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Chapter 5

Tim smiled as Abby pushed the wheelchair out of the hospital lobby and to Kate's waiting car. He was finally being discharged from the hospital and allowed to go home. Tony helped him up and into the car. Abby slid in next to Timmy, putting her arm around his waist and resting her head on his shoulder. He gave her a smile. Tony got into the passenger's seat next to Kate and grinned at McGee.

"Are you ready for some quality time together Probie?" he teased.

"You heard what the doctor said, Tony. I need to get eat, take my medicine, and get some rest," Tim answered.

"Don't worry, we'll make sure that you do," Kate interrupted.

"I brought some of my favorite movies to keep you occupied. We can sit on the couch and eat popcorn."

McGee wrinkled his nose. "I don't really have any place to watch movies on the couch."

Tony frowned and turned his attention to Kate. "Change of plans, head to my place after we drop Abby off, Kate."

"Tony," McGee complained.

"Hush, McCranky. We'll take good care of you."

They drove in silence to NCIS headquarters to drop Abby off at work. Ducky and Gibbs came out to the car. Ducky gave McGee a quick examination, checking the rashes on his hands and face. Abby quickly kissed a clear part of Tim's face and promised to come see him after work. Gibbs spoke to Kate off to the side about making sure Tony didn't harass McGee too much.

"Is everything back to normal?" Ducky murmured, not wanting to ask too loudly. "Has the… swelling decreased?"

"Yes, it's better."

Tony stood awkwardly to the side, listening to their conversation. He didn't get what they were talking about. Yes, the swelling and redness on McGee's hands and face had gone down, but by the way Ducky was whispering he wasn't referring to that part of McGee. He glanced over and saw that Palmer was standing off to the side, hearing Ducky's conversation and looking uncomfortable.

"Palmer, come here."

"What's up, Tony?"

"You know something about Agent McGee that you are keeping from me. Spill it."

"I don't know what you're talking about," he stuttered.

"Autopsy Gremlin, you're gonna tell me or I'll force Abby on you. She can kill you without leaving a trace."

With one look from Tony, Jimmy quickly spilled what he had accidentally walked into.

"Well… I was headed into autopsy to talk to Doctor Mallard about the case, but when I walked in he was examining Agent McGee…. And," he paused.

"Keep going."

Palmer couldn't do it. Tony got up close to his face and caused him to cave.

"Doctor Mallard was examining his poison ivy and McGee… had his pants down. He apparently had poison ivy on his… Umm…"

Tony grimaced at first before smiling and burst out laughing. He called Kate over and made Jimmy tell them again. The three of them laughed, looking at McGee and unsure of what they could do with this information. Gibbs came up behind them and gave each one a quick head slap. Ducky gave McGee a clean bill of health, wishing him some well deserved rest and informing him that he could return to work in a day or two. Gibbs helped McGee back into the car, telling him to feel better. Kate and Tony drove in silence, glancing at each other occasionally and smiling. McGee, completely unaware, dozed on the backseat. They arrived at Tony's apartment and he helped the younger agent inside, settling him down on the couch with a blanket and a bowl of popcorn. Kate and Tony continued to laugh as they sat down next to their friend.

"How you doing Probie?" Tony teased.

"I'm fine," he murmured, suspicious of Tony.

"So… does your rash go all the way up your arms?"


"You didn't happen to answer nature's call out there with that on your hands did you?" Tony asked.

"Tony… who told you?" McGee grumbled.

Tony slapped her knee as he laughed hysterically. Kate joined him, accidentally spilling some popcorn on her lap and on the floor. Tim's face went red as he blushed.

"Palmer told you didn't he!"

"Of course he did, McItchy. He broke faster than that crazy woman who stole a bunch of turkeys on Thanksgiving!"

Tim put his face into his hands, groaning. They would never let him live it down.

For the rest of the movie, Tony and Kate would suddenly start laughing, causing McGee to be embarrassed all over again. It was terrible. Tony had finally calmed down long enough to enjoy the movie, quoting it as it went along. He looked over at Kate, giving her a smile and noticed something. McGee had fallen asleep with the blanket only covering one of his rash hands. He looked very peaceful. Tony sighed and covered him up better. They could tease him more at another time; for now their friend needed to rest. He'd survived death, but Tony doubted he could survive all the jokes that he was planning for tomorrow.

The End

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