The Long Journey

I think it's time we had a talk. What is a plot? What is a timeline? What the hell is a storyline?

The answer is simple. Development.

Allow me to break it down. Any character, world, events, etc. needs to develop in some way over a period of time or action. This is a plot. If you do not have development (which can come in many forms) you do not have a plot. However, Plot does not equal timeline. So, why did i group Timeline in with Plot? Plot is normally used with a timeline to give the reader the passage of time. This is important.

A passage of time is to show length of a story, the epicness, or show how personal the story is. For example, Having Naruto become godlike powerful in a month, during the chuunin exam arc, is not really 'epic'. Kind of makes you wonder, could you really do that? If we look at the timeline, Naruto would have to become stronger than Kakashi in less than a month.

Logic like this is important when building a series of events. Either way, giving reasonable time for things to develop is necessary for any character. In This story, I have give Naruto enough time to Run away and Confront his troubles with his past. Give or take 4-5 years. Furthermore, it took 6-8 months with Eragon for him to lose some of his bitterness and look towards the future. But that does not mean he is completely healed. Far from it. he still has skeletons in the closet, as you will see.

Next up:

Someone commented earlier that they were afraid I would have Naruto lose all his problems because of a drunken stupor. Or How last chapter didn't show the bitter Naruto. Hell yes he was not supposed to be bitter. He is growing as an emotional character and making an effort to be at peace. Sure i may not focus or excessively point at the fact that he is trying to be hopeful, trying to go somewhere in life. The reason why I do not point that out is because the character himself does not fully acknowledge it. When writing any story, one must take the aspect of their character and reflect their character's feelings, emotions, and situations into their writing. If your character is sad, use depressing words. If they're happy, use joyful words. etc.

How did it end up like this? Naruto looked at he pooling blood at his feet. The Cooling bodies around him in the sand. How did it end up this way? He was tired. Oh, so tired. The rage left him, the anger left him. He felt exhausted. The fighting. Che. The fighting didn't even phase him. He had fought longer, fought harder, had done thousands of more things than this. He watched the retreating army, and those that were surrendering. Galbitorix army was giving up, retreating for now. They had won the Battle in the Burning Plains. But, He. He had lost.

The situation was now complicated. He now had the evidence he needed... about himself. He could no longer control himself. No matter how he hard he tried to move on, no matter how much time had passed, his dark side would take over. It would swallow up his mind, blacken his heart, and he would ignore all else. Sooner or later, he would become what he always feared, a beast with no chance of salvation.

Naruto closed his eyes and sighed. He would have to prepare Eragon. Not to kill Galbitorix. Not to kill the Newest Rider. No. He would continue to prepare Eragon for what he had always intended when training the boy.

Eragon would Kill him.

"Shishou". Naruto blinked, looking up from his reading spot under the tree. He had been distracted thinking of happier times.

He had been thinking about the festivals, similar to the one he had shown to Eragon. Back then, after the war, they had been raging and wild, almost as if people wanted to drown their worries, sorrows and pains. During the parties, though he had fun, he always felt a small niggling feeling that some smiles were fake, some laughter were forced, and even some people were ghosts. It wasn't until Ino, of all people, dragged them all to her home and made them relax did he truly enjoy himself.

Sitting down with friends, laughing as Kiba told some jokes about Shino, Hinata nestled next to him. That was true joy. And he would live for that. No matter how bitter he got, no matter how much he had failed, he would live for what he always had been fighting for.

Naruto calmly look at the Dragon Rider, who was panting, eyes wild in distress.

Naruto stood up, placing a hand on the younger warrior's shoulder. "Deep breath, calm yourself." Eragon inhaled deeply, his body visibly relaxing. Naruto felt a pulse of chakra run through the boy. He let himself have a small smile. A warm burst of pride filled his chest, Eragon was unconsciously using chakra to manipulate his body, very good.

"Galbitorix is moving an army to a skirmish with Nausada."

'That was quicker than I expected' Naruto thought to himself, rubbing his chin in thought. "We should talk to Oromis." Naruto spoke quietly. Eragon nodded quickly, "I have already talked to Orik. He is packing up already. Master Oromis is meeting us at the yard."

Eragon quickly turned around and briskly jogged away. Naruto followed, albeit walking. He could track his student's movements through his chakra.

