I always wondered why will was traveling and i think this is the most reasonable reason why he'd dock in a desolated island -DBSKLOVER

Chapter 4: Will's Reason

Chelsea was sitting across from Will on his yacht having tea. "So Will how are you liking the island so far?" Chelsea asked him.

Will turned to Chelsea and smiled in return," Wonderful! Everything is so nice and calm, so different from back in the city. I'm so glad I came here."

Chelsea smiled and nodded,"good."

Will looked into her eyes and his smiled brightened even more," and the most amazing part of visiting this island is that I had the opportunity of meeting you, Chelsea."

Chelsea's blue eyes widened and a blush exploded on her cheeks. Will continued smiling at her as if what he said was perfectly normal. Chelsea looked around nervously trying to change the subject. "U-um so why did you leave your home in the first place?"

Will's smiled fell and he bore a sad expression. "It wasn't well liked at home..."

"What why,"Chelsea asked utterly shocked,"your the perfect gentleman, every girls dream!" Chelsea blushed at the last part of her outburst but Will just smiled gently at her and chuckled.

"Thank you very much but the ladies that I knew didn't seem to think so, I don't think they liked me very much, they didn't really talk to me and tried to attack me and caused riots. My parents sent me away for my own safety. Can we not talk about this, it's a very sore subject for me..." Will looked depressed and Chelsea understood.

But that didn't dim her curiosity. SHe went to his uncle Regis to get the full story. When she told Regis Will's story he boomed laughing,"he thought those women didn't like him?" It turned out he had charmed all those women, he was so charming they were to speechless to talk to him and ended up following him. Those bold enough tried to "attack" him but not the way he thought and the riots were jealous fights between the women over Will. "That boy's charm is frightening! He was sent away for his own safety, there were women stalking him everywhere he went!"

LOL that's the reasonable conclusion I came up with. It makes sense though right? XD DBSKLVOER