The Long Journey

I have noticed recently that there aren't many good Inheritance crossovers. And the ones that are there… have stopped updating for a looong time. This is the common theme, They are transported over there somehow, no explanation. Yada yada. I mean that's good and succinct, that's how lots of crossover happens. Besides harry potter ones of course. Now crossovers are a touchy thing, the goal of crossovers should be the clash of two different societies. Either through diplomacy, war, or romance and all that good stuff.

It should never be, Oh yeah lets fight this guy cause he teamed up with this guy. NO! that makes it too easy and simple. There must be a deeper reason for the person to go over. Sure tag teams of evil is good but have a deeper reason for the character to go over there. That's why a lot of Guard mission or Warp accidents happen in naruto and harry potter crossovers and mostly Naruto crossovers in general (when they are not set in Naruto world). Also, I have yet to see a good EPIC naruto. IE: when Naruto is a tag along CHANGING the story events. You should never EVER have a story go the same ending from the original build. That is a NO. IF someone new is there, THAN SOMETHING NEW SHOULD HAPPEN! Take Itachi and the Prisoner of Askaban. What did the author do? CHANGED THE ENDING! Sure leaving the core storyline the same but he changed the ending within reason. That should be the benchmark for many crossover writers: a definite change that will affect the host world.

As we continue on this story I will analyze and describe what I think GOOD writing is, at least for Crossovers.

Now I have talked too much about the nitpicks of crossovers and I should get into writing this story. Also note, If you want to adopt any of my stories, (That is not Golden eyes or any of the Shunpo series) Please ask me first. You may also adapt this one with MY Permission.

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Here We Go.

Eragon and Murtagh had been traveling for several days now. They had been through the desert, a jail, several swords, and many fights. Over the time you could say they have grown in companionship. But, the news of Murtagh's ancestry was troubling indeed. Saphira and Eragon had decided to not to waver on their thoughts that Murtagh was still a true friend but they were still suspicious in the crevices of their hearts. They were only a day from the Varden, nearing in the approach.

Eragon coughed as he climbed the next cliff while leading Snowfire. They had been on the move for quite some time now. They had been riding or climbing for most of the day. When they needed to sleep, they slept on their horses to pass through the mountains, alternating who lead and who would sleep.

Eragon reached into Snowfire's saddle pouch and pulled out the wine skin. He took a slow drink and then tossed it to Murtagh who was leading Cornac. Murtagh deftly caught it and took a drink as well. Murtagh passed the wineskin back so that Eragon could put it back. Eragon looked forward as he saw smoke rising above them.

"Murtagh" Eragon whispered out as he nodded towards the smoke. Murtagh nodded, drawing his sword. Eragon did as well and slowly crept on the edge of the cliff to see where the smoke was coming from. Eragon squinted as he looked at the origin of the smoke. A fire was being tended to by a person. He did not see a horse but rather a small pack hanging to the side. No glimmer of weapons, visible that was, but still this person seemed to be camping out in the middle of the mountains.

Eragon looked at Murtagh who looked back. "Do you think it is a trap?"

Murtagh shook his head, "Impossible, The Urgals would just attack us. They aren't crafty enough to set up this kind of ambush."

Eragon nodded. "Let's scout it out."

Eragon and Murtagh led the horses about 50 paces away from the fire. Far enough so the horses could not be heard but close enough so that they could run the horses if there was any danger. Eragon had contacted Saphira to let her know their 'encounter.' She was waiting on one of the higher cliffs, ready to swoop down to protect them.

Eragon moved slowly towards the fire. He saw a man tending the fire with a small pot over it. The man was wearing a hood so he could not see the face. Eragon looked at Murtagh who merely shrugged and looked back. The man paused for a bit, looking at the fire. Eragon and Murtagh tensed, did he hear them? That was impossible, they were as silent as ghosts on their approach.

The man merely nodded to himself and reached into his small pack to get out some more meat. He put the meat in the pot and started to stir with a wooden stick. The man sniffed and nodded to himself satisfied.

"There's plenty hear, strangers."

Eragon and Murtagh held their breaths. He HAD sensed them! Eragon tensed as he ready his sword.

