Red Claw and Shade Slayer

For any of you wondering. Yes this is a repost: Why? Because I did not like how I ended my first post.

Here we go

Saphira lifted her head slightly as she heard a stumble coming from the steps. It was a familiar stumble. Saphira felt a trickle of worry, like a small leak from a river, run down her spine. Eragon walked in, looking pale and sweating. His eyes were darting around from place to place until it rested on her. Eragon focused on her and smiled weakly. He moved up and wrapped his arms around her neck. Saphira, letting Eragon do this, hummed slightly at the show of affection.

When her soul mate had finally finished, Eragon walked back to his bed and tumbled on. Saphira lowered her head onto her claws, but still watched her rider. As the her friend started to fall into blissful sleep, she grew more anxious. Ever since Eragon started to train with Naruto this had been happening. No, it had been worse the first week. The first week, Eragon stumbled in like he was drunk. He looked at her and threw himself at her, clutching her as if she was going to disappear.

But a month later, he seemed to be handling himself... minutely better. Saphira watched Eragon sleep, not shaking and stirring like he used to. Instead he slept like the dead, Saphira shivered at the thought. Lower her neck, she covered her head with a wing to try and get some sleep. Thoughts and theories on what was happening to Eragon plagued her.

As the usual practice went. Eragon, after being dropped off by Glaedr, walked towards the glade to meditate. Saphira, whose turn it was to go with Glaedr, paused.

'Master,' Saphira tapped one of her talons on her fore claw, one of the signs of nervousness she displayed. Oromis and Galedr noticed the anxiety and gave the younger dragon their full attention.

Saphira explained Eragon's situation. How Eragon came back from Naruto's training? The feeling of dread and relief when Eragon had scene her. And, the most disturbing part, the closed off area in Eragon's mind. It was a barrier that had been erected when Naruto had first started training Eragon. It was so foreign to Saphira. Usually the two would share everything, now more than ever, but she felt distant knowing that there was a barrier which Eragon would not share with her.

Oromis sighed as he closed his eyes, meditating on Saphira's observations. "I will go to see Naruto than. When he is training Eragon."

Saphira bowed her head in thanks.


The night was very cool. Not too cold, that it was chilly, but a very nice temperature, so that if one wanted to go for a nice stroll, they could without impediment. The stars were brilliant, shining, twinkling down on the earth and all races.

They shined down on two men.

Eragon panted as he fell out of the chair.

'I lasted a lot longer this time.' Eragon groaned as he felt so weak. Though his body was completely rested, he felt like had fought through an entire army. Eragon blinked twice as he looked at the stars above. He still felt a range of emotions passing through him: anger, loss, pain, despair, hope, love, comfort, determination.

Eragon closed his eyes. 'this is so confusing.'

"Good, very good. You are confronting your pain. You're getting there." Eragon opened his eyes and sat up. Looking over to his left, Eragon watched as his Sensei packed up the chair and scroll.

"You didn't use them this time." Eragon looked down dejectedly. Naruto had said he wouldn't be using them because Eragon was far too weak to endure it.

"You make it sound like you wanted it." Naruto's tone, though very jokingly, angered Eragon.

"I want that. I never wanted that to ever happen." Eragon stood up, not realizing that he in fact was speaking a different language than his first.

Naruto's face turned stoic and nodded silently and replied in his own language. "Good, nor should you have to. You know the pain so you better do you're damn hardest to prevent that pain.."

Eragon nodded, understanding Naruto completely. "Sensei." Eragon began as he closed his eyes, clenching his fists.

"When..." Eragon swallowed, trying to get rid of the lump in his throat, his anxiety. "When I am able to accept it, will I be ready."

Naruto scoffed. "You will never be ready to accept that."

Eragon opened his eyes. He wanted to retort, to say that he was strong. But he knew. Eragon knew that he would never accept that.

"Nor should you" Naruto declared as he walked towards Eragon. Putting his hands on the younger warrior's shoulders, Naruto gripped the Dragon rider and gave a light shake. "To do so means you are not human. To do so means you lose sight of what you are fighting for. Never accept it."

Eragon nodded as he understood the lesson.

Naruto stepped back satisfied in his student. But Naruto felt a knot building up in his stomach. There was something he had to ask, a favor.

Naruto turned around, so that his back was facing his pupil. Naruto looked up the stars, the moon.

"Eragon, would you put down a destructive animal, a raging beast. One that has no purpose, no sense, no reason."