When he arrived at the yard, he saw that Oromis and Glaedr were already there. They were talking quietly to Eragon and Saphira.

"-Thank you Masters. I will use your gifts well." Eragon finished saying

Oromis gave him a small smile before turning to face the foreigner. "Naruto. If you have a moment?"

Naruto raised an eye brow at the gesture but did not comment. He followed Oromis a safe distance away from Eragon and Saphira, Glaedr seemed to be distracting them.

The two stood under the shade of one of the larger trees, they both stared at their student for a moment.

"He has grown well." Oromis murmured, his eyes distant. Naruto knew the look of nostalgia.

"Every time I see him grow, I wished he had a companion to grow with him. It is a lonely path he walks."

"Indeed" Naruto agreed. "Always lonely path for a leader."

The elf clasped his hands behind his back, straightening it as well. "If a new rider does appear, which I assume because I doubt Gallbitorix would meet the Varden this far out, kill him." Oromis hissed out.

Naruto raised an eye brow to Oromis. 'And here I thought he would ask for mercy or even a staying of the blade.'

"Why are you telling me this, and not to Eragon?" Oromis glanced towards Naruto and than to his student.

"He does not lack the skill. But the maturity." Oromis sighed deeply. "While he has grown so much between our teachings. He still lacks the complete drive to do anything to win."

Ah. So that was it. Naruto had to admit to himself. He was surprised that a representative of the 'noble' race would say something like this. 'Well, he is a rider.' Naruto mused. He probably had seen the dark and dirty.

"Understood. What will I tell him if he asks?"

Oromis shrugged. "Tell him the truth. He needs to know anyways."

Naruto nodded, walking away from the Elder elf.

Eragon looked away from Glaedr for a moment, when Naruto approached. "Shishou what were-" Eragon paused, shaking his head and turned back to Glaedr, nodding to the dragon. Glaedr huffed and stood, the ground crunching under the pressure.

The shinobi waved his hand, stopping Eragon's question. He eyed the golden dragon's huge body and moved a few steps to the left to allow the Dragon to move past him.

A voice brushed his mind. 'Take care, Warrior. You came here heavy, but now you feel lighter.'

Naruto scoffed. 'From all this bread and Lettace, it's no wonder I lost weight.' But Naruto nodded in thanks.

"Shall we go?" Naruto turned his attention towards Eragon. The younger warrior nodded and jumped, leaping onto Saphira. Orik, who had siddled his way onto him, looked down on Naruto. "Are you sure there's enough for the three of us?"

Naruto merely smirked.

The air of the Burning Plains felt suffocating. Like it was rotting her lungs just to breathe in. But still, she had chosen this battlefield. Her army couldn't be surrounded and could retreat easily if they lost on the field. Nausada reassured herself that they could win. She only hoped her message, both messages,had reached the Elves in time.

"Have they sent any more negotiators?" Arya spoke quietly, walking up next to the new Leader of the Varden.

Nausada shook her head, tiredness shown on her face. She only allowed herself to show a modicum of weakness inside the confines of her tent. Only when she was completely alone with only her trusted. "No. I doubt we can stall for much more time. A few days more but no more. I worry. Their army is numerous."

Arya shifted on her feet a bit uneasy. "These foreigners. They are like Naruto, yes?"

Nausada nodded.

Arya crossed her arms, closing her eyes. Her eyelids fluttering as if seeing something from the past, remembering. "They could help us in the battle. Surely they would not let us lose."

Nausada shrugged. "I have talked to them. They have agreed to lend a hand if Naruto does not show in time."

Arya eyed Nausada carefully. Speaking softly, as if afraid they were listeing. "So they are truly after him."

"Yes, I do not know what to think. Both of them have provided services to me. I-" Nausada winced as if in pain. "I do not wish to betray either one, and if had to, I do not know which one to even choose."

Arya shrugged. "Maybe the opportunity will present itself. Naruto is skilled. I doubt they would capture him that easily, he could probably escape easily enough."

Sometimes, Arya remembered that night. Remembered when she just let it all out. Naruto had, in his very frustrating way, helped her. She would repay him for that. She would not let him be taken by these people. For all the frustrations he caused, the annoyances he provided, he was a good man.

Arya gripped the pommel of her sword tight.

"Nausada we should-"

Arya paused as she heard a whistling. Nausada gasped as she stepped back. Arya whirled around, almost drawing her sword but stopped as she saw something peculiar. A three point dagger floating in front of Nausada, glowing yellow as if held up by some mystical force.

