Emily Lightman Home for Thanksgiving weekend! So ready to shop 'til I drop with my amazing stepmom.
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Cal Lightman is never going shopping on Black Friday again.
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Cal Lightman Darling, you're the one I was shopping for; you should DIS-like this post.
Gillian Foster-Lightman That's what I meant…
Emily Lightman Don't worry Gill, we'll drag him out next year, too. And basically every year after that. If we have to wake up at 4 a.m. to go get his presents, he's got to wake up, too!
Gillian Foster-Lightman That's right! I'd be happy if it was just us girls, though. Your father's kind of a pain in the ass when he's got to do girly things. And 4 a.m.? Forget about it!
Emily Lightman KIND OF a pain in the ass? Gill, I know 5-year-olds who whine less.
Gillian Foster-Lightman At least you don't live with him anymore…
Cal Lightman Hey, I'm right here!
Emily Lightman So? :P
Cal Lightman Now that's just uncalled for.
Gillian Foster-Lightman I love you.

Gillian Foster-Lightman wrote on Cal Lightman's wall.
Gillian Foster-Lightman Don't even tell me you forgot to buy your Secret Santa present again.
Cal Lightman Alright. I won't tell you.
Gillian Foster-Lightman Caldonius Lightman! I must have reminded you about 25 times!
Cal Lightman Oi! What are you trying to do here, Gill?
Eli Loker CALDONIUS! Were you born in Ancient Greece? That would explain a LOT.
Cal Lightman Are you done?
Eli Loker Not. Even. Close.
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Cal Lightman Well darling, I think I can safely say I'll never forget a Secret Santa again…
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Eli Loker Caldonius, Hermes wanted me to tell you that your winged shoes will be ready next week, but you shouldn't overuse them.
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Ria Torres You are having waaay too much fun with this, babe.
Cal Lightman You're ridiculous, Loker. Don't make me demote you again.

Gillian Foster-Lightman …so how 'bout them Packers?
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Emily Lightman I will marry Aaron Rodgers one day.
Gillian Foster-Lightman If I weren't already married…
Cal Lightman No need to finish that thought, love. I'm more attractive than TEN Aaron Rodgerses.
Eli Loker Rodgerses? I don't think so, Caldonius. I mean, you're no Adonis…
Gillian Foster-Lightman Cal's my Adonis.
Cal Lightman I'm flattered, darling.
Eli Loker Awww, married love.
Cal Lightman So Loker, what did YOU buy on Black Friday, hm?
Eli Loker SHHH.
Cal Lightman Stop calling me Caldonius or I'll spill the beans on toast.
Eli Loker Empty threat.

Eli Loker is engaged to Ria Torres.
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Emily Lightman FINALLY!
Anna Martens Congratulations, love birds!
Ben Reynolds Ria, if he ever screws up, remember, you've got friends in the Bureau…I mean, congratulations!
Jack Rader If you're thinking of starting a family soon, I'm sure I can offer you a very competitive salary.
Cal Lightman Bugger off. Not you, Loker, though sometimes…anyway, glad to see you finally made the leap. It's about time.
Gillian Foster-Lightman Eli, you did good. Don't let her get away.
Eli Loker I don't intend to. Even if I have to tie her down.
Ria Torres Hey, no one's supposed to know about that…
Cal Lightman GRAPHIC! I'll have to flag that as inappropriate now, thanks.
Ria Torres Please, like you and Foster don't do the same thing.
Emily Lightman SCARRED FOR LIFE.