Broken Promises and Shattered Hearts

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Sitting at the table of the latest rundown house where they were staying and doing his homework, Sam's mind drifted as he thought about the fun he and his brother were going to have the following day. Tomorrow would be his fourteenth birthday and Dean had promised a few weeks ago to spend the day with him, doing anything he wished. Smiling to himself as he contemplated how they would spend the day, he looked forward to actually being able to spend some quality time with the big brother he worshipped. Dean had been going on hunts more and more with their father lately, and he really missed having his big brother around just to talk to. Tapping his pencil on the table, he wondered if Dean would take him to the movies. Everybody in school was talking about going to see the latest Austin Powers movie and he thought it might be fun to see it too. He was soon drawn out of his musings as he heard his father's truck rumble into the driveway.

Glancing up as the door opened, he sucked in a breath upon seeing the look in his Dad's eyes. He knew that look anywhere, it meant the family would soon be packing up to leave once again, even after his father had promised to let him finish out the school year. He just hoped his dad would wait until after tomorrow.

"Something on your mind boy?" John grumbled, noticing that Sam was staring at him as he threw his jacket over the chair closest to him.

"No Sir." Sam answered quickly, lowering his eyes and going back to his homework.

"Where's your brother?" John inquired as he scanned the room. He didn't like his sons being out so late after dark. He didn't care if Dean was eighteen, he still wanted him home where he knew he was safe.

"You said he could go out on a date with Ali tonight, remember?" Sam informed his dad.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that." John replied as he walked over to the refrigerator to grab an ice cold beer. "You about finished with that crap?"

"It's not crap Dad, it's homework." Sam replied, resisting the urge to roll his eyes knowing it would just piss off his Dad.

"I don't care what it is. It's late and you need to get your ass to bed." John retorted, a little unhappy with Sam's minor insubordination.

"Yes Sir, I'm going now." Sam stated as he marked his page and then closed his math book. He didn't want to chance making his father too angry with him and getting grounded for his birthday. Packing his stuff away into his book bag, he hefted it over his shoulder and carried it down the small hallway to his room. Placing the book bag on the floor beside his bed, he quickly stripped off his blue jeans and climbed into bed. Sighing as his head hit the pillow, he silently prayed that his dad would be in a better mood tomorrow.


Exhaling in relief as he heard the Impala pulling into the driveway well after one in the morning, John was ready to give his oldest an earful. The boy knew better than to be out so damn late and it made him rethink giving Dean the Impala for his eighteenth birthday. Standing in the doorway of the kitchen, he could hear his son trying to be as quiet as possible as he entered the house. He had purposefully left the lights off as he waited for Dean so his eldest wouldn't know he was still awake. Watching as Dean eased the door shut and then started tiptoeing across the floor, he reached up and turned the kitchen light on.

"Just where in the hell have you been?" John growled as he took in the startled look upon his child's face.

"Uh, a gentleman doesn't tell, Dad." Dean replied a little cheekily as he plastered on a smug smile after getting his emotions back in check from the scare his dad had just given him.

"Gentleman my ass. I don't care what you're doing with your latest flavor of the week so long as it doesn't end up giving me a grandchild. You understand me boy, am I making myself perfectly clear?"

"Yes Sir, don't worry, I always use protection." Dean said as his cheeks reddened a little. It was so not cool to be discussing his sex life with his father.

"Well, now that you're home, I've got something I need to talk to you about," John stated as he motioned Dean into the kitchen before sitting down at the table.

"Is it about me being so late? I know I should have called but…" Dean startled to ramble as he sat down opposite of his old man.

"Dean, stop interrupting me son." John warned as he gave his eldest a stern look.

"Sorry Sir, you were saying?"

"I talked with Caleb earlier today and we've decided it's time you start learning to use the crossbow since your so adept at using all of the guns in our arsenal. Caleb's coming tomorrow and he's agreed to teach you the finer aspects of the weapon and how to shoot it one handed if need be," John said as he pushed himself away from the table to walk over to the fridge once again.

"Are you serious? That's frigging fantastic. I've been wanting to get my hands on that crossbow for a while now," Dean enthused as he rubbed his hands together like a child waiting for a treat.

"Yeah, I thought you might like that Ace," John said as he pulled two beers from the fridge. "I know you're still underage, but one little beer won't hurt you," he said as he passed one of the amber colored bottles over to Dean who gladly accepted it.

