Author's Note: A new genre for me. This is more an experiment actually. This idea has been bugging me for a while now and I finally decided to run with it. So, the fruit of my labors.

Info about things in the chapter: Sometimes characters or places are denoted with a Mr_ or just _. No, there's nothing wrong with your screen or browser. It's actually an old practice of elminating true names, but for the sake of this story, it's fiction and because the information is just not quite important enough to garner a name, as well as being mysterious.

The year is supposed to be 1993. Old school yeah. And VHS.

Also, my main character is involved with the religion of Wicca. Now, I've used some of the principles, etc. I am in no way trying to convert anyone, etc. This is more for the storyline to give her something to relate to certain characters about. :) It is in no way meant to offend anyone, just fiction. Most covens do not take underage practitioners (18 is the usual minimum), but there is no real rule that says underage folks can't form their own. So, when she says a good coven, she means her friends.

Summary: Deidra is just your average high school senior, that is, until she finds herself transported into the fictional realm of Nottingham. If that's not bad enough, she has to try and survive the Sheriff himself and find someway home. But once she spends some time there, will she want to return to her normal life?

Rating: M for adult themes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves or its associated characters. This is a work of fiction and no money is made from the writing of this. The lyrics belong to Florence + The Machine.

Rabbit Heart

I start spinning, slipping out of time

Was that the wrong pill to take?

-Florence + The Machine "Rabbit Heart (Raise it up)"

Chapter 1

I could begin this story with "Once upon a time…" but then that would give you the idea that this was a fairy tale. It's not. Not technically.

No, I would dub this more a modern "girl-tries-to-take-the-easy-way-out-but-messes-up-and-gets-into-all-sorts-of-trouble-before-learning-something-and-falling-in-love-with-the-bad-guy-thus-making-a-life-changing-decision-before-the-end" type of tale. But you could probably argue with me.

It all started in English literature, the day before Christmas break.

My professor, Mr. _ had a "proposal" for all of us.

In other words, homework over break. Of course. Mr._ still lived with his mother and had no social life. Duh, he wanted us to have homework over one of our favorite holidays of the year. He said he was preparing us for college next fall. I think he just wanted to make us miserable.

It's not that I was a bad student, I was just average. I didn't play sports, wasn't in clubs, unless you counted the go-home-when-the-bell-rings club. I wasn't terrifically popular, but I had an eclectic group of friends. Just your average high school senior, trying to graduate and move on like everyone else.

I probably spent too much time reading or spending weekends with my family. I had no boyfriend to speak of, at least a regular one. Sure I had been on dates; I wasn't completely deprived of normal teenage behavior. I was just a little different from everyone else.

My father had died of cancer when I was ten, leaving my mother with next to nothing. My mother had a psychotic break. I got sent to live with my eccentric aunt in another part of _. I still haven't seen my mother in eight years. My aunt said it was dangerous for my health.

Loads of things are dangerous for my health, but I still like them.

But this story isn't about my mother or my aunt, and sometimes it isn't even really about me or who wins.

You see, besides having a dysfunctional family, there is something special about me. It was something I didn't realize until I went to live with my aunt and did some digging.

I'm a witch.

Not in the usual sense, like bubbling caldrons and being able to shift people into toads. That's movie magic, though sometimes I wished it worked.

No my magic is different, heredity. It passed through my family on my mother's side. She didn't know it. My aunt said something about she was sure that my mother never embracing the magical side of her heritage, probably caused the episode that took her away from me. I have no other reason not to believe her.

I was familiar with the new age witchcraft, Wicca. Several of my friends got me into it when I started high school. Because it came naturally, I found that I was rather talented with spells and healing. I had a healthy connection with nature and my Goddess and God, a good coven to practice with, and my aunt helping me. I never realized that it might actually save my life in a way I had never imagined.

But this is not exactly about my choice of religion either. It plays a part, but it's not the main attraction.

No, this is still about the assignment that would change my life.

I'm not condoning taking shortcuts on anything. I knew better; way better. One summer, at the library for their reading program, I went through a period of absorbing old tales like King Arthur and the like.

"I want you all to read Robin Hood, any version you wish. Then write a report relating the story line to current times. It will be due when we commence again in January. Don't just rent the movies and write something from those. Actually read."

Now, as I said, I'm not a bad student. Everything Mr. _ gave us to read, I did read. But this was my one exception. I had read Robin Hood before, several times actually, but not recently. Good vs. Evil, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. I could do this paper in my sleep.

