in this dangerous state any longer."

"Should we tell her?"

"Would she believe us if we did? She is in denial of even being our intended. What would be the point if she does not even believe that? We will simply need to be on our guard and protect her."

They stopped as a nervous looking maid approached them as they entered the enclosed springs.

"P-pardon me Milords. Milady has requested that you wait behind the screen over there. S-she does not wish to be disturbed as she and the c-children bathe."

"And why would we do such a thing?" Kan asked.

"Kan." Daini reprimanded. "Our intended is already worked up because of our… antics earlier this morning. Perhaps it is best to let her cool. We will have plenty of chances to rile her up later. For now, it may be more beneficial to discuss our strategies." Kan nodded and walked towards the screen. Daini turned to the maid. "Have one of the other servants prepare a picnic before you return to the lady. We shall be breaking our fast in the garden today."

"Yes Milord." She rushed off to fulfill his order.

"The garden?" Kan asked as Daini approached him.

"Yes, our intended did say she was to spend the whole day with the Kit did she not? No doubt the Kit will want to play outside. It is safer for them to play in the garden than out by the borders of the palace."

"Ah, of course." Kan nodded. "Now, how do you suppose we go about this situation?"

"It would be best to keep it to ourselves unless she accepts that she is indeed our intended. Until then we have no choice but to stay by her side and protect her. We must help her help the original as soon as possible. Also, we mustn't anger her too much."

"Too bad, it is such a delight to see that fire in her eyes." Kan chuckled.

"Yes, but if she does not learn to trust us, we cannot get any closer to her."

"True. Very well, but I will not stop teasing completely. It is simply too fun."

"I would suggest nothing of the sort." Daini smirked.

"What're you two talking about?" Kagome asked as she came around the screen. Sesshoumaru was latched onto her hand, Shippo was on her shoulder. They each wore new outfits and had damp hair.

"Nothing of concern." Kan smiled.

"Anything that you two are conspiring is definitely of concern." Kagome looked at them suspiciously before walking towards the door they had all come through. Kan and Daini followed them as they walked down the hallway.

"I have arranged for our breakfast to be had in the garden." Daini informed.

"Oh, alright then." Kagome walked towards the nearest garden doors.

Their meal was silent save for the occasional conversation between Shippo and Kagome, not to mention Sesshoumaru's happy chirps and single worded sentences."

Kan and Daini were alert as they ate, keeping an eye on any sudden movements around them.

"Are you two alright? You two are pretty quiet… not that I mind." Kagome added.

"We have not been outside in quite a while. We are simply enjoying the scenery." Kan answered.

"Right." Kagome turned back to the two children and continued eating.

Kan and Daini exchanged a look before Daini stood.

"What's up?" Kagome asked. Daini gave her a questioning look before.

"Are you unable to look up and see for yourself?"

Kagome's face flushed red before returning to normal when she realized he was truly asking her and not making fun of her. "Oh! Sorry, where I came from, "What's up?" means what's going on or what's happening, or what are you doing, and other things like that."

"I see. I am simply going for a walk."

"Will the crystal let you do that?"

"We can withstand the crystal's pull for a few hours once we pass out of its limits."

"Oh, so what happens when you stay out for more than a few hours?" Kagome asked.

"We would cease to exist." Kan answered.

"Really? That's awful!"

"Not really. As long as the original has possession of the crystal, he has the ability to restore us."

"Oh, so you can't die?"

"No, but ceasing to exist and being recreated is a very painful process, and it takes years to do."

"How many years?"


Kagome coughed as she inhaled the tea she was sipping. "Twenty years?"

"Yes, quite a long time to be suspended in unending pain, is it not?" Daini asked.

"I should say so." Kagome answered.

"That is why we would appreciate it if you did not wander where we cannot reach you." Kan said.

Kagome nodded. "Alright. Be careful." She said as Daini walked off.

"Do not worry, I shall not be long."

Kagome finished her meal shortly after Daini left. She stood up from her seat and joined the two frolicking boys.

"Anything?" Kan asked as Daini returned a few minutes later.

"No, the area is secure for now."

"Good. I shall survey the grounds next within the hour."

Daini nodded a watched as Kagome played with the two boys. His eyes landed on Sesshoumaru.