As they drank, Dean and John talked about the training session that Caleb would be putting him through and how he would eventually use the new skill on a later hunt. After finishing their beers, the two older Winchesters cleaned up the kitchen, checked the salt lines by the doors and windows and went to bed.


Entering the kitchen early the next morning after having gotten dressed, Sam was surprised to see his dad and Dean already up and talking since Dean was usually the last one to awaken every morning. "Maybe him and Dad are planning something for my birthday," Sam thought as he walked over to the wooden cupboard and pulled a ceramic bowl from it before walking over to the table. Picking up the half full box of Lucky Charms, he poured some into his bowl and then trod over to the refrigerator to grasp the milk.

"You're up kind of early aren't you dude?" Sam asked with a smile as he made his way back to the table and removed the cap from the milk so he could pour some over his cereal.

"Got big plans today Sammy boy," Dean replied with a wink before chugging down some of the coffee in his cup.

"About those plans, I was hoping maybe we could go to the movies today. Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery is playing and I thought…"

"Whoa Tiger, maybe I can take you to the movies some other time. Caleb is coming today and he and Dad are going to teach me how to shoot the crossbow," Dean retorted, having totally forgetting what day it was in his excitement.

"But Dean, you prom…"

"You heard your brother Sammy, so stop your whining. This world doesn't revolve around you ya know," John grunted as he gave Sam a disapproving look.

"But it's my…"

"Sammy, don't make me have to punish you!" John warned harshly as he crossed his arms in front of his chest and glared at his youngest. The kid just never knew when to shut up.

"It's what Sammy?" Dean prodded in spite of his father, trying to figure out what had the kid so upset.

"Nothing, apparently it wasn't important enough to you anyway," Sam voiced as he pushed away from the table with tears in his eyes. "May I be excused sir?"

"Fine, but I want this mess cleaned up later today while your brother is out training. Understood?"

"Yeah," Sam mumbled as he turned to make his way back to his room.

"Excuse me?" John voiced gruffly

"I mean, Yes Sir," Sam automatically rasped, his throat tight with emotion as he tried to hold back the tears before making his way to his room.

"Jeez, what's got his panties in a wad today?" Dean asked as he watched his brother trod somberly down the hallway.

"Who knows, the kids always whining about something," John replied, before carrying his coffee cup over and placing it in the sink. "He needs to grow up."

"I'll talk to him later and find out what's wrong," Dean said as he followed his father's lead and placed his dirty dishes into the sink. He had a niggling suspicion there was something he had forgotten, but all thoughts of it left his mind when he heard Caleb's car driving up.


Sitting on the bed in his room as his tears fell, Sam couldn't believe his brother had forgotten his birthday and the promise he had made to him. He had been looking forward to the day for so long now and he felt betrayed by the fact that Dean wanted to learn to use the crossbow more than he wanted to spend time with him. Sure, he knew Dean was eighteen and he was only fourteen, but he thought his big brother enjoyed spending time with him. "Guess I was wrong." He mumbled as he fiddled with the hole in the knee of his jeans.

Hearing the sound of Caleb's laughter coming from the kitchen, it upset him even more to know that the hunter would be sharing the day with Dean instead of him. It was his special day after all. It wouldn't have hurt his father or Caleb to have waited just one more day to do the training. But then, there was no use crying about it now was there?

"Well if Dean doesn't want to spend the day with me, then I'll just go have some fun on my own," Sam voiced with determination as he reached down beside his bed to grasp his shoes and pull them on. His family would be busy all day anyway, and it wasn't like they would miss him or anything so why not celebrate on his own. Once he had his shoes on, he walked over to the small dresser he and Dean shared and pulled out the bottom drawer where he kept all of his tuff including his leather wallet. Opening it up, he glanced inside it to make sure he had enough money for what he planned and then he refolded the wallet and stuffed it into his back pocket.

Waiting until he heard the sound of the back door closing and his family's voices fading away, Sam exited his bedroom and then looked around to make sure the coast was clear. Quickly walking over to get his jacket, he pulled it on and then quietly made his way out of the house. The movie theater was only a forty five minute walk from where they lived and he could probably do it in thirty if he jogged part of the way. Furtively glancing towards the back yard as he made his way down the driveway, he breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing his family and Caleb occupied with what they were doing. Now, to have some fun.

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