Eragon paused, a habit that he had ingrained into himself, because the initial answer is always wrong, because it must be refined.

Eragon thought about it. A beast like a wolf or a snake. These are not initially harmful.

"Only if it is harming others." Eragon crossed his arms, confident in his answer.

Naruto continued to look at the night sky. "And what if that beast was once human."

Eragon paused. A man as a beast? A person who has lost reason?

"Are you talking about a man driven by rage. Having lost sight of everything that he is?"

Naruto nodded, still not facing Eragon. "would you put that man down?"

"No" Eragon spoke quickly. "A man can be reasoned with-"

"Even if the man has nothing left to live for. Even if the man is begging for it. The man will just cause destruction wherever he goes. He may try and find hope but it will get shattered once again. Causing a cycle of pain and destruction."

Eragon bit his lip. "But..." Eragon struggled to find an answer. "Isn't that what makes life valuable? Because it is hard. Because of the pocket of happiness. It is like in training. Even in despair, if I focus I can create my world of happiness and use it as a shield. All I would need to do is find that man's-"

"And what if that man's happiness has been destroyed right in front of him. So that there is nothing left. You told me you would put down a beast that hurts others. Man is no different than a dog or a horse. All of them have feelings and all of them can be killed. Do not put ourselves on a higher pedestal." Naruto turned around to face Eragon. Eragon held his breath for the briefest moments. He saw something in Naruto's eyes, but he couldn't place what. It was so out of place from the Naruto he had expected, This feeling was something that Eragon couldn't fully register it.

Naruto, his eyes now locked onto Eragon's. "Kid, if the time comes. To put down a mindless beast or a broken human is the same thing. What matters is saving that person from pain."

Eragon was about to continue arguing but Naruto cut him off.

"Go meditate like Oromis told you to. Clear yourself of thoughts."

Eragon nodded slowly, knowing better than to argue. While Eragon sat himself down on the floor to meditate, Naruto took out another bottle from his stores. He had put them in here after the war, as a celebration.

Naruto closed his eyes as he let his body go through the motions.

When he was 17, Naruto was already fighting the good fight. Madara had declared war and Naruto was put in charge of his old class.

Naruto looked over 'his' soldiers. He knew each of them, was friends with each of them. He wanted nothing more to tell them to stand down and be safe. But even he knew that would be idiotic. Naruto smiled slightly, but he would rather have no one else watch his back.

"Well guys I am not much for speeches. But I can say I am a great leader, handsome devil-"

"Shut up Naruto, lets move out already" Kiba yelled from the side.

Naruto chuckled at him and nodded. "We're hitting Kabuto's lab in the land of Hot springs. From there we move to Land of Lightning, A large group of clones have been sighed there, we're to find out what they're doing and stop them."

His 'men' gave an affimitive yes and Naruto turn around, jumping into the trees.

When he was 19, he had entered the wind temple to complete his training.

Naruto walked carefully through the gates of the temple. His eyes scanned the grounds carefully, looking for any signs of enemy. He did this out of habit. The one time he didn't do this, they were ambushed and Choji almost lost an eye. The new 2nd head of this clan was now in the hospital for Naruto's stupidity. So Naruto decided he needed to finish his wind training. He had learned the basics when he was with Jiraiya, but now he needed to the full course.

Naruto was snapped out of his thoughts as he saw the head monk approach. The old monk probably knew that he was coming, ever since he had stepped on the first stairs on the road up to the mountain. Naruto bowed down in respect for this wind monk. Looking upwards slightly, Naruto saw the wise leader nod at him and turn around. Naruto followed respectfully behind.

When he was 22, the war was finally over.

"I am declaring a union between the five villages and all sub villages." Naruto vocalized his voice over all the people who had gathered in the valley. He had finally killed Madara, Kabuto, and all their followers. He had buried his men but not the rookie 9 or the Gai's team. He had kept them alive. He also made a memorial for the Jinchuuriki, in respect for their sacrifice. Naruto, Kakashi, and Bee sealed the 7 of the 9 demons into the Chamber of Silence, a resting place for demons.

There were cheers, parties, men drinking alcohol every night. Woman dancing with their children, fireworks, free food. Every one was in joy. But Naruto kept his mind focused, kept his goal clear. He had found a way to peace. He had learned from Ikki, the Head Monk of the wind temple, the path to peace.

