{I do not own Naruto. I didn't earn money to write this story. Masashi Kishimoto created Naruto.}

Prologue: Death of a Hokage

He couldn't face the fact. No one could understand his loss. Not his former teachers. Not his former team mate. It was hard on everybody. The Godaime took it especially hard since her chosen one was ripped from their grasps.

Yes the Rokudaime who had only just been officially seated as the youngest Hokage in the history of the village was dead. What's more he died protecting none other than Uchiha Sasuke, the traitor.

Naruto had fulfilled his dream and he became Hokage, in his very short time as the leader of Konohagakure he was loved and his future looked bright. Sasuke was happy to live in his shadow. Happy just to be near him quietly soaking up some of the light his illuminant personality cast off. Sasuke wouldn't admit it but he had loved Naruto so very-very much, "Why'd you do it you stupid fucking bastard! You could have been so great. You would have made this place better. How will I survive without your light? How can I function in a world that seems as dead as you are now!"

Sasuke fell to the floor of his dim apartment and pounded his fists on the floor in fury. Were the boy alive at this moment Sasuke would have beaten him to within an inch of death, but then he would just heal like always. Now there was nothing left and Tsunade has resumed her place until a suitable replacement could be picked.

A sob rose in his throat. Sasuke at that moment seriously considered ending his own life. He crawled to the coffee table in his living room. Using the flat surface as a support he pulled himself up. The pale man swayed on his feet as he stumbled to his bathroom. He turned on the bath and felt the pleasantly warm water. He stepped in sock footed, fully clothed, and sat in the slowly rising water. He was wearing his weapon holster. He didn't care if the leather got soaked through. All he cared about were the razor sharp objects it held and the calming effect of warm water gently lapping at his sides.

"I want to be with you Naruto..."