"Did Kagome not say that the original aged when she was in danger?"

"Hn, yes I believe she did."

"Perhaps there is a stronger bond between them than the curse he is under."

"What are you implying."

"There may be a way to utilize the bond to break the curse."

"I see. Any suggestions?"

"No, not yet."

Kan looked at Sesshoumaru. "I have a theory."


"But it is a dangerous one. I would only suggest using it as a last resort."

"Tell me."

Kagome laughed as she tossed Sesshoumaru up in the air and caught him. She let him down and chased after Shippo. She caught up to him and tickled him relentlessly and smiled as he giggled. She finally let him up and they sat on the ground breathless.

"Look! There's Kirara and the kittens!" Shippo pointed. The kittens raced towards them and pounced on their feet in a playful manner. Kirara followed behind at a slower pace and laid down to the side, sunbathing as she watched her kittens play.

Kagome noticed that Daini had returned, and Kan had disappeared. She gave Daini a questioning look, but he simply stared back at her. She decided to let it go for the moment and returned her attention to the children.


Kagome smiled at the boys. They were all tuckered out and barely able to keep their eyes open as she carried them to her bedroom. Kan and Daini followed silently behind her. She looked back at them, they were watching her. They had been acting strange all day. Though, if she thought about it, how well did she really know them? She'd only met them yesterday, who was she to decide whether or not their behavior today was abnormal? Their behavior yesterday wasn't so normal either. Kagome sighed and looked forward.

"Is there something bothering you?" Kan asked, his stride lengthening as he began to walk beside her.

"Um, no. Not really. Just thinking." She said.

Kan nodded and slowed his pace again, returning to his place beside Daini.

When they entered the room, Kagome laid the boys down on the bed. She turned to face Kan and Daini.

"What is it?" Daini asked.

"Well… I'm going to bed."

"And your point?"

"I'd like to change out of these clothes." They did not move. "Alone."

"Even if we leave, you'd not be alone. The original and the kit are here."

Kagome sighed. "Fine, Turn around though. Don't look!"

Kan and Daini shared a look before facing the other way.

They heard rustling and a few moments later she gave them permission to turn around.

"Do you plan to sleep here again?" Kagome asked.

"There is no other place to sleep." Daini mentioned.

"Yeah well, there's the room next door isn't there?"

"That is outside of the limitations of the crystal. Do you wish us to cease to exist?" Kan asked curiously.

"No! Sorry, um… I guess, it's fine then… For you to sleep here." Kagome blushed. Kan and Daini both had smirks on their faces. "I mean, just until we can get two more beds in here for you two. I'll ask the servants in the morning."

Kan approached her quickly and pulled her close. "You shouldn't bother, I'm sure you'd find us in your bed before the sun rose either way." He chuckled. Kagome blushed and pulled away.

Daini followed suit but picked her up when he pulled her close. He walked towards the bed and placed her in the center under the covers as Kan moved the two sleeping boys over. The climbed into bed on either side like they had before.

"Goodnight Kagome." They chorused, both licking her cheek on either side, eliciting a small shriek.


Kagome awakened in the arms of both Kan and Daini. Shippo and Sesshoumaru were nowhere to be found. She sat up quickly, struggling against their hold.

"Where are Shippo and Sesshoumaru?" Kagome asked.

Kan opened an eye lazily and tightened his grip on her. "The Kit and the original have gone to eat. They awoke an hour ago. Or rather, the Kit had awoken and went with the maids to bathe and the original did not trust the maids with his pup."

"Well why didn't you wake me?"

"Because," Daini answered "We rather like sleeping in with our intended."

"Ugh!" Kagome groaned. "I'm not in the mood to deal with this right now." She got up and headed towards the kitchens.

"Where are you going? If you wish to eat you need simply ask the maids." Kan said.

"I know, I thought I'd surprise Shippo and Sesshoumaru this morning.

"Surprise them?" Daini asked.

"I'm going to make them breakfast."


"Yup. I'm going to make pancakes."

"What are pancakes?"

"You'll see."

Kagome entered the kitchen and smiled at the cooks. "Good morning!"

The women bowed and murmured respectful greetings.

"Is there something specific you'd like to eat this morning Milady?" one of them asked.