Naruto let his eyes scan over the people present. Their faces bright with happiness, pride, hope. He would fulfill their hopes. The warmth in his chest, knowing he had succeeded, gave him strength. His eyes, many would tell him later, were dazzling like the ocean surface.

"I am aboloshing the Shinobi system and replacing it with a police system. There shall be no more borders, no more wars, only peace. We will keep our lives in a united country. Every person here is now a brother, a sister, a father, a mother. We will go under the name Shinobi as our country."

Naruto raised his first in the heat of the moment, feeling passion bursting from his chest as he roared the final parts of his speech. Gaara, Terumi, Tsunade raised their arms as well. Samui, who had replaced A, who had fallen in battle, as the Lightning Kage, also raised her arm. Kurotsuchi, who became Kage after Onoki's retirement, raised her arm as well. And following their example, the crowd, his people, his new family, raised their arm in cheer.

When Naruto was 23, he retired and lived peacefully.

Naruto opened the door silently. Sneaking up towards the person in his bed, Naruto sat on the bed quietly. He had just finished giving Shikamaru some new plans about the structure of a new trade route. Naruto gently caressed the face of the person in his bed.

"Time to wake up, love."

The person stirred.

It was only 2 months later did Naruto lose everything.


Trianna looked carefully around her, searching for other presences The appearance of these masked soldiers was disturbing, as well as frightening. They had easily disabled Murtagh and her, while saving Nausada. She didn't know what was worse, being saved by unknown people or being forced to work with them. But there was one thing that Trianna knew about these people, they wanted that foreign warrior Naruto. Trianna has no love for the Blonde enigma, but she knew Nausada saw him as a valuable ally. That was why, when Trianna has used her mind to connect to her, Nausada told her to send a message to Naruto.

They couldn't do it right away, it would have been easily spotted. Trianna had bidded her time, waited patiently and finally found the moment. The warriors were going down the barracks to find sharpening stones and weapons. Trianna immediately dismissed herself and moved towards the messaging room. Taking a slip of paper, Trianna immediately wrote down the message she had burned into her mind.

Putting it on a Raven, Trianna used her mind, once again, to send the location of an elven outpost. Letting the bird fly out of her hands, Trianna gave a short prayer to whatever diety may be out there. She hoped her message to Naruto reached him in time. He may not have been with them for very long, but he was an ally.

"Well thats it for now kido. Just head back for the night." Naruto waved off his student. The retired nin gave a small chuckle as he watched Eragon stumble towards his tree house.

Naruto seemed to had felt it as well, as he paused and looked towards his right.

"Nice of you to join me, Oromis-sensei." Naruto called out as Elder dragon rider came into view. The elf, already knowing his presence was expected, moved towards his counterpart.

Oromis smiled. "Saphira is worried about Eragon She has told me that you sent Eragon back distraught and very weak."

Naruto winced and than shrugged. Looking back to Oromis,

"As you know, We are using a training method that accelerates a War time mindset." Naruto answered

Oromis turned his attention away from the blonde shinobi and to the stars above. "War time." Oromis paused as he tried to decipher the words. Oromis paused for what seemed to be only a few seconds, and than his face turned into a stern look.

Eragon felt a splash of dread hit his stomach as he realized, without needing to guess, that his master had figured out what was going on.

Oromis gaze bore into Naruto, but Naruto showed no sign of fear.

"He already has a good mindset"

Naruto raised an eye brow. "Really. He seems pretty immature to me. He goes around fancying The princess, and hasn't had the guts to say it yet. He gets distracted by so many things. I am accelerating the process of his growth. I'm pretty sure he can handle-"

"How far have you gone?" Oromis cut off Naruto, his arms clasped behind his back, his hands gripped tightly. Oromis knew that Naruto had been using a method to 'simulate' a scenario. But he did not know, Naruto was using it to accelerate Eragon's growth. The 'honing' of a mind was totally different than honing one's instincts. The mind was how one appraised a situation. Two men could look into a battle and see a possible victory or needless losses. Having two teachers may mean two different mindsets clashing in Eragon. Oromis needed to draw his line.

Naruto sighed as he scratched his head. "We've briefly touched on loved ones. But We stopped that because he's been showing bad reactions."

Naruto and Oromis both held a silence at the mention, but after that moment, Naruto continued his explanatnion.