"I mean you no harm. I am just a traveler and explorer."

Eragon looked back at Murtagh once more. Murtagh once again shrugged and the sheathed his sword. Eragon followed suit but he relayed Saphira to be ready just in case. The man turned as watched them approach.

Eragon called out, "Ho' there, My name is Eragon, this is my companion Murtagh. What business do you have here?"

The man seemed to smile underneath his hood. "I am simple traveler on my way to explore these mountains. I do not care for the on goings of these lands if that's what you mean. I simply wish to spend my time exploring."

Eragon cast a brief look at Murtagh who picked up for him. "Then would you remove your hood then."

The man smile grew. "Of course, where are my manners." The man removed his hood. Eragon and Murtagh were treated to a very interesting sight. The man had spiky blonde hair, extremely uncommon in Aglesia, he had three whisker marks on each cheeks and his eyes were a deep sea blue that seemed timeless. Eragon nodded. "What is your name?'

The man smiled. "My name is Naruto." Then the man moved to pick out three bowls and started filling them with soup. He sipped the pot once and nodded signifying it was ready. He poured the soup into the bowls and laid two of them on the ground towards Eragon and Murtagh. He moved back with his own bowl and sat near the pack.

"Go on." The man said, smiling as he ate his soup. "It has been a while since I've eaten with anyone."

Eragon moved forward and brought the bowl to his face. He sniffed it and it smelled very savory. Murtagh had already taken it and tasted it.

"it is good." Murtagh said as he continued to eat, not taking his eyes off the man.

Eragon sipped as well. It was good. The meat's fat was melted into the soup giving it a nice taste, but there were some herbs in it so that the meat's thickness wouldn't over power the taste buds. Naruto smiled cordially as he kept drinking his soup.

"What are you doing out here then?" The traveler asked as he refilled his bowl.

Eragon casted a quick look at Murtagh who shook his head. Eragon understood the message and turned back to the man, "Thank you for the food sir, but we cannot tell you."

The man shrugged. "Of course, everyone has secrets. Now…" The man paused as he looked towards where Eragon and Murtagh had just come from. The man stood up and closed his eyes as if in concentration. Eragon pulled his legs closer together, ready spring into action. Murtagh also tensed, just in case the man tried to do something.

The man opened his eyes and looked at the two, his eyes now had a hardened tint to them. "Are you two being chased by an army?"

Murtagh and Eragon immediately dropped the bowls and drew their swords and pointed it at the man. Murtagh growled out at the man. "Who are you? No human could possibly hear that far."

If the army was that close by than Saphira would have easily heard. Eragon had received no warning, so the Urgal army was still leagues away.

The traveler scoffed, "then you do not know much about the world boy, Come we should leave. These newcomers come in great numbers. The man set to turning extinguishing the fire by tipping over the soup.

As he did so, Eragon felt a brush against his mind. 'He is right. The army is here. How they caught up so fast, I don't know. But we need to get out of here!' Saphira told Eragon.

The man grabbed his pack and left the soup pot there. He walked towards Murtagh and Eragon who were still raising their swords. Eragon nodded to Murtagh, letting him now that the Urgal army was, indeed, on it's way.

Naruto shook his head, "How about this, Let us go to wherever your goi ng with haste. And then we can discuss who I am later? Where it is safe hmm?" Naruto looked at the two and watched as the boys started to loosen up and sheath their swords.

Naruto nodded in approval. "Alright let's go, please explain to me the situation as we run." Naruto took off with a burst of speed and Murtagh and Eragon sprinted behind him.

As they ran towards the horses, Eragon explained that the Empire was after them for certain reasons they were unable to discuss. Murtagh scoffed at the 'certain' but Eragon ignored it. Naruto seemed unfazed that he had just fed 2 fugitives running from the tyrannical power of the land. Naruto shook his head, "you boys got yourselves in a lot of trouble. I assume you are heading towards the Varden."

Eragon and Murtagh looked at the man in shock. "What how did you-"

Naruto waved his hand, "I am a traveler. I know my way around these places. Else, I would not be alive. I have not contacted the Varden directly but I have come in contact with some of their men. One of them told me the location. I was traveling here to get some info on some personal goals. "

Murtagh and Eragon both looked at each other once more. It seemed they were both relying on each other to unravel this man. Eragon then spoke up as he reached Snowfire, "who did you meet."