"Actually, I'd like to make breakfast myself if you don't mind."

"Of course not milady. Do you not find our cooking suitable?" the same cook asked fearfully.

"Oh no! Your cooking is some of the best that I've ever tasted." Kagome smiled at her. "I just like to cook and thought it'd be a nice surprise for the children."

"T-Thank you for the compliment Milady. If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to ask."

"Thank you. This is what I'll need…."

Kagome walked into the dining hall followed by a few maids and Kan and Daini. One of the maids carried a large platter of pancakes, another carried a dish of freshly made butter, another carried a jug of molasses, and the third carried a jug of milk.

"Good morning mama!" Shippo called as she entered the hall.

"Mate!" Sesshoumaru rushed towards her. "Mate eat?" he asked pulling her towards the large table.

Kagome laughed and nodded, allowing herself to be pulled along.

The maids placed the food on the table. Shippo gasped in excitement.

"Pancakes!" he squealed. "You made pancakes!"

Kagome laughed. "I knew you'd like them." She placed a few pancakes on his plate, put a thin spread of butter on them, and drizzled molasses over them. She did the same for Sesshoumaru, Kan, Daini, and herself. "Dig in boys!" She smiled.

Shippo and Sesshoumaru quickly tucked into their pancakes. Both Kan and Daini took tentative bites, then began to eat normally.

"These, "pancakes" are exquisite." Kan complimented.

"Indeed." Daini agreed.

"I'm glad you like them."

"You will make more in the future?" Daini asked.

"Well, if you want me to, I guess I could." Kagome blushed.

"Good." Kan said, continuing to eat his pancakes.

"Milady! Milords!" a small framed maid rushed into the hall with a panicked look on her face.

"What's wrong Reiko?" Kagome asked.

"Lord Ryo has arrived unexpectedly! He demands audience!" She said.

"Lord Ryo?" Kagome asked.

Kan and Daini quickly stood.

"Ryo is the cousin of the Lord of the Eastern Lands."Daini answered. "I will take care of this, Kagome, under no circumstance are you to leave Kan's sight."


"Do not question me." Daini ordered as he walked towards the door.

"We will be retreating to the western wing." Kan called, pulling Kagome into his arms. "Come along Kit." Shippo hesitantly jumped to his shoulder. Sesshoumaru whimpered questioningly. Kan gave him an answering bark before taking off towards the western wing, Sesshoumaru raced after him.

"What're you doing?" Kagome cried. "What's you're problem?"

"It is too dangerous for you to meet Ryo."


"Do not argue with me Kagome. You will simply have to trust us. We are doing this for your own safety along with the Kit and the original." Kagome winced at the fierceness in his voice. He was serious about this. She nodded and remained silent as he sat her down on her bed.

"Alright, I'll listen to you for now, but you're going to have to explain this to me eventually. I don't just hand out my trust to anyone. Trust is earned."

"Ryo." Daini greeted stoically as he entered the greeting hall.

"Ah, one of Sesshoumaru's copies, is he so full of himself that he thinks I am not worthy enough for his audience?" Ryo growled.

"Nothing of the sort. The original is simply preoccupied at the moment."

"Oh? And what pray tell is more important than I? Surely-" He paused, and inhaled deeply.

Daini stiffened and growled.

Ryo's yellow eyes turned red. "Mine." He snarled and took off.

Daini raced after him and tackled him into the wall. "Back off!" he snarled. Ryo roared back and thrust him into the opposite wall and continued to his destination.

Daini picked himself up and let out a thundering roar before taking pursuit once more.

"What was that?" Kagome asked as she heard Daini's roar.

"A warning." Kan growled. The door to Kagome's room burst into splinters.

Kagome screamed as the red eyed demon came into the room. He was a tall demon, almost as tall as Daini. His wild black hair was strewn across his face. His angry panting showed off his large elongated teeth. His panting paused as he inhaled deeply, as he exhaled his eyes landed on her.

Kan moved in between them and snarled. Ryo crouched and launched himself at Kan. Daini tackled him from behind. Kan joined in the brawl. The two of them fought to restrain the out of control demon without injuring him. Their caution made it easy for the demon to throw both Kan and Daini off of him.

