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Chapter 20: Night Fall

All around Arkham city an intense feeling of dread washed over the whole city. Every inmate from the Joker, to Poison Ivy, to Bane was feeling the dread. It wasn't confirmed when Necros burst up from the ground.

The maniac ghost king laughed manically as he saw a group of inmates running scared.

"That's it!" Necros yelled, "Run you little insects run!"

The ghost king fired a jet of black flames from his mouth. The inmates screamed as the black flames ate away at their flesh like a giant parasite. A white glow came across them as their souls were ripped from their bodies. The ghost's skull opened wide before swallowing the light.

"Delicious," he said with his skull grin growing more sick.

While this was going on Danny slowly phased out of his chains. He looked up and reached for his necklace. He received a shock when he realized that the only pendant there was the scythe.

"Oh man," Danny groaned, "He took my weapons and my shadow powers."

Danny reached for his communicator and turned it on.

"Guys," Danny said, "Can any of you hear me?"

Robin picked up on the other end and answered, "Danny? Are you okay what happened?"

Danny answered, "We got a major problem. Requiem was Necros, the original ghost king. He used some ritual that sucked my shadow powers from me. He's currently at full power and in Arkham city."

Robin asked, "Where is he?"

Danny said, "He's the guy in armor, with wings, a sword, and a skull that has black flames all over it. Trust me he's impossible to miss."

Robin nodded and said, "Find us as soon as you can. We'll try and stop him."

Robin tuned off the communicator before Danny could advise against that.

Meanwhile the Titans had come across Necros. The man currently had his hand wrapped around Bane's throat and was sucking the life out of him.

"Back off old man," Beast boy said.

Bane's body turned into a husk before it was dropped to the ground. Necros then turned to face the teenage heroes. Starfire screamed as she saw Necros' flame covered face.

"So they send children to fight me," Necros said, "I feel so insulted."

Robin's response was to throw an energy disk right at the man's chest. The disk exploded on contact. There was a lot of smoke picked up from the blast. When it cleared it showed Necros without a scratch on him.

"You are but an ant fighting the sun," the ancient king said brandishing his sword which started to radiate black energy.

The ghost king was then struck in the back of the head by a bat-a-rang that was lined with nth metal. He turned around to see Batman who was looking a lot healthier than he did before.

Batman landed in front of the Titan's and turned his steely glare at Necros.

"Where's Joker?" Robin asked.

Batman answered, "Dead. Disease got him."

(Sorry for the spoiler for those of you who haven't beat Arkham City yet.)

Robin winced before turning to Necros. Robin noticed Danny floating behind the man focusing a sphere of energy into his hand. The boy fired a blast of green energy that Necros sensed coming.

The dark ghost spun on his heel and swatted the attack away with barely any effort.

"You'll have to do better than that, children," the ghost king said amused.

Three clones of Danny burst out of the ground and blasted at the ghost king. The blasts hit, but they didn't even scar him. Necros swung his sword cutting Danny's chest and knocked him away with a bone shattering back hand.

Batman ran forward and swung a well aimed punch. Necros simply avoided the attacked and swatted the rest of the attacks away like they were annoying flies. Batman took out a tool and spread some explosive gel on the man's stomach before jumping back and hit a button.

The explosion knocked the ghost man took a small step back. He simply scoffed and said, "Interesting human. Your soul will make a fine addition to my army."

The ghost king held out a hand and fired a blast of pure black energy. The blast knocked Batman off his feet.

Robin took out a retractable sword and swung. The blade struck against Necros' blackened blade. Robin's sword shattered like glass. Necros knocked the boy wonder backwards and hit the ground.

Starfire shot a star bolt at Necros. The power behind it made the ghost man step back a bit. Starfire kept up the attack. After a few blasts she flew in and started to beat on the man. Necros eventually caught the woman's fists before knocking the alien princess off her feet with a powerful kick to the chest.

Beast boy dodged a few blasts of shadow energy from the ghost king. He flew up and turned into a mammoth. He fell to the ground with crushed him. Necros then lifted the giant mammal up and threw it like soft ball. A pulse of dark energy knocked the shape changer unconscious.

Cyborg fired a few missiles and an ecto enhanced sonic blast. The blasts actually seemed to hurt him as his armor started to crack. The metal teen fired a few more blasts from the sonic shotgun that impacted the man, but they only seemed to annoy him.

The ghost king shot forward and smashed his fist into Cyborg's chest. The robotic hero was sent flying with a large hand shaped imprint in the middle of his chest coming just shy of crushing his heart.

Raven lifted up a few barrels of gas that hit him in the chest and exploded. A few more cracks appeared in Necros's armor. Necros burst into shadows before flying at Raven and materializing in front of her. The girl was then backhanded to the ground with a loud smack.

Danny saw this and jumped on Necros' back between his wings.

"Get off me boy!" the ghost king yelled.

Necros shook himself trying to get rid of Danny.

As he hung on Danny felt something. Danny quickly focused power into his hands and formed claws that stabbed into a large crack on Necros' chest. Danny then pulled back tearing the armor apart.

Necros' threw Danny off. Danny bounced on the concrete and came to a stop a few feet away.

Danny looked at Necros and his eyes widened in shock. In Necros' chest were five six black orbs. Five smaller ones surrounding a medium sized one in the middle.

Necros glanced down at his chest before looking at Danny.

He brandished his sword while Danny brandished his scythe.