Naruto smiled to himself as he looked at Eragon, "his name was Brom."

A silence came over the group. Murtagh and Eragon both stared at the man. Naruto noticed this change and then spoke up, "Is something wrong?"

Eragon's face fell. "Brom died… recently."

Naruto eyes widened. "What?"

Murtagh nodded. "He was killed by a … wound from the Ra'zac."

Naruto cursed under his breath. He had liked Brom. He was a good man. He liked his stories about the History of Aglesia when he first arrived here, he had hoped to meet the man again but … dammit. Naruto looked up and then spoke in a controlled tone, "We will discuss this later. For now, Follow me."

Murtagh questioned naruto, "Do you have a horse."

Naruto shook his head, "No but I know a very short route to a passage of Varden."

Naruto ran down a the cliff that had a easy path for the horses. Eragon and Murtagh heeded the horses forth. Eragon contacted Saphira to follow them from the sky. Naruto then looked back at Eragon as he was running.

"You… you feel familiar like Brom."

Eragon looked incredulously at Naruto, though his gut was churning at the man's sense, "w-what do you mean?"

Naruto looked away. "You feel like you have a connection somewhere else. I don't know what it is and it is not my place to find out…" Naruto looked forward as he kept running. "The passage we are taking is near the river, it is an underground cave that is quite large. "

Eragon mentally was elated, that meant Saphira could come through.

Naruto then called out, "Be warned, I was told by Brom that we must say something to get their attention."

Eragon nodded. He remembered Arya's instructions. "We know."

Naruto leaped over a rock and nodded to Eragon. "Very well."

In all this Murtagh noticed, this man did not seem tired. This was beyond being a good traveler, this was a ridiculous amount of stamina. Naruto then slowed down at a large river that lead into a basin of a water fall. Naruto moved forward towards the water fall.

"Normally, " Naruto spoke, "The main entrance is at the top but Brom told me there was a side entrance just in case the main was being attacked." Naruto motioned for Eragon to move forward. Eragon moved forward and called out towards the waterfall, ""Aí varden abr du Shur'tugalar gata vanta!"

Naruto raised an eye brow. 'Dragon rider …' Naruto had learned the magic aspects from Brom. They had been neighbors for a year. In the 4 years he had been in this land, Magic language was always fascinating, the way that the words itself had power it astounded him.

There was a clanking of the waterfall. Ten men came through or 6 men and 4 dwarves. Naruto immediately felt his danger senses go off. He narrowed into the bald man who was staring at them. Naruto's eyes narrowed as he looked at the man. This man… was not to be trusted.

The bald man looked at Eragon, "You say you are a dragon rider."

Eragon nodded.

The bald man then paused, "Prove it."

Eragon smiled as he called down Saphira. Saphira came down soaring in all hear glory. Naruto watched as he saw a magnificent beast come down. He was captivated at the elegance yet deadly energy that came off it, a perfect mixture of danger and aesthetics.

Eragon called out, "This is proof enough, but we have one more-"

The bald man snapped, "We do not know if you are an ally of the varden,"

Eragon glared at the man, "We have-"

The bald man called out once more, "Silence we will decide who-"

Then a dwarf called out, "Are you blind that is Arya the Egg Carrier"

Eragon nodded, "She is poisoned we need to-"

The Bald man seemed irritated, "We cannot."

Naruto looked at the elf and then gritted his teeth. "Enough, Let us enter already. We can do what you want in there. There is an army bearing down on us."

The group paused and looked at Naruto. Naruto sighed heavily and his face started to turn towards irritation, "Urgals from the empire."

The Dwarf nodded. "Let us go inside then."

The bald man tried to speak up but Saphira already started to move forward. The guards backed clear away from the Dragon. Naruto followed suit and Eragon and Murtagh followed in together. The guards then closed the gates.

They had carried the elf away towards the healers and the bald man was now demanding that they be screened. Naruto was at this point ready to stab the bald man and stop his irritating voice from being spoken. The dwarf, Orik, as he proclaimed himself, told that they were fine as they had brought the Elf, Arya.

