A/N: Umm….Hi! I haven't abandoned this story, just letting you know. Merlin, I hate myself for this. I swore I'd never put an author's note in place of a chapter but I'm doing it. I've been busy preparing for the summer class I need to take for college, trying to find a job and I've lost the story where some kind soul had written out the entire script of A Very Potter Musical.

Jamie, before I say yes to you putting this story on your website, can I just ask what type of website it is? Sorry, first time at this. But completely on board with the whole thing.

Like I said, time isn't really with me right now in terms of sitting down and watching the next clip of A Very Potter Musical and writing down the script. Unless some kind soul wishes to do that, you are all just going to be patient (and I know how hard that is—I'm not the most patient person in the world either).

Thank you all for the reviews and the favorites. When I finally get the next chapter up, I'll replace this one with it.