Sesshoumaru barked angrily at the demon and leaped at him.

"Sesshou NO!" Kagome cried and ran to restrain the pup.

Ryo leapt at them, catching Kagome by the upper arm and throwing her back on the bed. He landed on top of her and pinned her to the bed. Kagome stared up at the feral demon with fear in her eyes. His mouth formed a devious grin. His elongated teeth parted as his tongue slithered out and ran across her neck.

"Mama!" Shippo cried. He leapt onto Ryo's shoulder and sank his tiny fangs into his cheek. Ryo growled angrily and shook the Kit off, throwing Shippo into one of the banisters on the bed.

"Shippo! Kagome screamed. Ryo smacked her as she tried to sit up.

Kagome whimpered and closed her eyes as her vision turned white.

There was a loud roar and Ryo was ripped off of her. Her eyes opened as he heard a yelp and a thud. Daini had ripped off Ryo's head.

She sat up quickly and pulled Shippo into her arms.

"Shippo, baby?"

"I'm alright Mama."

She stood up and smiled at Daini, who had tossed Ryo's head to the floor.

He turned to her and walked towards her.

"Thank you, Daini."

"It was not me." A voice said to her right. Kagome gasped as she turned to see Daini.

"T-then… Sesshoumaru?"

"Hn, mate." He wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her cheek.

"It seems that whenever you are put in danger, the original grows." Kan said.

"Yeah, but he still has the mindset of his child form." She said as the "grown" Sesshoumaru nuzzled her. "Besides, it isn't permanent. Once I'm out of danger he changes."

As if on cue Sesshoumaru returned to his chibi form.


"That may be so, but did you not say that before he had the body of a teenager?" Kan asked.


"Then he has grown more this time than before?"

"Oh! You're right!" Kagome smiled. "Maybe the spell is weakening. If we can trigger it again, or maybe two or more times then-"

"Kagome, you are not to do anything of the sort."

"Hm?" Kagome said, not paying attention.

"You are not going to purposefully endanger yourself for the sake of a theory." Daini growled.


"This is not a discussion, you will not risk yourself for something so foolish."

Kagome sighed. "I wasn't going to-"

"Good, then there is nothing left to say." Daini interrupted again.

"You're not even letting me fi-"

"There is no need to."

Kagome groaned in frustration. She was about to storm off when she caught sight of the headless body in the center of the room. She stopped.

"So, what was all that about?" she whispered.

Kan and Daini looked at each other. Coming to a mutual understanding Daini spoke.

"He simply went into a rage when I told him the original was preoccupied." Daini shrugged.

"Eastern nobility is well known for their temper tantrums." Kan said. "I will have the maids remove the body." Kan said leaving the room.

"Didn't you say that he was the cousin of the Lord of the Eastern Lands?" Kagome asked.


"Then don't you think that the Eastern Lord is going to be just a little pissed that Sesshoumaru offed his cousin?" Kagome squeaked.

"Excuse me? Offed?"


"Oh, well yes. The Eastern Lord will be livid. Give the right circumstances this could even result in a war."

"War? Oh my god!" Kagome cried. "I haven't even been here that long and I've already instigated a war! Sesshoumaru is going to kill me when he's back to normal." She bit her lip.

"Do not fret. Ryo got what he deserved. No self respecting Lord would rage war for such a disgrace." Daini said.

Kagome bit her lip. She held Sesshoumaru and Shippo against her. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. Do not worry Kagome. We will not let anything happen to you. Any of you." He brought up his hand and lightly brushed his knuckles against the cheek where she'd been hit. "I must apologize. He should not have gotten as close as he did."

Kagome blushed, but smiled at him. "It's not your fault. If you and Kan hadn't been there, who knows what would have happened."

"Still, it is our duty to protect you. If I had done it right, he would not have gotten this far."

"You did the best you could. He is, after all, the cousin of the Eastern Lord. You were just trying to save us some trouble."

"Yes, but it was in vain was it not? The original beheaded him." He smirked. "A very effective move I must say."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "What is it with men and beheading? I swear." She laughed.

"Is it common in your time?"

"Well, not really, not in reality anyways. But guys in my time are fascinated with gory video games."

"What are video games?"

"It's… a form of entertainment. I can't really explain it."