"We made a lot of headway into the unstoppable army or the invincible foe. Probably should have started with that first, but I have my bias-"

"This is reckless" Oromis's tone did not hold anger but rather a tiredness. Oromis, in Naruto's eyes, reminded him of Genma, so world weary.

Naruto held up his hand as if to placate Oromis. "It is fine. He can handle it."

Oromis ran a hand through his wispy hair. "You are talking about forcing someone who is not even a rider through war and-"

"I am allowing a warrior to go through trials to become stronger. Eragon chose this."

Oromis shook his head. "there are alternative-"

"Less effective methods." Naruto crossed his arms as he looked at Oromis pointedly.

Oromis sighed and nodded. "Less effective but safer."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "This is an argument of Nature versus Nurutre. And in this case. We do not have the Luxury of sitting back and taking our time. We are at war. It is imperative Eragon get as strong as possible-"

"but let him become broken in the process. He is not you!" Oromis sternly looked at Naruto, as if trying to stop a child from touching a knife. Naruto shook his head at the thought and shoved his hands in his pockets.

Naruto snorted. "I am broken, yes. But that was because I refused help." Closing his eyes, he continued. "That kid has Saphira and the Princess and a couple others like yourself to help him out."

Oromis held his tongue and shook his head. "I approve of this method of training, but I do not approve what you are training him for. He is a rider, not a warrior. I"

Naruto ran his hand through his head, "But the rider comes from the warrior. I make the warrior, you make the rider." Naruto stared into Oromis eyes and Oromis finally realized what Narut owas getting at.

Nodding once, Oromis clasped his hands behind his back. "Keep him safe. I do not wish to see him lose his humanity... so early."

Naruto gave a sad, soft smile, "Don't worry, he can have mine."

Oromis than paused and looked back at Naruto. "What are you going to do for the festival Naruto?"

Naruto looked at Oromis with confusion, tilting his head to the side. "What festival?"

'If I didn't know any better, I'd say that all these people were drugged by Ino and Sakura to go crazy.' Naruto thought, amused at the sight below. The foreigner in this event, or at least one of them, looked on as the elves clamored around. They were dancing, laughing, drinking, and everything else in between. Naruto smiled, crossing his arms, and leaning back against the trunk of a tree. He had jumped up to the upper branches to 'get away' from the rush, the energy that was saturating the floor below. Oromis had told him that the spells would come out of the roots, and enhance senses and emotions. Naruto could certainly attest to that. He could feel the chakra like energy from here, without even trying. Naruto had taken up sitting on top, enjoying the view with a sake bottle in hand. He liked the Elves' drink, but it made him a bit too giddy. He wanted to relax a bit, so Naruto took out one of his many sealed bottles, drinking straight from it. He had to admit though, this celebration was really something.

Eragon's other master had told him that the magic was from the first oath, or the first bonding between the Dragons and the Elves. It was interesting, to say the least, to show how much the past affected the present. Naruto snorted, as if Madara wasn't the thing of the past affecting the future. Naruto scanned the field once more, immediately spotting his targets. The princess was voicing her contribuition to a crowd.

"Under the moon, the bright white moon,

Lies a pool, a flat silver pool,..."

Naruto half listened with chakra enhanced hearing. He was searching for someone else. It was hard enough to look for a person in this kind of festival, but with so many things going on, it made it practically impossible. The festival seemed to split off into groups, some dancing, some singing, some narrating, and some drinking. But it was a incoherent, yet fitting, festival. Naruto had always thought the elves were a bit uptight, but even he knew that Hiashi was a party freak, once he was intoxicated enough.

It was the 2nd day of the festival and Naruto was already wondering if any of them might die from exhaustion. Naruto took a swig of sake and sighed as warmth spread into his belly. Naruto put his head on his hand and kept looking. But than Naruto paused and thought to himself, 'Why am I looking for Eragon again?'

The question seemed to smack him in the face. Why was he doing so? Sure the kid, only about 17, had some qualities he had, but he was no comrade in arms. He did not fight with him during the war. But he will. Naruto closed his eyes at the voice. He was still young, Eragon knew nothing about Naruto. But he could. Naruto gripped his sake bottle. Naruto opened his eyes. He was immediately drawn to the boy, sitting in the chair. It seemed Oromis had left him there, to rest. Naruto smiled, jumping down from his position. Landing at the base of the tree, gracefully, Naruto walked towards Eragon.

