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Bad April Fool's Joke was bad...

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Code Geass: Rivalz of the Rebellion

Turn Five: Knightmares and Terrorists

How did I get my hands on a knightmare? Heh... that's a long story...

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Oh... man...

Rivalz had never been within the boundaries of the ghettos before, but he had passed by them before: grey, ruined buildings, no effort in trying to rebuild the lost city centers. Every once in a while he would see a trail of smoke from some open flame, an attempt by the locals to keep warm during winter and in the dark nights. He once heard that Shinjuku used to be the center for business in the old Japan before it was demolished by the invading army. After hearing this he could never refrain from smirking, admiring the sad irony of the once proud land being reduced to rubble.

But this was too much.

Bullet holes, scattered corpses, collapsed buildings, these things now haunted the streets of the ghetto. Blood and bodies draped the concrete and asphalt of the ruins, their hollow buildings aflame once again, as though the war had returned after eight long years. In the distance, Knightmares, rifles, explosions, and screams could be heard echoing in the canyons of grey.

In short, everything was completely fucked up.

After taking in the carnage, having been frozen by the violence of the scene, Rivalz regained feeling in his legs and soon ran for cover under a nearby awning that had not collapsed under the barrage.

Lelouch was right, the army did a real number here, he thought as he scanned the horizon, But it's hard to believe that Clovis was behind all of this. But it was his Royal Guard in... he shook his head, Dammit, Rivalz. You've got to find Lelouch!

After looking both ways to see that the coast was clear, he dashed down the street, trying in vain to remember the general direction to the warehouse he left Lelouch at. The destruction did not abate, as the sounds of the military operations only intensified, along with the sounds of the terrorists futile resistance.

Come on Rivalz, you're starting to sound like Lelouch there. Rivalz couldn't help but to think of his friend as he ran towards the violence. Lelouch, what are you planning on doing? How are you going to get out of all of this? Maybe you're going to side with the terrorists? No, that's insane, why would he- "SHIT!"

Lost in his own thoughts, Rivalz was stunned as a large figure burst through the wall to his left, showering him with plaster and pieces of debris. Bringing his arms down from his face, he gasped as a blue Knightmare, marked with the red shoulder guards of the Purist Faction, had suddenly appeared in front of him. A Sutherland... Rivalz gaped. Having never seen one up close before, he marveled at the size of the rifle in the Knightmare's hand.

Until the giant beast turned its massive head, faceplate retracted to reveal the factsphere sensors, and looked directly at Rivalz.

"GYAAYAAGH!" Crying madly, Rivalz regained his composure quick enough to dash down the side ally, barely missing the massive assault rifle rounds that nearly tore his body apart.

Great! After all of that, I'm going to get gunned down by a knightmare! Even while he ran down the alley, debris flying everywhere and a knightmare turning down on his path, Rivalz couldn't help but moan. Agh! Lelouch, help me!

Before the knightmare could get another clear shot, Rivalz dived out off the alley, into a wrecked square. not even thinking about where he was going any more, Rivalz scrambled to his feet and ran off perpendicular to the alley. Behind him, Rivalz could hear the knightmare rip around the corner, tearing off a chunk of a building. Over his heavy panting, he could hear the knightmare level his rifle at his back.

"GAAGH!" With a final scream, Rivalz threw himself to the ground and covered his head as he heard an explosion behind him.

Moments passed as Rivalz cowered, praying that he would go to heaven, hoping that god would overlook simple things like gambling and not going to church on Sunday in light of everything that had happened. It took him a while, lying on the ground, eyes clenched shut, to realize bullets don't usually explode.

He finally opened his eyes to find himself lying in a piled of debris face-down, soot over his body. Slowly he turned around to see the knightmare was now leaning against the building, its left shoulder pad blown off and smoking. The giant metal beast was silent, even though the engine's hum could still faintly be heard.

That's when the man jumped out of his hiding place across the street. From his hiding place, Rivalz could see the Eleven, armed with a rocket launcher, was running towards the knightmare, evidently the man who saved Rivalz life whether he knew it or not. Quickly, the terrorist ran up to the knightmare, laughing like a maniac. Grabbing onto the side of the machine, the man began to climb up to the cockpit block, which was apparently undamaged.

Thank god. I was afraid I was going to get killed... Rivalz began to push himself up from his lying position. However, as he slowly began to get up, he knocked a piece of rubble down the mound he had thrown himself into.

"Wha... who's there?"

"Eep." Rivalz froze as the terrorist called out to him, squeaking in fear. Oh great... if I turn around... he'll...

"What the... a school boy?" The terrorist said, apparently recognizing Rivalz's uniform. "What are you doing here? Hey! Hands up!"

Rivalz turned around quickly, his hands in the air, crying, "Please don't kill me! I'm just..."