The day after school let out, my aunt was supposed to be taking me on holiday back to Ireland, for Yule festivities with some relatives of hers. Then we were going to stay through the New Year and I wouldn't be back until a day or two before school started. I was excited. It had been years since I had seen my home country, though traces of my accent sometimes showed up. Sometimes it made me unpopular.

So I figured, be progressive about it. I'll rent different versions of the movie, watch them that night, and write most of the paper now and maybe re-read the book when I got a chance on our travels. Aunt_ and I would just drop them back in the morning on the way to the airport. Progressive.

It had been snowing the last half of the school day, but we were used to it. No snow days for us. It was still daylight, salt was on the roads, no sweat. I had done it a hundred times before, since I had learned to drive. I would be fine.

I wished my friends a wonderful holiday and that I would send them postcards before I got into the warmth of my little car. If I hurried, I could beat everyone to the store, if they had the same idea. I figured most would wait until the night before.

The road was a little slushie, but I didn't worry as I continued to my favorite store. They had the biggest selection, no question. Dusting snow from my heavy coat, I let the warm air brush my face, nodding to the clerk at the counter.

Browsing the shelves, I picked up the newest Robin Hood remake (1991), plus any other version the store had. Never had I imagined so many copies! I stopped myself from picking up Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I hadn't seen it yet, but I really wanted to. I would consider it a treat to myself when I returned.

The clerk raised her perfectly manicured eyebrows at me, but said nothing. I smiled sheepishly, realizing how I probably looked. "I'm on a Robin Hood kick," I lied gracefully. She nodded, as if she understood, being polite and smacking her pink bubble gum.

Back out into the cold, where I would hopefully be home in time for a lovely cup of Aunt_ famous tea.

We lived in an old farmhouse out from town. I was the only person on the road, with the white fields around me. It was like driving from modern day to some distant time past.

But my tires did not feel quite like cooperating with my driving. I watched unable to stop it from happening, as my car slid into a snow bank. My head knocked against the window; however, I didn't feel hurt.

The world wasn't spinning now and my car wasn't too stuck. I stepped out into the light wind and snow, digging enough to get myself out then continuing on my way home. No damage done.

When I arrived however, my aunt had left a note that she had gone last minute shopping for things we'd need on the trip. I just hoped she made it home safely and that we weren't in the middle of a snow storm. It would postpone our trip.

I shed my heavy clothes, down to my hand-knitted black duster over my leggings, skirt, and long-sleeve top. My long, blood colored hair was damp from the stray snowflakes but it would dry eventually in the comfortable heat of our home.

My favorite teapot was howling away before too long and I seeped one of my favorite brews, apple and cinnamon. I grabbed a few of my aunt's homemade crescent biscuits and settled myself into my much loved tweed arm chair, armed with the newest Robin Hood movie and a pad of paper with my emerald green pen.

I realize now, that I had probably hit my head harder than I thought, to completely change my surroundings. Maybe it was a combination of the warm tea and magic, or perhaps just some strange opening in the fabric of reality. Whatever it was, I'll never know.

I can't tell you how a sort of normal high school student wakes up in another time, or even in a fictional story. I wish I knew. I can't tell you how to make it happen again.

However, I can tell you exactly how I changed fiction, just with my added presence, well sort of…


I'm not sure when I dozed off. I don't think I even made it past the credits. It's not that the movie was boring; there were just quite a few other factors.

Before I opened eyes, that I couldn't remember shutting, I realized something was different. The air smelled purer somehow. I couldn't smell the familiar age of my aunt's house for one thing.

Instead, unfamiliar scents touched my nose causing me to open my eyes. It took a little while for my brain to catch up, so I was just staring off into nothing for a while.

There were trees everywhere. I couldn't even identify them. The ground was rather soft, leavings providing a temporary bed for me. I knew leaves were tangled in my hair as I sat up. I felt dazed, like I was dreaming.

But somehow, I knew I wasn't. Gut feeling.

Behind me, a horse snorted. I nearly jumped out of my skin, grabbing my chest as my heart started.

"And what…have we here?" a distinguished male voice asked from behind me. My flesh tingled and I realized dully that this man possessed magical ability as I started to turn around.


Author's End Note: So ready to know more? Who is that mysterious man? Any ideas? :) Please, postive and constructive feedback. No flames.