"Doesn't matter, I suppose I'll have to experience it myself when the time comes."

Kagome laughed at the thought of Kan, Daini, and Sesshoumaru playing video games together.

"Hm, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it." She giggled.


"Good Evening Milady. I heard that there was quite a commotion this morning. Are you alright?" Jinchi asked.

"I'm fine. Just a little startled." She smiled.

"Would you like to postpone our research until tomorrow?"

"Oh no, I couldn't do that. We have so much to do, and very little time. I've already wasted most of the day because of-"


She groaned as Kan and Daini entered the library.

"You do realize that you cannot run away from us do you not? No matter where you are the pull of the crystal will lead us to you."

"I wasn't trying to run away, I was trying to get to the library. There's a lot of work to be done."

"You need to rest." Kan argued.

"Rest is the last thing I need." Kagome scoffed. "You two haven't let me off of the bed since they removed the body. Now, stop distracting me, I have research to do." She walked towards the pile of books she'd left behind the other night and picked one up. She plopped onto the large couch and opened it. "Have you found anything interesting Jinchi?"

"No milady. Not yet."

"Well I have. Turns out, Sesshoumaru grows whenever he's in danger."

"No, he grows whenever you are in danger." Kan corrected.

"Yeah well, whenever I'm in danger he is, so same thing." Kagome stuck out her tongue in a childish gesture.

"Kagome, if you feel the need to utilize your tongue, I believe I have a better use for it than such a childish gesture." Kan rumbled as he winked.

She blushed and pulled her tongue back into her mouth. Daini chuckled and traced his fingers across her side causing her to jump.

"A-anyways," she stuttered, pulling away from the two laughing men, "Like I said, when I'm in danger, Sesshoumaru grows."

"Yes, you have mentioned that before when he had a moment of growth." Jinchi said.

"Yes, but he did it again this morning, and this time he was even older."

"Ah! Well that is very intriguing."

"So this made me think that maybe the spell is weakening." She looked up from her book. "What do you think Jinchi?"

"I think that is a very good theory. Perhaps the spell will break on its own."

"Maybe, but who knows how long that will take to break on its own."

"Yes, but perhaps this also means that the likelihood of breaking the spell ourselves is growing."

~Three days later~

There had been no success in researching Sesshoumaru's curse in the last few days. It was beginning to take a toll on Kagome's confidence. She sighed as she closed yet another book that had failed to help her in any way.

"Kagome, may I suggest taking a break from research for a day or two?" Kan asked.

"I can't do that. That's the only reason I'm here. What would I do if I'm not researching?"

"Well," Daini started. "There is the duties to the Western Lands. You are, after all, temporarily taking the original's place while he is unable to perform them."

"Oh, I forgot about that." Kagome pouted. "Do I really have to?"

"Do you wish for the Western Lands to fall simply because you do not wish to do your duties?" Daini asked.

"Of course not." Kagome sighed and stood from the couch. "So, what're my duties."

"Well, luckily for you, most of them consist of paperwork at the moment."

"Luckily?" Kagome asked.

"Yes, usually there are those who choose to seek audience with the Western Lord. If that had been the case then they would have discovered the plight of the original. If word would get to the other Lords, they would seize the opportunity to take over the Western Lands. Since there are many festivals and harvests to be done this season, most village leaders and nobles are busy this season. Instead of seeking audience themselves, they send messengers with their pleas or requests." Daini explained.

"I see."

"There is also the planning of the annual Ball." Kan continued.

"Excuse me?"

"There is a ball held here every year. Each Lord has one, not including those held on whimsy. Our annual ball is held next month. As the Lady of the Western Lands-"

"But I'm not the Lady-"

"As the Lady of the Western Lands…" Kan repeated, "You are in charge of planning everything from the color scheme to the food and events to the napkins the nobles will be wiping their privileged mouths on." He finished.

"I can't even properly plan a slumber party! Let alone a Ball for royalty!" Kagome whined.

"…What is a slumber party?" Daini asked.

"Ugh, never mind. Can't you just have one of the maids plan the party?"

"Why is it that you mention these foreign things to us but do not explain them?" Daini questioned.

"Do you always answer questions with questions?" Kagome countered.

