Kagome and Merlin stand looking at the lake. It was the same lake that they had witnessed Arthur's body disappeared into all those years ago. They had found out many years later that time had stood still for them. They could not age nor die. They were still needed for the time when Arthur would reawaken.

"It has been a while hasn't it?" Kagome spoke to her husband. She and Merlin married three years after Arthur's death. They had helped Gwen rule Camelot and had even helped her son before they left to see the rest of the world. During their long lives they managed to remain in love and together, as they had promised all those years ago.

"Indeed." Merlin said grabbing his wife's hands.

"Who would have thought we would be standing here now?" Kagome asked. She had imagined that one of the dangerous missions they constantly used to go on would end up being their last, but they always prevailed. Guess the saying is true: love does conquer all.

"Merlin, do you think we will see him one day? I mean really?" Kagome asked still looking out at the lake.

"Kilgharrah told us he would rise again when the world needed him most." Merlin trusted the old dragon. He proved to be a good friend throughout the years. Every now and then, they would visit him and spent time reminiscing about the past.

"I miss them. All of them." Kagome said thinking about all the companions that she had lost to time. She had watched her friends from Camelot grow old and die. While it was painful to live through, she was happy she was able to be with them during their lifespan. She did not have to live with questions about how they lived.

"I do too, I do too." Merlin wrapped his arm around Kagome pulling her to his side. He did not think he would have ever gotten over Arthur's death if it had not been for Kagome. She gave him the strength to keep going, for her and for their family. Kagome had blessed him with four children throughout the years.

His eldest, Arthur, was off on his own, married to a female nymph. He second eldest, Elyan, had decided to attend college once again and was studying in New York. His youngest two, Gwaine and Lance, were at home. The youngest only appearing to be about four years old. Like their parents, they did not age like normal humans, but they did age, unlike their parents. They just aged at a much slower rate.

Perhaps they would try for a girl next.

"We should probably head back." Kagome told him. They had been out here for almost an hour and they would have to leave soon. If she was gone any longer, her boys may destroy the house. They all shared the same wild personalities as their namesakes.

"Yes, we need to pick up the boys. We would not want to miss our flight." Merlin smiled at his wife. He knew how important this trip was for her and how excited she was. After all, it had been a long time since she had seen her family.

Author's note: The last chapter! I hope you all enjoyed the story. I think this is the first story I actually finished. I may try to finish some of the other stories lingering on my computer.