The two women gasped, each taking a step back. The dagger flew into the air, out of the tent. Nausada and Arya rushed outside, to keep the dagger in the line of sight.

'Do you think it is Naruto' A voice brushed her mind.

Nausada shivered. 'Yes, I think so.'

The dagger flew straight into the air, high above the tent's head. Eyes from all around the camp followed it, soldiers running around trying to get into a good position. A giant flash of light, Nausada and Ayra shielded their eyes and looked away for a moment.

And than they heard a loud roar, a dragon's roar.

'It's Saphira.' Arya told Nausada. Nausada blinked stars out of her eyes and looekd up. Indeed it was the large dragon of the color she was used to. She flapped her wings in a slow descent down the ground.

Nausada yelled to Arya. "Tell the archers to stand down we don't-" She spoke too late as she saw archers release their arrows out of fear. 'NO!' Her heart stopped.

She saw the rider, Eragon, wave his hands the arrows stop in mid air. Another flick and the arrow went down to the ground away from anyone else. A warmth blossomed in her chest, something she had been trying to kindle for so long, hope. 'He has grown strong'

Saphira slowly descended, and men made a cricle around her. The leader of the Varden rushed towards them, Arya in tow.

"Are they alright?" She heard Murgath pant next to her. He had probably run towards Saphira as soon as he saw the flash.

"yes." She replied quickly, eyes focused on the crowds ahead. "Eragon was able to Deflect the arrows somehow."

Murgath took a breath, out of relief or awe she did not know. "Well, He's gotten better."

"Make way." Jormundur shouted. Clearing a path for her. Nausada nodded her thanks to him. And there he was, standing in fine silk, looking very different, Eragon jumped off of Saphira, an arrow in hand. Orik, the dwarf King Orrin sent with Eragon, slid off of Saphria, shaking his head.

"Eragon." she breathed after a time, he looked so different. Eragon eyes lit up as he saw her and bowed. "An honor to see you again my lady."

Jormundur shouted at his men to get back to work, begrudgingly they did. Many of them kept looking back though, she did not blame them. Nausadar moved forward and looked around for the foreigner. "Eragon." She whispered.

Eragon raised an eye brow but did not comment on the lowness of the voice. "Did Naruto come with you? Did you get our message about-"

"Thank you for carrying the dagger, Nasuada-sama." A voice called out from her right. 'Damn my luck' Nausada groaned internally, but schooled her features. She could feel Murgath and Arya stiffen behind her.

The dark skinned leader looked towards the voice and saw The blonde haired warrior walking towards her, lazily spinning the dagger in his hand. He held out the dagger to\wards her, pommel forward, "Please continue to keep it on you."

Nausada nodded, taking the dagger. "You transported yourself through it? It seems amazing you could transport yourself that far."

Jormundur moved forward to talk about the archers. Nausada feared at what Eragon might do, listening to the conversation. But her fears were not met as Eragon simply said to return the arrow and see no harm done to the archers.

As Eragon returned, Nausada called out to her surrounding trusted. "We should head back to the command tent. We will discuss our plans there. It is good to have the Shadeslayer back." With that, she quieted her voice and glanced at Naruto. "Walk with me."

Nausada, thanked the gods when Naruto nodded slightly, and moved next to her, without question. They walked side by side through the camp.

"My father is doing well." She started. "Whatever you did for him, thank you. I-" She paused. "I never did thank you for that."

Naruto nodded. "I was just there. I did what I could."

Nausada nodded but stopped, turning to face Naruto. Naruto turned as well, noticing a sudden shift in mood. Nausada stared into his eyes, choosing her words carefully.

"It would be interesting, if there were more people like you."

Naruto paused as he listened to the Varden's leader's words. 'More people like me? But I never said-' A flash of lightning in his heart, his blood cooled as the realization struck him.

Naruto smiled at the young woman. "Oh, people like me are exotic. Plus, it's hard to tell what we look like too, since we always-" Naruto trailed off.

"Wear masks" Nausada finished.

The two stared at one another in silence for a moment. Naruto nodded in thanks to her, and they both turned to continue walking.

'Anbu huh-" Naruto smirked as he realized they had finally found him. They had taken a while, a couple years in fact. No matter, no one was taking him against his will, not until he killed Sasuke.

