Cofy stood upon the edge of her very rooftop, overlooking the goings on of her realm. Watching the activities below. Watching her carefree people enjoy their time this night, in the glorious capitol city of Lila, so unaware of what was to come. She was the heart of this world. The creator. And she desperately needed help to save it. Help from the very place that she was cast out of many years ago. She needed her help. Genevieve's help.

Genevieve and Cofy had always been close. Best friends even, and it was one of the most painful decisions Cofy had ever made to leave her and the Wondernations universe behind. But she knew that for the future of she and her people, her past would have to resurface once again.

The official, worldly color of Lilahimmel, Cofy's world, is purple. Many buildings and streets are paved with purple, native animals and insects are purple. Many types of trees and plants are purple. And of course the skies will always remain the most vibrant purple. Which is the world's namesake, for "lila himmel" is "purple skies" in Swedish. Why purple you ask? When Cofy left the Wondernations, the exact date was the twenty-third of November. This is when Cofy created Lilahimmel. Making it a Sagittarian world. And the mighty archer's color will forever be purple.

Cofy herself is not the queen, the empress, nor the president of this world. She is simply called, the Creator, although she does rule this violet realm. Cofy is a sight indeed. She dresses herself in the finest of silky robes and dresses, always loose, airy and flowing. She has skin that is smooth to the touch, and as brown as the richest chocolate. She holds deep, penetratingly black eyes, with long dark lashes. She is a gorgeous being, but her most beautifying feature is her bald, hairless head. She looks like a stunning African queen, that is read about by the Lilahimmel school children in their Earth studies books.

Cofy was still contemplating her dilemma, lost in her own thoughts atop her roof, when her butler, Abarax, materialized behind her. Abarax, With his dark, short, spiky, hair, and his light, freckled skin. He held ice blue orbs for eyes.

"Miss Creator?"

"Abarax, how many times must I ask you to call me Cofy?" asked Cofy without turning, and a grin on her face.

"Cofy," Abarax said, a tinge of longing in his voice that Cofy did not catch.


"I came to remind you that Princess Alyss turns seven in a week. You asked me to remind you."

"Ah, yes. Princess Alyss. Thank you, Abarax," said Cofy.

Both Cofy and Abarax stayed still for a moment. Her strapless, gray and violet dress blowing in the soft evening wind.

Breaking the silence, Cofy said, "I do think it is time for a long awaited visit to Wonderland, Abarax."

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