Chapter 1: New powers, New look!

Danny was in a lot of pain right now. He got up from his position on the ground to see his family, friends and teacher tied to a large tank by an ectoplasmic rope. He had just come back from the future. A future that was dark since he turned evil and destroyed a lot of things. His evil future self had tied them to a tank at the Nasty Burger. The tank was filled with nasty sauce, a condiment used at the place. Unfortunately if the stuff gets too hot the stuff explodes. Danny turned to his evils self who was standing over him. He looked lik him except older, and more muscular. He had red eyes instead of green, the jumpsuit he wore was black in the center, white on the edges and his boots were still white. The one thing that changed the most was his face. He had white flames for hair, bluish skin and pointed ears along with a pair of fangs in his mouth. Dan resulted from when Danny's parents died and he lived with Vlad. After getting his ghost half taken out it didn't have Danny's human it. This lead to him tearing out Vlad's ghost half and merging with it resulting in this monstrosity.

"What makes you think that you can stop our future?" he asked looked down at Danny's prone form.

"Because I promised my family," Danny said casing Dan to laugh out loud.

"You are such a child," Dan laughed, "you promised?"

"Yes," Danny groaned, "I promised!"

With tha tlast word Danny let out a massive release of ghostly energy in his mouth. The result was a sonic blast that hit Dan right in the face and sent him flying like a rag doll.

"That power," he groaned as he got up, "It's not possible. I'm not supposed to get that power until ten years from now."

It was true. That power, called the ghostly wail, wasn't supposed to be brought out until a few years from now.

Danny was about to unleash another wail but Dan reacted first and sprayed Danny's mouth with ectoplasm keeping him from wailing. Then he grabbed Danny and threw him into a wall. Danny groaned as he tried to get up but Dan pressed his boot down on Danny's chest keeping him from getting up.

"There's no point trying to stop the future kid," Dan said smiling evilly, "besides your out of time."

Danny looked over to tsee that tank that everyone was tied to cracking and blowing out steam. After a few more seconds the whole thing exploded. The blast blew the whole place down and Danny and Dan were both sent back a little bit.

"Told you," Dan said looking down at Danny who was currently staring at the wreckage with tears forming in his eyes.

Danny hung his head in sorrow. He had just lost everything. Suddenly that sorrow turned to anger. Then it turned to absolute rage. Dan was starting to walk away when he felt something behind him. He turned around just in time to take a white boot to the face. After getting up he looked to see Danny glaring at him intensely. That's now what had Dan staring though. Danny was radiating ecto-energy. It wasn't green like it normally was this one was pitch black. Danny's eyes were filled with a rage that didn't sit well with Dan. For the first time Dan…was afraid.

Meanwhile in a city a few miles away…

A girl sat on the roof of a large T-shaped tower on an island. Her name was Raven. She had been sitting meditating when she felt a sudden flux in power. It was so strong that she nearly fell down on the roof she was meditating on. She gasped.

"What on earth is that?" she asked to no one in particular.

Back in Amity….

Danny was glaring at Dan with an intense rage. Danny rushed forward and slammed his fist into Dan's chest sending him into the concrete. Danny kept the punches up until Dan was in a large crater. Danny wasn't done. He picked Dan up by the shirt and threw him in the air and spun on his heel connecting his foot with Dan's stomach knocking the air out of him and sending him into the wall.

"You," Danny growled, "you took everything from me. I'm going to make you pay."

Danny focused his energy into his hand forming an energy ball. He concentrated more until it turned pure white with a green hue. Then he let out the whole blast hitting Dan square in the chest. The reslu was Dan being sent flying down the road. Danny then felt an instinct in him rising up. He closed his eyes and focused. The black energy that was showing before showed up again. This time as tendrils. They flew up and twisted forming what looked like a drill a drill and slammed into the ground. Dan got up from the blast he had taken and looked over to see those things coming off of Danny and flying into the ground. He was about to charge when he sensed and energy behind him. He turned around to see a large portal behind him. Then he got the scare of his after life. A large thing that resemble a large dragon made out of the tendrils came out of the portal. Dan thought this was some cheap trick until it roared. He could actually smell it's breath. Dan tried to fly away to try and survive but the beast was faster and caught Dan in it's jaws. The thing then took Dan into it's mouth and chomped down hard making Dan scream in absolute pain. The then took the rest of Dan and swallowed him whole. It roared again and then went back onto the portal from whence it came.

The portal close and the tendrils flew out of the ground and back into Danny who fell to the ground in a heap breathing hard.

Meanwhile with Raven…

Raven felt the signature of power disappear and wondered what had brought out so much power and just disappear like that. She was starting to wonder what was going on when the crystal on her cloak that kept it up started beeping. She sighed. She could always try and figure it out later.

Back in Amity Danny looked around to see the destruction that had happened. Danny hung his head and flew up into the air. He knew he couldn't stay here. Dan may have been destroyed but he knew that if he stayed then more than likely the whole thing would just start all over again. He flew to his house packed a few things, some food, and then flew out of town as fast as he could.