"You are changing the subject." Daini smirked. "And no, I do not."

"I'm not changing the subject."

"Hn, you are. The fact that you are now arguing about whether or not you are changing the subject is proof that you are indeed changing the subject."

"Yeah well it's too much effort to explain what a slumber party is." Kagome answered.

"More than the effort you make to change the subject?" Daini smirked.

"God! FINE! A slumber party is when children invite their friends over to their houses and sleep over for the night. A stereotypical slumber party includes pillow fights, scary stories, truth or dare, movies, snack foods, and sleeping bags!"

"I see."

"Any more questions?" Kagome asked sarcastically.

"Yes, what are pillow fights, truth or dare, movies, sleeping bags, and snack foods?" Daini asked.

"And what does Stereotypical mean?" Kan added.

Kagome slammed her head unceremoniously down on the desk. "Forget it, I give up. Can't we just have a maid plan this ball?" Kagome repeated her question.

"You are avoiding our questions again," Kan said.

"GOOD! Now answer mine! Can. A. Maid. Plan. This. BALL?"

"Certainly not." Kan scolded. "Should the Royals find out that we had a maid plan the party, the entire palace and western lands would be in disgrace."

"Fine, but let's put that one off. Maybe we'll get lucky and Sesshoumaru will be back to normal in time to plan it."

"My dear, it has already been a month since the planning should have begun. It will be a nearly impossible task should we start it right this moment. Waiting any longer is not an option." Daini said.

"Alright then. How do we start?" Kagome asked.

"Perhaps we should start with the color scheme? We will have to put in the order for materials right away."

"We must also arrange outfits for the staff, not to mention what you, the original, and the kit shall be wearing."

"This is going to be a long month." Kagome sighed. "Alright. Let's get started. For the color scheme, why not make it simple and make it the colors of the royal family? What are they anyways?"

Daini chuckled. "Royal blue, silver, and black."

Kagome nodded. "Simple enough."

"Yes, but you must arrange the seating and tables in the dining hall and ballroom before we put the color scheme to use." Kan offered.

"Alright, how do you suppose we start then?"

"We shall have to do a walkthrough and make plans."

"Lead the way."

~A Few Hours Later~

Kagome groaned, glaring at the large pile of paperwork in front of her. "Do I really need to do this?"

"Of course you do. Did you think that the duties of the Western Lady would do themselves?" Daini asked.

"No, and I'm not the Western Lady."

"You forgot to mark this one." Kan said handing her a parchment and ignoring her statement.

Kagome glared at him and took the piece of paper. She pulled out the royal seal that they had given her, and stamped the royal crest onto the parchment.

"Very good. Now this one here is from the Kamen Village. It is a request for aid. The village has suffered quite a few bandit attacks in the past few weeks. This village is one of the Western Land's main supply of fine silks and cloths. It would be very beneficial to aid them."

"Who cares about whether it's beneficial or not? If one of our villages are in trouble isn't it our duty to help out our citizens?" Kagome asked.

Both Kan and Daini smirked.

"What?" Kagome asked.

"Not only did you just say "Our Villages", but you showed the true spirit of a Lady of the Western lands by caring for the plight of her citizens." Kan laughed joyfully.

Kagome blushed, both because the words Kan said were true, and because she'd never heard Sesshoumaru, or his copies rather, laugh with such happiness.

"C-Can we just focus?" she stuttered, changing the subject.

"Of course." Kan smiled, causing her blush to darken. "I will begin to write our reply, once you sanction it I will hand it over to the captain of the guard. Assistance will arrive at Kamen Village within the week."

Kagome nodded and looked at the next parchment handed to her by Daini. "I still don't understand why I'm the one who has to sanction it. It's just a stamp… anyone could do it." She mumbled.

"No, those who lay hands on that seal that are not one of the royal family, or their intended in your case, will be executed for committing high treason."

"And how exactly would anyone know?"

"All notarizations and sanctions are to be done before the royal advisors, in other words, us." Kan smirked.

"Oh." Kagome read the parchment in her hand. She glared at it as she finished reading. "They want permission to execute children?"

