Code Geass: Rivalz of the Rebellion

Prologue: Queen and Pawn

No. Impossible.

Kallen still couldn't believe the sudden revelation as she ran out of the cave, the sound of Zero's cry and Suzaku's attack still ringing in her ears. The ace of the Black Knights, Q-1, was completely destroyed, not by an enemy attack; indeed, her Guren was still quite intact. It wasn't even from friendly fire or an accident; even that she could of lived with.

No, she was destroyed... by Zero...

Impossible. It's not true.

She finally broke out of the cave and into the cold night air of Kamine Island. Panting, she looked around, adrenaline rushing to every part of her body. Ahead of her was the infamous Lancelot, though useless to her without the pass code. Further away in the bushes, she had hidden the craft she had commandeered to get to the island. Otherwise, the island was desrted.

In the darkness, she leaned forward, hands on her legs, shaking softly. Inside, the sounds of the fight had died out completely, leaving the island in eerie silence. In this silence, Kallen attempted in vain to come to terms with what she had just learned.

Lelouch... is Zero...

Suddenly, she looked up, the sound of footsteps approaching from the cavern. In a panic, she dashed for the bushes, hiding in the foliage just in time for the figure to stride out of the damned place. Suzaku Kururugi, gun in one hand, a hand-cuffed Zero in the other, lead away his captive.

Not Zero... Lelouch...


Kallen started as she heard the muffled voice behind her. She turned around quickly and came face to face with the Black Knight's second Knightmare ace... P-1.

While everyone knew Kallen's face and name, P-1 was nearly as enigmatic as Zero himself. Many considered him to be closer to Zero that Kallen was, and she was in charge of his personal guard. He was rarely outside of his own Knightmare. But yet, here she was, face-to-face with possibly Zero's most trusted asset.

P-1 was a tall figure, not imposing like the Black King himself, but definitely noticeable. His body was covered with a long Black Knight's trench coat that made him appear bigger than he really was. Over his face was a simple ski mask, minus the mouth hole, which obscured his face from the prying eyes. Upon his head was perched the standard headgear of the Black Knights, topping off the enigmatic man who came out of nowhere, much like Zero, to the forefront of the Japanese resistance.

And here he was, arm clutched over a wound in his side.

"P-1." Kallen said softly as the man approached her quietly.

"What's going on?" P-1 asked, concern present in his muffled voice. "Where's Zero?"

Kallen opened her mouth, but no words managed to come out. Eventually, P-1 turned his attention towards the beach, where Suzaku was forcing the unmasked Zero into the Lancelot, much like the other time on Shikinejima. Seeing this, P-1 straightened up, causing him to wince in pain.

Through gritted teeth and the fabric of his mask, P-1 gasped, "Is that... Zero?"

As the Lancelot began to close up, and with Kallen still not giving an answer, P-1 immediately started rushing towards the beach. In a desperate, wild moment, Kallen grabbed P-1 and held him back. Meanwhile, the masked ace stared at the activating Lancelot, one hand holding onto his wound while the other tried to beat back Kallen.

"Kallen... what?" He managed to stutter at the red head that was holding him back. "Why are you... ZERO!" He cried as the Lancelot lifted into the air, their leader with it.

"Please, you don't understand." Kallen Kozuki said, tears in her eyes, grabbing onto P-1's coat and mask to try and stop him.

"Yes... I... DO!" With a final great pull, P-1 managed to break out of Kallen's grasp, but her hand was still firmly wrapped around the ski mask, causing it to slip from his face as he fell to the ground.

Kallen too fell backwards, holding the mask of P-1, and was soon on her back, looking into the deep night sky. Meanwhile, the masked ace was crying after the Lancelot, yelling, "ZERO!"

But Kallen recognized that voice, now that the mask was no longer obscuring his face. Shocked, she slowly looked up and saw the blue-haired head of P-1 as he reached out to the flying Lancelot. The hair was the only thing that Kallen could see, but it's distinctive spikes gave away the enigmatic P-1's true identity.

No. Impossible.

Kallen, feeling as she had mere moments before, asked slowly, "Rivalz?"

P-1 suddenly stopped calling up to the sky, and his outstretched hand flew to his face, feeling the lack of his characteristic ski mask. Slowly, he turned around and faced Kallen Kozuki for the first time outside of school.

Rivalz, his face worn and apologetic, sighed as he looked into Kallen's bewildered eyes.

"It's... a long story..."

Author's Note: Well, I hope this generates more reaction than my last story. Anyway, this is my second idea for a Code Geass fanfiction, a retelling of the events of Code Geass if one very simple change had been made early on in the series. Now, the chapters aren't supposed to be this short, but I really wanted to get this one up and posted quickly so I could get feedback as soon as possible. In any case Read, Review, and please don't just destroy the piece because you simply don't like it. Constructive criticism is welcome.

P.S. And yes, I did say that Rivalz was one of the Black Knight's aces. (Head in hands) Just... roll with that one, okay? You'll soon see what happened if this generates a high enough buzz.