The next day…

Danny had taken a stop to eat at some place in a town. He only stopped here so he could grab a bite to eat and find some place to stay for the night. He had stopped at some restaurant to eat. It was called Bueno Nacho. In all honesty he thought the name sounded better than Nasty Burger. He still couldn't go near that place since he was still trying to get over the fact that the place that he had been hanging out with his friends and family could have killed them all over the years, and the fact that it actually did. Danny right now was eating a burrito and was in thought about his new powers. Ever since the fight with Dan his powers seemed to growing in strength. He guessed it was some effect of the power he had used at the fight. He still wasn't completely sure how he had done that but he guessed he could figure it out later. He also noticed that whenever he seemed to think about fighting he got a different feeling. He found himself feeling like combat was second nature to him now. It felt like he had a sixth sense for fighting. He was wondering what exactly had happened to him during the fight with Dan.

He was brought out of his musings when he felt a presence next to him. He looked to see a cute African American girl next to him. She had mocha skin, black frizzy hair tied up in tow tails and deep brown eyes. She had on a red outfit that ended just around her knees and a stylish red belt.

"There something I can help you with?" Danny asked the girl.

"No," she said, "I just haven't seen you around because I think I'd remember such a cute face."

Danny mentally sighed, "I'm sorry but I don't think I follow you exactly."

"Did you come here to flirt or talk?" Danny asked with a raised eyebrow.

The girl just smiled.

"All business huh?" she asked, "The names Monique. You are?"


"Danny," she said as she sat down, "cute. Listen boy I couldn't help but notice your attire."

"Don't tell me your one of those fashion fanatics," Danny groaned.

"No," she said, "I just couldn't help but notice that it's a little torn up. You even change that?"

Danny looked down at his shirt. He saw that it was a little scuffed up from the fight with his older self. He mentally cursed at himself for being too stupid to not change clothes.

"Do you have a point with this?" Danny asked trying not to sound annoyed because he didn't want to come off as rude to her.

"Yeah," she said, "I can hook you up with some new digs. I work at this clothes store in the mall a few miles down the road. I can help you get some new clothes and help you look good."

Danny thought for a second. He could use a new look. Plus, he was dumb enough not to pack any clothes. The only stuff he packed were a few weapons and some food for when he got hungry on the flights between towns.

"Okay," Danny said as he finished off his lunch, "your on."

"Boy," she said, "when I am done with you your going to need a stick to beat the girls off."

Danny got a little nervous when she said that but decided to disregard it. The t got up and made their way outside. Danny followed the girl to her car which happened to be a red convertible. The two drove for about twenty minutes before they arrived at the mall. Once they were inside Danny followed the girl until they showed up to where she worked. It was a clothing store called Club Banana.

"For some reason I'm not surprised," Danny said getting the girl to raise an eyebrow.

"Why's that boy?"

"Well someone I knew used to be on the front of every fashion trend and I usually saw her shopping here. My sister always tried to get me to come here but I had a bad feeling about it. That's when I slip out of her grip and get my butt out of there," Danny explained.

Monique just giggled. The two entered the store and Monique immediately got to work. She got the size for Danny's shirt and pants and decided to pickout something she thought would go well with him. She ran into the back and came out with a few shirt and pants. Danny tried them all on and decided on a black and gray shirt and long jeans to wear. She also got him a few new things of clothing. Danny managed to fit those into his bag. Luckily Monique didn't notice the equipment he had in it. Al the while Danny started to think about changing his ghost forms appearance too. He just didn't know whether to tell her or not. He guessed that the worst she could do was freak out. He hoped that she didn't freak out or anything.

"Hey Monique," he said, "can I get a favor?"

"Boy if you want a date," she said, "I'd be happy to go but I have to work tonight."

"Not that," he said getting her thinking, "Look can we talk about this in private?"

Monique started to get suspicious but decided to go along with it. If he tried anything on her then she could just get her sic her best friend and her boyfriend on him. She lead him into the back room and closed the door.

"Okay boy," she said facing him, "what is it you need?"

"I can't tell you exactly," Danny said, "but I can show you."

Monique raised and eyebrow before her eyes widened when two white rings appeared around Danny's waist. One went up and the other went down. When they both reached the top and bottom Danny was transformed into his alter ego Danny Phantom. Monique was silent and wide eyed before she suddenly squealed and lunged at Danny wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" she said, "I can't believe I just spent time shopping with a superhero!"

"Um Monique," Danny said, "I like attention but I like breathing a bit more."

Monique blushed a bit and let go of Danny. As she looked him she noticed that the outfit he had on was torn up and looked like it would fall apart.

"Let me guess," she said, "you want a knew superhero look."

"Yeah," Danny answered.