The entire atmosphere was filled with song and entrancing motion. Eragon believed that he and everyone around him to be under a spell. The truth of ones real intentions were being brought to the surface. The elves were in a frenzy, even Saphira was happily joining in the festivities. Orik, who had brought his offerings, was now partaking in the drinks. Judging by the look of red on his face, Eragon thought he might pass out any moment. The night sparkled bright as if to light the entire forest and dance upon the faces turned towards the heavens as the elves spun in circles with grins and laughter escaping them. Eragon longed to join in the festivities again, but he still was light headed. His master had forced him to sit down and make sure that he could remember all of the metal's true names. He had only got Silver down, and that was because he was staring at Arya.

Everyone's voices seemed at a distance but the sounds held Eragon. His body tingled when the wind blew over him, like a blanket being softly pused over him. Everyone gave praise and sweet words to no one in particular. Some swooned the plants while others sang to a passing animal that had also come to life with emotion. Eragon smiled, he had finished giving his offering to the celebration, the elves had accepted it well. It filled him with pride to know that he had done something, by himself, correctly. Saphira hummed with a deep soothing sound that had others gather around her in a circle and pranced around mimicking the humming. Such a clear night full with nothing but passion. The air was thin, but had a light smell of spices and a sweet taste as you inhaled deeply as to bath your body in the honey that floated in the breeze.

"Enjoying yourself, Gaki?"

Eragon turned slightly to the right to see Naruto walking, steadily to him.

Eragon lowered his head slightly, "Sensei. Are you enjoying the party."

Naruto nodded, while drinking from his glass bottle, Sake, if Eragon remembered correctly. Naruto walked up to Eragon, and stared at him. Eragon paused. It looked as if Naruto was searching for something, was something wrong. Eragon was about to ask, but Naruto seemed to have found whatever he was looking for. The blonde haired foreigner nodded, while smiling to himself. "I assume Oromis told you to sit and rest?"

Eragon nodded. Naruto placed his free hand on Eragon's shoulder. "Well, while your resting, let me show you something."

"What is it?" Eragon asked eagerly.

Naruto chuckled at his excitement, Eragon blushed slightly. He was acting a bit childish.

Naruto closed his eyes, concentrating, "A festival from my own home."

Eragon blinked, when suddenly, the world around them seemed to spin rapidly. Eragon was not surprised, this was how it was when they entered training. When the spinning stopped, Eragon looked around. His eyes went wide as he looked around. Standing up in amazement, Eragon whispered "where are we?"

Naruto simply smiled. "This is Konoha, my home. During a yearly festival."

Eragon looked around the the amazing things he was seeing. He had thought the blood oath festival wasthe most impressive thing he had ever seen, but this... this might challenge it. There were lanterns all over place, but not the lanterns that the former farmer was used to seeing. They were different colored paper around them, giving off different lights and hues. There were children, adults, running around in robes that seemed to radiate color. Everyone was laughing and smiling. Children sometimes had masks on them, with funny pictures depicting different things. Some of these masks had animal faces while others extenuated human faces. The buildings were equally impressive. They seemed to be made out of stone, but were smooth and had no cracks to speak off. He would have to ask Naruto, later, how they were made. Eragon walked forward, still turning his head every which way to look at the sights. He knew that his body was 'not' moving since it was only his perception that was.

Naruto and Eragon walked side by side, down the festival, Eragon staring at flashing lights, the people, and his surroundings.

"This.." Eragon paused to watch a stick seemed to light on fire and sparkle at the same time, "is amazing."

Naruto smiled. "It was home."

Eragon than noticed a stand to the left. The stand seemed to glow different from its surroundings. Eragon walked towards it, Naruto followed him silently. As Eragon approached the glow died down, and Eragon was able to see what was inside. Eragon gasped,

"Is that-" Eragon saw the same blonde hair, spiked, though shorter. There were still whisker marks a on this person's face, like his teacher. But this person was about the same age as Eragon. Naruto walked up beside Eragon, staring at himself. "Yes, that's me."

Eragon stared. He couldn't help but think, as he watched the younger version of his sensei smile and laugh with the patrons of the stand, this Naruto had so much more life.

Naruto, though, was thinkgin about something entirely different. The Shinobi had never concerned himself about his birthday while he grew up. The only difference from any ordinary day was that Teuchi-Ojisan and Ayame-Oneesan congratulate him and gave him an extra treat and a visit from the old Hokage. It was not a special day, just a different day. There was never a celebration for him like the other children had, but that was alright. He had accepted the difference and moved on in life. But when he had gotten friends, that was totally different.

