Hey I'm a major HM addict. I have almost all the game is some short stories like REALLY SHORT. I actually doodled little short pics randomly and decided to write them down but I think they were better in picture but idk how to post it online for you peoples to see. I'm adding mostly about Chelsea if not it might be about the other main HM character -DBSKLOVER

Chapter 1: Her Will

Vaughn and Chelsea were standing alone near the ocean. The sun was setting and they were both silent, you could fell the how tense the air felt.

Vaughn then turned to face Chelsea and began scratching the back of his head, you could tell he was nervous. And the way the wind was blowing Chelsea's silky hazel hair in front of her face didn't help the situation. Since her face was cloaked it made her large curious aquamarine eyes stand out. Vaughn gulped,"Chelsea..."

"Hnn?" Chelsea tilted her head confused. Don't do that, Vaughn thought, it makes this the more harder.

"Chelsea..." Vaughn began again his voice getting hoarse,"are you really getting married to Will?"

"Yes" Chelsea answered awkwardly looking at her feet. It was an awkward situation for the both of them since they used to date but Vaughn broke it off to date Sabrina. It was a awkward silent brake up without clawing, clinging, or crying. But little did Vaughn know it did affect Chelsea a lot. Will was Sabrina's cousin and saw Chelsea around the mansion with Vaughn all the time. But when he saw the day Vaughn and Sabrina he asked for the whole story and when he got it he rushed to Chelsea's ranch to find her crying. He comforted her and the time after, he had a crush on Chelsea since he first almost ran her over. After a while Chelsea got over Vaughn and fell in love and now they were getting married.

Vaughn was happy with Sabrina but was always jealous of Will. He was always around the two women who were important to him. He knew he loved Sabrina but he still felt a little something for Chelsea so when he heard of their engagement he had to talk to her. He didn't want her to marry Will. Even though he couldn't have her he didn't want another man to have her either.

"Oh... Congratulations..." He answered awkwardly again. He was planning to use the cheesy if it makes you happy then I'm happpy line hoping she'll doubt the wedding and think of him or run from the wedding like in the movies but when he uttered the beginning of the line" Well if this is your will-"

"Yes, I'm HER WILL" Will popped out of no where with his gentleman smile but Vaughn could see a mischievous glint in his smile. He knew Will was trying to protect his fiancee from another male. "We must be going Chelsea dear, we have wedding plans to go over we'll be busy till the day of the wedding" Will spoke leading the still confused Chelsea away from the shocked Vaughn.

"But Vaughn was telling me someth-"

"We're going to be very busy sweetheart, he can tell you what it is after the wedding" He turned around to smile at Vaughn but Vaughn saw it as a smirk," Right?"

"Uh right...?" Vaughn answered more like a question.

"Good" Will gave Vaughn one last smile and the soon-to-be-weds were gone. Leaving Vaughn alone in the dark now. He just stood there silent trying to absorb what just happened.

He finally spoke in what seemed like forever.

"That was a stupid choice of words..."

LOL I love Vaughn but I love Will more so I wanted to put them in a love triangle.