'But they may be black mailing Nausada.' the blodne rubbed the back of his head out of frustration. A habit he never quite got rid off.

'I could Go into my sage mode, check their chakra.' Naruto debated it internally. 'Buuuuut. Naruto gave a wide grin, where is the fun in that? Even if they are anbu, there are probably no where near Kage level. Plus, even if they are Akatsuki, they will not risk open battle with me. They know to fear me.'

The shinobi walked into the tent after Nausada. It was a lavish tent, reminded Naruto of those Daimyos. Naruto felt a pit of disgust well within him. Idiotic bafoons. They had died, dragging good shinobi with them. Naruto's eyes followed Nausada as she swept into the room. She held her head high, eyes sharp. Shew as not a daimyo, if anything she was like a Kage. Strong willed, intelligent, and willing to do anything it took to defend her village, her people.

Naruto looked around the tent to see some familiar faces but some unfamiliar. He saw Ajihad's right hand man, Jormundur. A man of regal look stood to the right of Nasauda. Next, to him Ergagon and Arya stood side by side, looking down at the map Orik was leaning on a crate, eyeing the group. Finally, there was a humanoid with grayish skin, bowed legs, and thick arms. He had yellow, piggish eyes, claws, and a pair of long, twisted horns. In all honesty, it looked like the Shinigami in human form. Naruto ignored him though, he wasn't important.

The dark skinned girl cleared her throat and everyone shushed to listen to her. "Right now, we are out numbered, but with Eragon's arrival I believe we can win. Let us go through the basic stratagem."

Naruto idly listened to the briefing. Instead, looked over to Arya and Eragon. 'Hmph. She still hasn't opened up to him yet. But...' The blonde noticed how she hovered next to the Eragon, as if wanting to say something.

'What is it?' a thought entered his mind. Ah, Arya was talking to him.

'Oh nothing, just amused.' A small smile graced his lips.

He felt a flicker of annoyance that as more covered up by her embarrassment. 'Out with it than, I do not have time for your silly riddles or games.'

Naruto stamped down a chuckle with a cough. 'Nothing, Princess. Merely, You like you want to tackle Eragon. And judging by your closeness. It seems you can barely restrain yourself.'

Naruto felt a jab in his head, probably the mind's equivalent of a slap. Naruto didn't even flinch though, he had felt worse. He felt the presence leave as Nasauda finished the briefing.

"Is there anything else that needs to be discussed."

Naruto coughed, drawing attention to himself. "There has been talks?" Naruto questioned

Nausada gave a nod. The Empire had been sending messengers across to talk, discuss for surrender, all things she would never consider.

Tapping his lips with his index finger, Naruto hummed in thought. "I would like to go to the other side. Set up things ahead of time."

Orik stood up from his leaning position. "You mean to poison them? A coward's way of fighting."

Shrugging at the accusation, Naruto crossed his arms and sighed. This reaction was not unexpected. Many of these people reminded him of the Samurai, when it came to honor, well a lesser version of Samurai. "I do not see why a coward's way of fighting should not be used with a warrior's one."

Orik shook his head and continued to argue. "There is no glory to be had by poisoning a man's food or slitting his throat while he sleeps."

'Glory' Naruto scoffed. "I am an Assassin. I do not have glory. And..." the Shinobi glanced at Nasuada, who gave him a slight nodded. "I'd rather be scum, than let my comrades die."

A silence hung over the room with those words. And without a single noise, the foreigner swept out of the room.

Eragon mulled over his Master's decision. It felt wrong. Something that went against his moral compass. But he knew better or at least could see from his Sensei's and Nasuada's perspective. It was the reason why his liege had told him to side with the Urgals. Doing anything necessary to win, to survive.

"Eragon." A voice jolted him out of his thoughts. It was soft, gentle and it made him shiver. He turned, pushing away his emotions, though not successfully.

"Arya." He controlles his voice, steady but his insides were twisted. He had trained with Naruto, on seeing the darker side of things. He saw things that made his stomach churn, give him nightmares at times. But he had fought through it, learned to control, to be calm, and to focus. But even with all that focus, all that training, he still was shivering and feeling at the brink of turning into butter when he saw Arya. Their last meeting had been awkward, to say the least.