Naruto sighed as he watch the bicker go on.

The bald man finally called out, "Be ready to be scanned."

Naruto sighed once more, "who will be first then?"

Naruto looked at the Bald man who motioned towards the rider. The boy nodded as he prepared himself.

Naruto watched as the boy face grimaced in pain. Naruto eyes widened as he looked back at the bald man. Naruto clenched his fists as he moved forward and punched the Bald man.

Murtagh watched as the traveler moved forward swiftly before any of the guards react and punched the Eragon's examiner. Eragon, who was quickly discussing with Saphira, felt the pain stopped. Eragon opened his eyes to see Naruto surrounded by swords and the bald man on the floor glaring at Naruto.

Naruto looked down at the man, ignoring the swords, "Do you intend to mock spell casters with your inhumane use."

The bald man stood up and growled out, "What do you mean? Do you intend to say that you are a spell caster?"

Naruto chuckled, "I do not hold the right but,"Naruto glared right back at the man. "I know for a fact that you are intentionally hurting the boy. You are trying to make him resist so that you can crush him…"

There was silence as the soldiers paused and lowered their swords in disbelief. Orik looked at the bald man and yelled, "What! You would intentionally harm the rider!"

The bald man scoffed as he tried to wave it off, "The boy would have been fine."

Orik glared at the man. "This is not over. The king and Ajihad shall hear of this."

The bald man paled quickly and did not speak.

Naruto shook his head and he then turned to Orik, "Tell me, Are there any other spell casters here."

Orik nodded, "yes."

Naruto then nodded. "Then, I do not see a problem of us using a different spell caster. At least to conduct the search."

The bald man tried to retort, "They are not as powerful."

Naruto rolled his eyes, "but they will not try to destroy the Varden's only hope, now would they."

The bald man shut his mouth. Naruto smirked. "Hmm, I guess I'm right."

Orik looked at Naruto with renewed interest. It was not every day someone took the bald man down several pegs.

Naruto then continued, "Well, May we leave to a room, we are very tired. Of course you can guard us." Naruto said cheekily, just asking to be refused. And that was a difficult challenge because saying no to a dragon and its rider was… not something you did every day. Orik nodded, "We will provide you what you need but I ask that you turn over your weapons."

Naruto shrugged, "I am a traveler, not much of a warrior." Naruto turned towards the others and they reluctantly unhooked their weapons and handed them over. Naruto nodded to himself, 'good choice.'

Naruto and the others were now led towards a large room, more like a hall. Naruto had given up his pack but was not worried. The pack only contained food and a couple things to make camp. The things he needed were safely… on his person. Naruto sat down on the floor, his back against the wall.

He looked amused at Murtagh and Eragon who were talking quietly in the other side of the room. Naruto could hear them of course but he made no comment. Naruto turned his attention to the dragon. He was surprised to see it was staring at him as well. Naruto smiled as he stood and approached it. The dragon moved its neck so that it could see Naruto properly.

Naruto bowed his head in greeting and he could swear he saw amusement in the dragon's eye. Naruto felt a tug on his consciousness, much like that of … the deceased member in his gut.

"Hello, My name is Saphira."

Naruto smiled as he heard the voice. It was a girl. "my name is Naruto, pleasure to make your acquaintance."

The dragon cocked its head slightly, obviously showing curiosity. "You are … foreign to these lands?"

Naruto nodded, "Please keep it a secret though, I do not … tell that detail to many people."

The dragon merely blinked and continued, "it is your secret to tell. Thank you for showing Eragon and Murtagh the way to the Varden"

Naruto merely smiled as he looked towards the two still talking. "It is … nothing. I have done more for other people and I have not once regret it… well I don't regret most of them."

Saphira did not say any more. She knew that the subject was probably private as well.

Naruto woke up as he felt someone near the door. It was always his habit, no matter how tired he was… he could always sense the sound of clinking metal… of blades. Naruto removed his right hand from his forearm. It had gone there automatically. Naruto stood up and stretched as the door was opened. Orik, the bald man and several others walked in.