Without even exchanging words Danny and Necros launched forward and met with clashing steel. The pair exchanged blow after blow. Sparks flew as the sound of singing steel rang through the air.

Eventually the pair stood at a stalemate. Danny took a risk and shoved his hand forward and grabbed the larger orb in the middle. Danny ripped the orb out of Necros' chest making him cry out in pain.

The orb assimilated with Danny. The half ghost felt his power return. Danny threw out a punch sending a blast of black energy at Necros knocking the man back.

Raven got up and said, "What is it?"

Danny said, "Good news: My powers are back. Bad news: My powers are back!"

Danny's scythe flashed black before he swung his scythe sending a wave of black energy forward that Necros' stomach.

Danny launched himself forward. Despite being weakened Necros was by no means defenseless. The ghost king brought up his sword and blocked another swing from Danny's scythe. Danny swung out another punch to Necros' midsection making him cry out in pain. Danny smashed his fist into another one of the smaller orbs.

Danny jumped back as a large hammer formed in his hands.

Danny swung the weapon knocking Necros off his feet. In the process a third orb was broken.

The swords Danny had before appeared in his hands. Danny charged stabbed both swords down into the ghost kings wings and shoulders pinning him to the ground. Danny stood on the necro master's chest and started to beat down on his face furiously. A crack formed in the man's skull and a tooth was knocked loose.

Danny jumped off and ripped out a fourth orb. The chakram formed in Danny's hand and he smirked as he came down and smashed the weapon into the man's shoulder. The man cried out as the weapon sliced through his shoulder.

Danny stomped on the man's head making everything from the neck down go up into the air.

A few more stomps followed as Danny threw Necros into the air and ripped out the fifth orb. A spear appeared in Danny's hands. Danny threw it with surprisingly well and pinned the man to the wall.

Danny took out his swords again and swung them both slashing across his chest. The ghost king cried out in agony as the blades ate away at his flesh.

Danny finally pulled out the final orb. A pair of lightning bolt shaped daggers appeared in his hands and he stabbed them into his shoulders.

Necros looked up at Danny. He coughed up ectoplasm that was a mix of black and green.

Danny backed away and said, "Eat that you jerk."

Danny turned away from the man before firing a blast of black energy that pierced the ghost king chest. The ghost king called out in pain. The hole in his chest leaked out white as the souls he consumed flew out.

The other Titans rose up just in time to see Bane's body revert o his normal form only he was unconscious.

The guys followed the carnage to find Danny standing in front of a hung Necromaster.

Danny turned away just as Necros spoke.

"I never thought," Necros said, "That I would be beaten by mere children."

He looked at Danny and said, "Child don't let my legacy end again."

A black orb much larger than the ones he pulled out before rose out of Necros' chest.

He said, "I give you a choice child. Take my power and take your rightful place as king of the ghost zone. Or take my sword and end me."

Danny looked between the sword and the orb in the ghost kings chest. Danny looked back at his friends. Danny finally sighed turned back to the ghost king.

While this is happening in another dimension…

An indescribable being with a game controller yelled, "Oh come on! What is with these people in the gaming industry always put in this decision junk?"

The being looked between the two decisions before hitting a button and watched what would happen.

Choice 1: the sword

Danny reached out and stabbed the sword and picked it up.

"The ghost zone survived for centuries without a king," Danny said, "It can last a little bit longer."

Danny stabbed the weapon into the man's chest. The ghost king called out in pain as the blade pierced the orb and ran up the blade and focused into his chest. Danny groaned as the black energy swarmed around him. When it cleared Danny now had a large pair of wings.

Elsewhere Sam screamed as she felt the dark energy that held her soul to the earth fade. Her body turned to mulch and fell to the earth. A white light appeared above the mulch that flew up in the air. A bright light opened up and the soul went into the portal before entering it and fading away.

Danny backed away and let the body of Necros decay. Danny turned around to face the Titans and said, "It's over.

One month later…

Danny stood with Raven on top of Titan's Tower. The pair was watching the sun set.

"What happens now?" Raven asked.

"We wait," Danny said, "After all…when is a hero's work ever done?"

Raven shook her head and said, "Man that was corny."

The two kissed deeply as the sun sank below the horizon.

Nearby the others were watching.

"Should we tell them that Raven's mother is here?" Beast boy asked.

Robin said, "No. Let them enjoy the moment."

Choice 2: the orb

Danny reached out and pulled the orb from Necros' chest. The orb flashed before merging with Necros' sword. The sword flew to Danny's hand and a pair of wings grew from his back. Danny vanished in a plume of black smoke.

Things changed from then on. In the ghost zone Danny became king and not very man were happy about that. Danny took it before, but after time became corrupted by his new powers. Danny wiped out all who stood in his way.

Danny eventually went back to the human world. This time though he went to wipe out those who opposed him. The Doom Patrol, the Justice League, and others all fell to his army. The world's villains allied themselves with him and became his new generals. Eventually Danny faced his old team. He took them down one by one. He offered Raven a chance to be with him again. She refused seeing him as the same monster that Necros was. With a heavy heart he killed her.

Sam found Danny and grew to love the new more powerful king. Almost immediately she threw herself at him becoming his queen. She wasn't alone because many other girls in the zone became attracted to his power. Ember, Desiree, Spectra were among them.

Despite the love of these women, Danny was ultimately depressed. His heart ached for the woman he loved.

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