She brushed a black locke from her face and gave a smile. "I didn't want to address this, in front of everyone else but." She looked away fro a moment, as if unsure. He doubted that, Arya didn't seem like the person to be unsure, to be weak. She had always, in his eyes, been one of the strongest people he had ever known. Going through torture, losing her comrades. She was much more than him.

"I would like to talk, pirvately. About somethings." She let out a breath, rubbing her elbow. "Let us talk in my tent."

Eragon nodded, but remembered his orders from Nasuada. "Ah, Nasauada wanted me to greet the Du Vrangr Gata"

Arya stiffened but nodded. "I shall go with you than."

The two stalked off together. They never noticed the shadow eyeing them.

"That boy, has chakra." The shadow whispered.

Another pair of eyes followed them. "Hmph. It seems he has trained another. No matter, it won't stop us from taking him back."

"He knows we are here. The girl told him" The first shadow replied.

"Does it matter? We have counter measures against him." A silence came between them. And both disappeared.

Stalking off to the other side was easy, for him. Moving quickly from shadow to shadow, the fumes covered his movements. 'I need to place tags on any structures, poison their food, and maybe light some fires.' Naruto thought to himself. Going down a checklist of goals always left him focus. Sakura had pounded it into his head during the war, when he became a squad leader.

Naruto moved forward but he felt something interesting. Something nostalgic. And nostalgia, in a foreign land, was a bad thing.

'This feeling. No. It cannot be.' Naruto closed his eyes to concentrate on the source. 'It's been so long, since I've felt someone else's chakra.' Naruto smirked as he continued to make way towards the Empire's army. Let these Shinobi follow him, it's not like they could kill him anyways.

So, Naruto let them follow him. If they tried to fight him while he was infiltrating, he could simply hiraishin to the other side without any problem. The only people who knew how to counter him- Naruto shook his head. He had taken care of that option long ago.

"Quiet night" A guard conversed with his fellow man.

Naruto moved quickly behind one of the larger tents near the outskirts. There was a large pool of shadow here. He never learned Shadow Manipulation from Shikamaru, but he appreciated the concept and what it taught him. Shikamaru, being his second in command, was one hell of a stealth infiltrator. Naruto lowered his chakra signature, slowed his heartbeat, and masked his prescence. 'I have to remember about magic.' Like Chakra signatures there were only so much you could hide your other prescence. Angela had taught him some tricks at his time in the Dwarf's stronghold.

"Mighty surprising to find you, my dear blonde shadow." A voice came behind him. Naruto jolted in surprise as he felt a presence pop up behind him. Years of instinct screamed at him to kill the person and break cover; instead he smirked in amusement. 'Speaking of Angela'.

"Been awhile since someone snuck up on me." Naruto whispered back as he turned to find a friend.

A young woman, but Naruto knew she was quite old, with curly brown haired smiled back at him. "I must admit I cheated a bit. I was using magic to cover up my heat and shadow, and other things of course."

Naruto gave a small smile. 'Nasuada must have sent her'

"Well my partner in crime. What did you bring for the festivities?"

Angela shook her head in amusement. Moving her cloak to her right, she revealed several tightly sealed vials. "Poisons. You?"

Naruto chuckled quietly and revealed his paper explosive tags and poisons.

"Paper?" Angela asked in curiosity.

"Energy infused paper. When activated they create explosions." Naruto explained.

Angela nodded, accepting the concept, her smile turned sinsiter as she looked at the tents surrounding them. "You take the right side, I'll take the left?"

Naruto smirked. "Why not. Meet you back here in an hour or so."

The two split off quickly, going about their work.

"So you wanted to talk, Arya" Eragon spoke quietly. He stood in Arya's tent after talking with both the Dur Vrangr Gata and Angela. Angela had spun him around and handed Arya and Eragon tea. She seemed happy and still very strange.

'It's funny' Eragon thought, still holding the warm tea. 'here I am, ready to fight a war. When only a year ago or so, I was looking forward to the crops. I've changed.' Eragon took a deep breath soaking in the memories, the wounds, the pains, the losses, the gains, and growth. He had changed, phsyically, mentally and everything else in between. But one thing that never changed, he was Eragon. He was himself, no matter what.

"Eragon." Arya looked at him, a small, nervous smile on her lips. "Please sit. I want to talk about something, personal." Arya sat down at her bed and motioned for her to sit across from her.

Eragon sat down at the appointed seat. The elf princess took a sip from her own tea and began.