Naruto paused as he saw the men were holding the hilt of their weapons. 'They still do not trust us yet.' Naruto mentally shrugged, it was just a precaution and Naruto could respect that.

The bald man called out, "Wake up, our leader wants to meet with you."

Eragon and Murtagh woke up with a start and got up. Orik walked over holding out there weapons. "Here are your weapons… but be warned do not draw them. "

Eragon nodded and took the weapons, passing Murtagh's sword over. Naruto sighed and called out, "I believe you have searched the contents of my bag."

The bald man nodded slowly, "It had nothing of… consequence."

Naruto nodded once more, "may I have it back then?"

The bald man nodded slowly and motioned for one of the guards to give it to Naruto. Naruto grabbed the back and put it over his shoulder. He sent a torrent of chakra down the back and felt a returning signal. Good they hadn't touched any of the food supply… or at least they didn't understand what this pack really was.

The group was now led down several, extremely large hallways. Naruto was already taking in the directions and noting the possible escape routes. Though Eragon and Murtagh were not companions, they had good hearts and Naruto could at least help them if they got into trouble.

Naruto felt a chill on his back and he blinked. He wasn't in the hallways anymore. He was in a field. What was he doing in a field? Naruto looked around and then his attention focused on something. Something… beautiful… Naruto tried to call out but his voice would not obey him. The beautiful thing disappeared and Naruto blinked once more. He was back in the hallway. Naruto shook his head. He was doing it again. He thought he had gotten over that but it seemed the chains would never let him go until he completed his mission.

They had arrived in the Varden Leader's office. It was a somewhat plush quarters, reminding him almost of the Hokage's tower. Nostalgia took Naruto over, as he looked at the many books on the walls.

Naruto was now quite amused at this scene. Eragon had entered and Murtagh had been taken away. It seemed Murtagh was the son of Morzan, a betrayer of the Riders. Naruto had knew about the history of the riders very well but Murtagh didn't seem wild nor evil for that matter, Naruto's gut told him so. And Naruto's gut was usually right.

Then, Eragon led to an epic in which he described all the factors of his journey. Finding the egg and so on. Naruto heard Brom's death and was troubled by it. These… Ra'zac, he would definitely hunt them but that was for later he must focus on the task at hand.

"Now then," The leader of the Varden spoke up, "Who might you be. "

Naruto looked at Aijhad, "My name is Naruto. I knew Brom about… 5 years ago. We were neighbors for about a year."

Aijhad raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

Naruto shook his head, "Eka aí fricai. eka weohnata néiat haina ono. (I am a friend. I will not harm you.)"

Eragon whipped his head towards Eragon as soon as he heard the Ancient language. "You know how to speak the language."

Naruto shrugged, "Brom taught me a few phrases here and there. Mostly taught me history though. I had no need for Magic, I prefer my own methods."

Aijhad raised an eyebrow, "Since you spoke in the Ancient language I will believe you mean no harm. But what do you mean your methods."

Naruto gave a small smile as he leaned back. "I am… or I was an assassin."

Aijhad clasped his hands forward and leaned his head forward, taking in this information. "It is not every day that an assassin comes to help us. Why should I trust you?"

Naruto shrugged. "Give me a chance to prove myself against the coming Army. There you will see whether your trust holds."

Ajihad nodded slowly. "So you will you help the Varden?"

Naruto thought about it for a bit. 'Helping them out is fine. I approve of what they are doing. And who knows maybe I can use them to find my own goals.' Naruto looked up at Aijhad and nodded slowly, "On one condition."

Aijhad nodded, "Name it and we will see."

"I assume that you will be sending Eragon to the Elves. I want to go with him."

Aijhad face grew still as stone. "I cannot promise."

Naruto raised a hand. "Do not worry. I will not cause any havoc but this also deals with a personal matter." 'I must contact that person and see how he knew about me.'

Aijhad nodded slowly. "Fine. Now then. Orik!" Aijhad called out.

Naruto toned out for the rest of the time. In the back of his mind, he was thinking. Thinking of a place where things were not simpler but… much more familiar. Naruto chuckled to himself. What was he trying fool? War is war, all that changes is the enemy.

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