"Ah, the Takai tribe is it not? They managed to capture a band of thieving children. The children are homeless orphans who had been moving from village to village, performing shows to distract villagers as they stole from them. All villages must obtain permission from the lord before executing prisoners who are wanted in more than one village. There are other circumstances in which villages must get permission for executions, but I'm sure you will learn of them soon enough."

"I'm not approving this!" Kagome said disgusted. "Killing children like this is wrong! Sure, they're thieves, but they're just trying to survive!"

"The same could be said for adult thieves."

"No, adults can get themselves jobs if they work hard enough. Children can't. These children have resorted to stealing because it is the only thing they can do to survive. I refuse to let these people execute them for something they had to do to live."

"Then you must come up with an alternative." Kan suggested.

"Alright." Kagome tapped her finger on the desk. "Oh! I've got one! Are you ready?" Kan nodded and posed his pen over some blank parchment. "They are to send the children here!"

"Here?" Daini raised a brow. "And what are we to do with a band of thieving children?"

"We'll take them in of course! Give them jobs at the palace. They can do a few chores for a place to live and food to eat and a little spending money. All they need is a home."

"Hn, we are a bit understaffed at the moment."Kan noted.

"Very well. We shall send for the children and give them jobs at the palace." Daini nodded. Kan finished writing the letter and handed both pieces of parchment over to Kagome to sanction.

"Now this next request is…."


Kagome stretched as she stood from the desk. "So we're done for the day?"

Kan and Daini stood up as well.

"No. We still have many things to do. You are only halfway through the paperwork that needs to be done today." Daini answered. Kagome sighed. "But, you have certainly earned yourself a break."

"Good. I'm getting a little hungry." She said. "I hope Shippo and Sesshoumaru are doing okay."

"I'm sure they are fine. Naomi is a very fine caretaker." Kan assured

Kagome nodded. "I'm sure she is, but you know how Sesshoumaru is around strangers."

"She is no stranger, she cared for the original when he was a pup."

Kagome's eyes bulged. "Really?"

"Yes. She was the original's wet-nurse."

"Oh. Wow. They must've been close then."

"Somewhat. They were as close as any royal and their wet-nurses are." Kan shrugged.

The three of them walked out of the room.



Shippo and Sesshoumaru were running towards them, the older looking demoness bustling behind them.

"Hello you two!" Kagome grinned.

"Are you done working?" Shippo asked.

"No, but I'm taking a lunch break." She smiled. "Would you like to join us?"

Shippo nodded eagerly and Sesshoumaru simply latched onto her waist.

"Alright, let's go eat then." Kagome smiled.

Kagome thanked the maid as she placed the food in front of her. The maid bowed and left.

"So what did you two do today?" Kagome asked Shippo.

"We played in the garden for a little bit, then Naomi-san showed us to the playroom!" Shippo grinned excitedly.

"The playroom?"

"Mhm! Naomi-san said that's where Sesshoumaru played when he was little! It was full of toys! It was really fun!"

"That's great honey! Now you have a place to play if it rains outside."

"Yup!" Shippo began to dig into his lunch.

Kagome watched as a maid came in with a pitcher of water and refilled everyone's drinks.

"Hey Kan, Daini," The two looked at her questioningly. "How come there are only female servants around? Are there no male servants?"

They didn't answer right away. Finally, Kan answered. "Of course there are male servants. You simply must not have noticed them."

"No, I'm pretty sure that I've only seen maids around. In fact, the only males that I have seen are you two, Jinchi, and the healers. Oh, and Jaken."

Kan looked at Daini, who sighed and answered her.

"That is because Jinchi, Jaken and the healers all have mates."

"Wait, Jaken has a mate?"

"Yes, he also has thirteen children."

"Really? I would have never guessed."

"He, his mate, and his children have their own hut by the southern borders of the palace lands."

"Wow. Hold on, what does having mates have to do with anything?"

"Since they are mated they are no threat."

"I don't understand."

"We did not want to tell you because you refuse to believe that you are our intended."

"We wanted to keep you safe." Kan added.

"What are you talking about?" Kagome asked.

"As we have said before, when a youkai courts their intended they mark them with their youki leaving a distinct scent on their intended."

"Yes, but I don't see what that has to do with anything. Especially since I'm not Sesshoumaru's intended."