Monique grinned and then took out a sketchpad from who knows where. She raised an eyebrow as she examined Danny's ghost form and thought for a moment. She started drawing. Ideas flashed through her head as she looked at Danny and made notes in her head. After a few minutes she was finally done. When she showed Danny the picture he was impressed. It showed him in a different outfit. Danny smirked at what he saw.

"I like it," Danny said.

"Then let's get to work," she said.

After a while Danny stood in front of Monique in his new look. He had replaced his jumpsuit for a t-shirt with his stylized D on it. He also had on a white vest that went with it. He also had a pair of loose black jeans that allowed him to move with ease and a pair of white combat boots. Monique couldn't tell him how hard it was for her to fid those, but she managed to. On his arms he had a pair of white fingerless gloves. He also had some bandages wrapped around his forearms to the elbow. They were mostly just there for decoration, but they had a practical use like using as bandages if he ever hurt himself in a fight which in all honest they both thought was something that might be happening a lot. As Danny examined his new attire he noticed Monique was looking at him thoughtfully.

"Is there a problem?" Danny asked her.

"I'm sorry," she said, "Its just that I feel like something is missing."

She thought for a moment and told Danny to change back. He did and she pulled him out of the back room and ran for a nearby store. Danny noticed that this was a jewelry store. He looked around and saw rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and any other piece of jewelry you could think of. He just hoped she wasn't trying to convince him to get a piercing or something.

Monique was looking around for something and she found it. She went to the cashier paid and ran back to Danny. She held up what she was holding. It was a small silver chain with what looked like a scythe on the end. The scythe was small and made of silver but looked like it couldn't harm anyone.

"A final touch," she said handing it to Danny, "I think this will finish your look quite nicely.

"Thanks," Danny said, "I'll try it on the next chance I get."

"Hold it kid," she said as Danny started to leave, "Do you even have anywhere to go?"

Danny sighed. He was hoping that she wouldn't ask that question. "Not really no," he answered.

"Well then why don't you stay with me tonight?" she asked, "You can head out in the morning."

Danny was silent. He could use the chance to stay somewhere free for the night and it was starting to get dark. What the heck?

"Okay," Danny answered, "is this going to cost me anything."

"Nothing much," Monique said as the two left the mall and started for her place, "Just Phantoms autograph and maybe a little kiss."

Danny looked at her like she was crazy, but didn't say anything. He didn't want to ruin his chance to stay somewhere tonight. The two arrived after a few minutes at her house which he had to admit was pretty nice. It was two story with a large yard and a few bushes in the front yard. (A.N. I have no idea what her house looks like so I just went out on a limb here.)

The two walked in and Danny was surprised to see that no one was home.

"Where is everybody?" Danny asked.

"Mom and Dad are on a cruise for their anniversary," Monique said, "So it's just us tonight. Now about my payment. I'll take half now and the other half tomorrow."

"Sorry but I don't have anything to sign," Danny said getting a little nervous.

"Boy," she said, "Just shut up and kiss me."

Danny knew there was no way to get out of this so he just kissed her. It was supposed to be quick but Monique just held on and would let go. Danny ended up phasing out of her arms just to get away. She smiled coyly at him as he blushed. At the same moment it Jump a certain girl started to feel jealous for some reason but she didn't know why.

"I'll go get the stuff so you can get your bed set up," Monique said as she went down a hall to get some blankets. Danny followed her and got eh stuff then took them up to the guest room. Danny set up his bed and went back downstairs. Danny and Monique ate and after that they decided to talk. Danny told her about his life except for when his loved ones died. She told him about her life not leaving out any details. After talking for a while they were both tired so they decided to go to bed.

The next day Monique got up and made breakfast but noticed that her friend wasn't around. She walked up stairs to see that he wasn't even in his room. She saw that his bags were gone, and the sheets and blanket on his bed were off and folded up. She also saw something ont eh nightstand. It was a small rose made out of solidified ecto energy. There was a tag on it that read:

"Thanks for the help and for the new outfit.


Monique grinned as she took the rose and put it in her room.

Meanwhile Danny was flying in his new form the scythe necklace dangling form his neck. He looked down and saw a sign that said "Jump City 5 miles."

Danny ahd heard about this town. He had heard that there was a team of crime fighters. He figured that since he still had his powers he guessed that he should go there. It would be a good place to settle down for a while. He didn't have anything in Amity. They were probably saying that he had killed those people so he decided to just stay here. He flew to the city. A smile on his face. Thinking about he new life that was awaiting him.

So Dan is gone and Danny had new powers and a new wardrobe. I know that Monique is from Kim Possible but I couldn't really think about any people from Teen Titans that were fashion crazy so I just decided to go with her. Also I might bring her back and get her in a fight with Danny's future girlfriend. Or just a yelling match. Let me know what you think. Also I was thinking of teaming up some of the younger generation villains with the older ones. Like the Hive Five and Poison Ivy or Joker and Slade. Let me know what you think.