He never really talked about birthdays, celebrations and parties as amazing things. But this changed when Sakura had found out and, for his trouble, made him celebrate .He'd would have been fine with a small party, small group of friends, but Sakura had smacked his head down with a chakra enhanced fist.

In this memory, he and his friends were all seated at the bar of the Ichiruka Ramen shop. Naruto felt his heart wrench. This was the celebration of his birthday, his Sixteenth birthday. It was about 1 year before true war.

Naruto put a hand on Eragon's shoulder, using his other hand to point to his friends.

"Thats Kiba and Lee. They're arguing whether tortoises made better ninja's then dogs." Eragon raised an eyebrow.

"Tortoises and dogs? What do you mean?"

Naruto shook his head at the question and moved on. "Over there is Tenten" Naruto pointed to the older Kunoichi who was trying to calm the two, with minimal success. "that's her husband, Neji" Though the two were not married in this memory, Naruto had overseen the wedding himself. The ever calm Hyuuga was watching her closely, while explaining table manners to Sai. "Sai is the pale one." Naruto chuckled, Sai was trying to ask why people were not using table manners. Neji, of all people, was trying describe why people were rampant when it was a celebration.

Eragon than pointed towards a trio in the back. "Who are they, and is that person sleeping?"

Naruto gave a quiet laugh while looking at where Eragon was pointing. He already knew though, there was only person capable of 'sleeping' in this kind of celebration.

"No that's just Shikamaru. The person I told you about before, the genius." Eragon eyes widened in recognition.

"Oh, than who are the other two."

"Ino, and Choji." Naruto gazed at them fondly. The Ino-Shika-Cho group always were together.

Shikamaru was snoring audibly, though it was being faked, while Ino was trying to wake him up. Shikamaru always claimed it to be a natural occurrence because his mother never let him sleep. Naruto really doubted it. Because when Choji ordered Ramen, for the three of them, Shikamaru immediately answered what he wanted. Ino, after ordering, moved towards her boyfriend Sai.

Naruto than proceeded to introduce the rest of his friends.

"Over there is Konohamaru and his childhood friend Mogi. That's Shino, Iruka. Iruka was my teacher for a while. That's Kakashi, he was my leader for a number of years." Naruto was about to keep going when Eragon interrupted him again.

"Who are those two."

Right across from Naruto, in the memory, were the two loves of his life. One of them was his sister, in all but blood; the other was his true love.

"The one with the pink hair is Sakura. She's like a sister to me." Naruto paused as he saw Eragon about to open his mouth. Naruto shook his head. "No her hair is not dyed, it is Natural. And no, I don't know how she got pink hair."

Eragon looked at him in amazement. "are you sure it is not dyed?"

Naruto laughed at his student. "no, of course not. I've known her for over 20 years. I'm pretty sure."

Naruto remembered when Sakura had dyed her hair black one day. Kakashi, Sai, and everyone else, including him, didn't even recognize her. Needless to say, she broke out hell. Naruto spent half the day running while apologizing profusely.

"Who is the other one?" Naruto froze. Eragon stared at him intently, still waiting for the answer. Naruto swallowed hard as he looked at the girl. Kami, even in his memories she was still beautiful. She was his angel.

"That.." Naruto swallowed hard. He felt water in his eyes, his voice going hoarse. "that was my wife. Hinata Hyuuga."

Eragon whipped his head around and stared at his sensei. "What?"

Eragon always wondered if Naruto had a family. He seemed charismatic and a leader. The dragon rider had no doubt that Naruto could snatch up a girl to call his own. But even with Eragon's shout of surprise, Naruto didn't even look at him, as he stared at his wife. Eragon than felt a flood of dread as he realized Naruto's word choice.

"Sensei. You said was?"

Naruto closed his eyes. He didn't even need to look to see Eragon's face. It was a face he had seen so many times. It was the look of worry, of pity, of pain, of sadness, something he did not need.

"yes, w-was." Naruto felt his throat already dry up. His fists were clenched in pain, but it did not even match the pain in his heart right now. The walls were closing in on him again. The stones, sucking the heat out of him. The light was going away. The warmth was leaving him.

"Sensei!" Naruto's eyes snapped open as he looked at Eragon. The festival had disappeared and they were in the black void, standing on nothingness.
Naruto coughed, shaking his head. "Sorry, I had a moment of …. lost control."