"His name was..."

Arya talked about Faolin. An elf she had loved. She talked about their adventures. Their triumphs. The laughter. She talked about her childhood. How she was isolated, even for an elven child. She talked about Durza's torture. And Eragon listened to all of it. He did not know when he had moved, but he had sat down next to her and held her in comfort. She was pouring out everything to him. All her pain, fears, and hope.

"I want to move on. I don't just want to be a princess, a queen. I don't want it. I just want to be me." Arya whispered.

"You already are." Eragon replied.

They stayed there, holding each other for a while. Until they started to hear the screams. Eragon jolted from his daze, and stood up at the ready. He heard faint screams, through his elf ears.

The two exited the tent quickly, looking for the source and found an interesting sight greeting them.

"A toad? Really now. You spent your time figuring out the relationship between toads and frogs. I cant tell you right now, that Toads and Frogs do not care about it. They are family either way."

"Hah, It is a matter of analytical importance. Tell me, how do you know they do not care. Can you speak to them."

"As a matter of fact I can."

"Really now."

"Yes do you want me to summon one right now."

Eragon moved forward shaking his head in confusion at the arguing pair. "Um, Shishou. Angela. What are you talking about? And what are the screams."

His teacher sighed as he looked exasperatedly at him. "I am trying to explain to Angela here that Toads and Frogs do not care about species as they are all related to one another. Characteristics do not define family."

Angela rolled her eyes. "And I am trying to explain to this simpleton that they do. I've been trying to explain to him ever since we started to walk back that -"

"Wait, walk back from where" Arya interrupted.

Angela gave an amused look at Arya. And thumbed backwards, towards the enemy camp. And as if on cue, more screams were heard. "Joined Naruto in the festival."

Naruto placed his hands on his hips and shook his head. "Enough. Let us go to bed and sleep. We have work to do tomorrow."

Angela nodded and walked off. Eragon heard her murmur under her breath. "Talk to Toads. Hah."

Naruto walked past him and smiled. "And don't share a bed you two. Don't want rumors to fly through."

Eragon blushed furiously and glared at his teacher, who chuckled and walked away. Eragon turned back to the camp and listened to the screams. He had changed, yes, but would he ever be able to do that.

"Keep steady men." Nasuada called out to her men .She was on her horse, looking out onto the field with a sharp eye. But even as she looked out onto the battlefield, she felt a nervousness in her stomach, a pain in her gut. She had ordered the poisoning, a dirty tactic. But a necessary one. She was a leader, and that meant doing anything to win. Even if it meant lowering oneself to cheap tactics.

"you ready?" A soft voice called from her right. She looked over to see Naruto in some sort of robes. She had seen it previously when he had fought the urgals underground. His equally strange weapons were strapped on his back.

Nasuada nodded. "Yes." But even as she spoke, a previous conversation filled her mind.

"Thank you, Lady Nasuada" the Masked man spoke to her. "We will come for Naruto after the battle. Oh, and do not worry about your own life. We shall protect it as token of thanks, for all you have done."

'I will have to hide Naruto. Or find a way to make him leave.' Nasuada pushed those thoughts out of her mind. She needed to focus.

"Well, My lady. I shall give you something to lift your spirits than." Naruto chuckled. He pointed out towards the opposing army, who stood off in the distance. Even from afar, one could tell the massive size of the army. The poisoning had dented the army, maybe even lowered morale but there plenty more to fight.

Naruto went through several hand signs and took a deep breath. Concentrating on the tags, he activated all of them.

Silence at first, than a explosions of fire and smoke errupted as if the burning plains themselves were destroying the army. Shockwaves from the explosion rippled through, scaring horses and soldiers alike. Nasuada gasped as she covered her eyes as the smoke covered her eyes. When the dust had somewhat settled she looked out and saw flame covering the Empire's army. Men in disarray and screams all the more louder. She felt a pang of fear at the destructive power but shook herself from thoughts.

"CHARGE!" She shouted, raising her sword forward. A roar from behind her, told her that Eragon and Saphira had taken flight. Naruto disappeared from her side and was already half way across the field. Far ahead of the army. He dove into the army like an unstoppable force as those around him were cut to pieces in an instant.

Nasuada gritted her teeth and rode forward.

Red eyes opened as explosions rocked his sleeping position.

'So it begins.'

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