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Spencer always wondered about love. He never truly got what it was. Except with his mother of course, who had always loved him. But whatever it was, he had loved JJ ever since he laid his eyes on her. He got a tingly feeling when she was close. He wasn't sure what it was, but he guessed it was love. When they weren't working, he'd invite her to come over for dinner occasionally.

He even bought her things. At first, they were cards, and then it progressed into flowers and dinner reservations. He even bought her two zebra finches to keep them each other company when they were working. She adored those birds! She called them Jenn and Spence.

Love was a powerful thing, so he thought – until she had look of 'I wanted to marry you, Spencer Reid' on her face. It terrified him.

But he was ready. He was ready to marry her, no matter how he felt.

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