Eragon looked as if he wanted to say something, but refrained. Naruto already knew the question.

"I lost her. She..." Naruto closed his eyes shaking his head, "she was attacked by someone I trusted. That person-"

"You don't have to tell me, Naruto."

The firmness in the voice seemed to still Naruto. It was a voice that held not pity, no sorrow, just determination. Naruto opened his eyes and looked at Eragon. As if seeing him for the first time, Naruto felt his mouth slacken, his eyes grow wide, the walls had stopped moving in.

Eragon looked at his sensei. He saw the weakness, the pain, the anger. Eragon simply made his decision. He did not need to know, he did not need to let his friend fall down into sorrow. So Eragon told his sensei to stop. Naruto's face showed the shock, at Eragon's words. Eragon, for a moment, thought Naruto would stay like that, when Naruto started to chuckle. Eragon was now confused at the sudden change in emotions. His sensei, than, burst into laughter. After the shinobi finished laughing, the foreigner looked back at his student. It was than Eragon saw something different in his eyes. It was something he saw everyday, in everyone except his sensei. A spark of Life.

"Thank you, Eragon. Now" Naruto looked up as if remembering something. "It looks like someone is approaching us."

The world spun again and Eragon blinked. He was away from the black void, and back into the intoxicating presence of Magic. Eragon felt calm, sober. He looked towards his right, towards Naruto and saw the spark still in him. Naruto smiled at him and than nodded towards Eragon's left. Eragon looked over and saw Arya approaching them.

Eragon stood up as Arya greeted them.

"You two have been standing still for an hour, Her highness grew worried. I was sent to check up on you."

Eragon smiled. "I am doing fine thank you" Though Eragon was still suppressing the surprise he felt at the difference in time. It always felt longer when he was in that mind world that Naruto created.

"Were you really sent?" Naruto asked accusingly, though his voice held no malice.

Eragon winced, even though Naruto may mean no harm, Arya might not take it that way.

But Eragon blessed every diety out there when Arya replied. "No, but I volunteered myself."

Naruto smiled, as if knowing an inside joke. "Well, than I guess you volunteered to dance."

Arya and Eragon jolted in surprise. "Dance?" They both said in unison. Looking at each other, in a moment of humor, but turned back to Naruto. The shinobi took the hand of Eragon, than took the hand of Arya and placed them together.

"Off you go now" Naruto said, Letting Eragon hold Arya's hand. Like two deers caught infront of a bow, the elf and the rider stood straight, staring at naruto. For a moment, the pair turned to stare at their hands and than back to where Naruto was. But when they looked back to where Naruto was, the Blond man had disappeared. Eragon looked back at Arya and smiled sheepishly. Arya looked at him, as if not know what to do. Eragon, in much surprise to himself, decided to take initiative, "Shall we?"

Arya gave him a warm smile, as well as butterflies in his stomach. "We shall."

Naruto watched as the pair danced slowly to the music. Naruto still had his sake bottle in hand, but was not drinking from it. Naruto let his eyes focus and lose focus on the pair. The long black hair would be replaced by a dark blue, at times. The light brown hair would be replaced with a blonde one. But the hands, the movement, the feeling was still the same. Naruto chuckled at himself. 'I finally know what to do for the festival.'

The hero of the fourth war was quite the inventor. Jutsu and Seals were his speciality. But before the war had gotten into full scale, Naruto had invented a jutsu for his wife, though at the time she was only his girlfriend. After going through the hand seals, Naruto cupped his hands in front of his mouth. Breathing softly, gathering chakra, Naruto whispered, "My gift to you, my moon."

Naruto threw out his hands and let the jutsu release itself. A large orb flew out of his hands, high in the air. Many elves, even the Queen, herself, looked up at it in amazement. The orb, gently, broke down into smaller orbs, and smaller still. Until there were thousands of orbs about the size of a thumb, floating down towards the ground.

Eragon watched as the orbs float around them. One of the fastest ones to reach the ground, was right above Arya's head. Eragon reached up with his hand and touched the orb, as it did not seem hot. When Eragon touched it, the Orb burst into sparckes. 'Just like the stick in Naruto's festival' Eragon thought, smiling wide. Eragon put his hand down, looking at Arya. She looked away from the sparkles , as well. The two stared into each other's eyes for a moment before looking back at the sparkling orbs. Their hands still intertwined.

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