Kan ignored her argument and continued, "Normally in a courtship the intended knows they are being courted. Once the courting begins, both her suitor and her family take on the responsibility of protecting her from other males."

"I don't get it."

"Unmated males are strongly affected by the scent mark. You may think of it as this, a female with the scent mark of courtship in the midst of unmated males is the same as placing a newborn deer in the midst of ravenous wolves." Kan informed.

"Yes. Any unmated male you come across will feel the urge to make you theirs, whether you are willing or not." Daini added.

Kagome paled. "You mean Ryo was…"

"Yes." Kan nodded.

"Oh my god. And you were planning on keeping this from me?" Kagome glared at them.

"Would you have believed us if we'd told you before Ryo attacked you?" Kan asked.

"Well… no. I guess not."

"Then you cannot blame us for not telling you something you would have refused to believe." Daini said.

Kagome sighed. "I don't see how things could get any worse." She muttered. "First, Sesshoumaru gets cursed and thinks I'm his mate. Then Naraku decides to send his reincarnations after me,"

"What?" Kan growled.

"That filthy hanyou dared to come after what is ours?"

"He probably just wants to get the shards," Kagome shrugged.

"He will die by our hands." Kan growled. Daini nodded.

"Yeah yeah whatever, I'm ranting here," Kagome muttered. "Anyways when I finally have a good idea decide to come to the Western Palace for help, I end up being forced to take care of the Western Lands and get constantly molested by copies of the man I am trying to help. And to put the big fat cherry on top of the Sunday of chaos, I will now be targeted by any unmated male youkai because Sesshoumaru scent marked me!" Kagome cried out. "This is the worst few months of my life!"

"There is a good side to this last incident." Daini smirked at her.

"And what could possibly be good about this?" Kagome asked glaring at him.

"You now have proof that the original has marked you as his intended." Kan smirked as well.

"Yes, there is no disputing it. You belong to us." Daini added.

Kagome stared at them shocked, realizing they were right. Well, not about the belonging to them part, but Sesshoumaru must have scent marked her. There was no other explanation for Ryo attacking her.

"S-sesshoumaru… he really… I mean… he… likes me?" Kagome squeaked, turning red.

"I should say he more than just likes you my dear." Daini laughed.

"I.. I need some time to think." She said standing up.

Shippo stopped chattering to Sesshoumaru when she stood. "What's wrong mama?"

"Nothing sweety, I just need a bit of alone time." She smiled at him and headed for her room.

"Mate?" Sesshoumaru murmured, standing to go after her.

"Leave her be Sesshoumaru." Daini growled.

"Mate hurt?" Sesshoumaru asked.

"No, she just wants to be alone for a bit." Kan answered.

"Do not worry, she will be back soon." Daini assured.

"I make mate feel better!" Sesshoumaru said

"No Sesshoumaru. This time, mate needs to be alone. Mate needs to think."

"She shall return when she is ready. Finish your food, it will make mate happy."

Sesshoumaru pouted and returned to his seat.

Kagome laid on her bed thinking.

Was it really possible that Sesshoumaru, The real Sesshoumaru, liked her? That he was planning on courting her? Planning on mating her? Sure, they had formed a connection when he joined the group, but he hadn't shown any interest in her like that, had he?

Kagome blushed for what seemed the hundredth time. She had to admit, Sesshoumaru was one of the most handsome men, human or Youkai, that she had ever met. His deep amber eyes gave her a sense of warmth when she looked in them, even when they gave off the coldest of glares. He had strength that made thousands of youkai cower in fear, yet had a soft side. She'd seen this soft side when he interacted with little Rin, when they had late night conversations when she could not sleep, and every day since he'd been turned into a child. Both Kan and Daini, who were his copies, were so sweet and affectionate, Kagome couldn't wait to see that side of the real Sesshoumaru.

Kagome sat up abruptly. Could she possibly… like Sesshoumaru? Groaned and fell back again. There was no use worrying about it now. If she didn't do anything, she'd die before Sesshoumaru grew back into the form she knew him in. Making up her mind, she sat up again and stood.

"There's no use worrying about all of this until I get Sesshoumaru back to normal. Once he's himself again, then I'll work out my feelings." She muttered to herself. She scurried off to find Kan and Daini, she had work to do.

~End of Chapter~

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