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He looked at her, as he did often enough.

It was easy, considering that her desk was right across from his. And it was tempting, considering…

Yes, Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo could admit that fellow agent Ziva David was a beautiful woman. Gorgeous, even. At least, in his head he could admit it, anyway.

Her mouth was moving, the phone receiver pressed between her ear and the shoulder Tony had been known to lean over while peeking at her computer screen, or while standing behind her as they watched Gibbs break bad guys in interrogation. The fact that doing so meant he knew her hair smelled like jasmine, and he could always remember just how close he could get before he could feel her body heat…none of that meant anything.

Of course, he could have learned all of that on that undercover job, during their stint as a married couple of assassins. Maybe while they were distracting those other agents, and he did all those pushups…none of which he had ever, ever thought about again. Definitely not how her voice had sounded while she counted off the exercises, and totally not how he'd wished…

Oh, what a freaking lie. It seemed he lied a lot because of Ziva David, and not all of it was to himself. He hadn't had a date in months, despite what he'd told McGoogle the other day. And he was sure he'd had to clarify for someone recently that he and Ziva were just teammates.

Right, and Casablanca was just a movie.

She looked up at him, and Tony looked back at his computer screen, back to his work. Pretending yet again that he hadn't been thinking about her…

Just being in Gibbs' presence was like a lie. There was Rule 12, after all. He hadn't broken it…but surely Gibbs knew he wanted to. Tony was fairly certain there wasn't much that man didn't know.

Tony may have told a lot of lies, but he'd told Ziva the truth, a few weeks before, when they'd both been tied up, dirty, and waiting for Saleem to come back and threaten to kill one of them again.

His gaze travelled back to Ziva, watching her type, and relief that she was back flooded him once again as his own words flitted through his memory.

"Just…couldn't live without ya, I guess."

It had been true. Living without her had been a constant blur of cases, evidence, conversations he couldn't remember, and a few failed dates that ended in sleepless nights.

She looked over at him again, and this time he didn't look down, instead nodding and smiling at him, earning a smile in return. One of their peaceful moments, for now at least.

Bringing her home had been the single best thing he'd ever done, even if in all the chaos of getting out and getting home, she'd forgotten, or just not taken him seriously.

But he'd meant every word.

Damn that truth serum.