But he was cut off as the cockpit block suddenly slid open. The terrorist, caught off guard, clipped off his perch on top of the machine, and fell head-first into the ground. There was an audible crack as the head hit the pavement. The pilot, having recovered from the blast, had opened the cockpit, dazed and confused. The knight, a red-headed man with an equally red stain creeping down the side of his head, slowly looked around.

Before RIvalz could say anything, let alone thank the man for saving his life, the man promptly fainted. WIth his restraints undone, the knight slipped out of the cockpit block and onto the ground. Quickly, Rivalz dashed up to the man and kneeled next to him. "Hey, are you all right?" He asked the pilot that tried to kill him no more than a minute ago.

Clumsily, Rivalz fumbled for the man's neck. "Eh, I think that's a pulse..." Rivalz mumbled as he felt the blood moving through the man's arteries. Looking over, he saw the terrorist that had also saved his life (today's not a good day for things making sense, huh...) and slowly walked towards him.

The man's rocket launcher lay at the dead man's side, while a walkie-talkie stuck out of his pocket. "Ah!" Rivalz suddenly remembered, "Lelouch grabbed one just like this." Reaching into the man's coat, he grabbed the communicator. "Maybe I can get in touch with him using this..."

His vision wandered back to the dead terrorist. Frowning, Rivalz noticed how the man looked so innocent, not at all like the villains from TV or the news. "Geez. If this guy wasn't an Eleven," Rivalz remarked out loud, "I'd have never pinned him for being a terrorist."

He shook his head. "Gah, Rivalz what's with all of this, you have to find Lelouch!" This point was underlined by a large, red explosion from nearby. Tucking the communicator into his pocket, Rivalz made to continue running on his way.

But then the slightly damaged knightmare caught his eye...

Maybe... A stray thought crossed Rivalz's mind. I mean, taking a knightmare is a lot easier than travelling on foot. And after all, there was that one time two years ago...

His internal debate didn't last long, as he began to climb up into the pilot's chair.

Two years ago, Lelouch came down with a fever that prevented him from getting out of bed, much to his displeasure, and Milly's. The School Festival was coming up, and the Prez had decided that this year she was going to do what no other Student Council President before her had done, bake the world's largest pizza. Her plans involved Lelouch using the Ashford's old Ganymede to throw the dough to make the pizza, but with Lelouch bedridden, the plan was likely to be scrapped. At least, it would have been if the Prez wasn't in charge. That and if Rivalz wasn't completely devoted to proving himself to Milly.

After a crash course in knightmare piloting, Rivalz stepped into the Ganymede and began the elaborate ceremony of bringing all of the ingredients together and finally flipping the pizza. Moving the knightmare was no problem, in fact, Rivalz mastered that part fairly quickly. It was when the pizza had to be tossed was where the problem began.

After the students had gone away to clean the dough from their hair and clothes, and the cleanup team began to pick up the remaining dough from the grass in front of the stage, Milly simply sighed and proclaimed that she would not stop until she made the world's largest pizza. The next year didn't end any better, and Rivalz wasn't confident for this year either.

But to make a long story short, Rivalz was fairly confident he could pilot this Sutherland. That was, until he actually got in and saw all of the complicated extra gizmos that dotted the interface.

"Oh man, this is a lot more complicated than the Ganymede." Rivalz whistled as he pulled into the pilot's chair and closed the hatch. "Uh, okay, if I remember this correctly..." Rivalz tentatively grabbed control of the two steering apparatuses and gripped them firmly. "Ah...okay... um..." Rivalz stammered, desperately trying to remember everything from years ago. Closing his eyes, he jerked on the controls. Suddenly and sharply the machine pushed itself upright, one shoulder pad down, but still functional. Rivalz opened his eyes, "Okay... that was easy. Let's see if I can get this moving..."

It wasn't long before Rivalz had pulled out onto the road and had resumed his journey to Lelouch's last known location.

Rivalz glanced down at the map, a weird green thing that seemed awfully familiar to a video game's mini-map. Blue dots, representing Britannian knightmares, moved across its surface, relaying information back to its command center and to the other units. Fortunately for Rivalz, this enabled him to avoid any uncomfortable meetings with any more Britannian soldiers.

"All right Lelouch." Rivalz said aloud, looking back to the main monitor with a smirk. "I'm on my way to save you. I've got a knightmare loaded with ammunition and I'm not leaving until I know you're safe. Now all I need to know is where you are..."

"The West entrance!"

Rivalz was stunned as he looked at the communicator he propped up next to him. The jostling knightmare had caused the walkie-talkie to switch channels until a familiar voice came through.

"What?" A familiar female voice, responded.

"Use the tracks to move to the West entrance."

Rivalz stared at the communicator, unconciously moving his knightmare towards the West entrance as well.

Lelouch...? And is that... the terrorist...?

... ... ...

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