Brooke just frozen into the headlights of the incoming car and she didn't even realize that she was pushed out of the way till her face came in contact with the pavement. After the shock wore off she slowly stood up and turned around to the crowd of onlookers. They weren't looking at her but something to her left she let her eyes follow theirs and that is when she saw a car crashed into the wall with something on the hood. She couldn't make out what it was. Harrison was in front of her talking but she wasn't really hearing anything he was saying. Since she wasn't responding Harrisons face got a worried look and Brooke noticed this and gave him an answer.

"I'm fine," it was all she could manage at the moment.

"What happened? I just came outside cause someone said that some girl was just hit by a car. I thought it might have been you."

"What?" Brooke asked racking her brain. She was fine she didn't get hit by a car someone pushed her out of the way. Wait. She scanned the crowd of people. Where's Sam?

Two ambulances showed up and the paramedics were all over the crash victims. One paramedic was helping a blonde out of the car while the other three were gently getting the other victim off the hood onto a gurney. The blonde was able to walk; we'll as much as any drunk who just got into a car crash could. Brooke recognized her and ran to her.

"Nicole!" she ran up to the blubbering girl.

"Brookie," she looked up at Brooke with tears streaming down her face. "I…am…so so sorry. I didn't mean to hit her. I was intoxicated and mad at you then all of a sudden Spam was on my windshield and I lost control." She was losing it.

"Wait, Sam?" Brooke felt panic as she looked at the gurney being wheeled towards them. On the gurney was Sam in a neck brace, her face was covering blood. There was blood everywhere on her body it was hard to tell where it was all coming from.

"SAM! Oh my God, Sam. I'm so sorry," she grabbed the side of the gurney as the guys stopped to lift the gurney into the ambulance.

"Miss, we need to get her to the hospital she lost a lot of blood," the paramedic said as he tried to close the door she was in front of.

"She, she's my sister," Brooke was crying.

"Well we are headed to the hospital just up the road we don't have enough room for you so you'll have to get someone to drive you there," the paramedic said as he gentle moved her to the side and closed the door. He then ran to the driver's side and climbed in.

Brooke stood crying as the ambulance drove off down the street. She felt someone's hands on her shoulders. It was Harrison. He had some tears in his eyes but was handling it quite well.

"I…I need to get to the hospital now," Brooke said as she wiped the tears away. "I have to call my Dad and Jane."

She got a hold of her Dad and broke down crying again. Mike couldn't understand his daughter but he understood she needed to be picked up.

He arrived in ten minutes and he saw the car smashed into the wall and he saw his daughter pacing back and forth on the sidewalk. He pulled up next to her and quickly got out.

"Brooke are you all right? Are you hurt?" Mike rushed up to his daughter and hugged her.

"Dad I'm fine. It Sam she not, they took her to the hospital," Brooke started to cry again.

"Get in the car," Mike hurried his daughter to the passenger side and opened up the door.

They arrived in five minutes. Mike approached the nurse station, while Brooke sat in an open chair in the waiting room.

"Hello, um my step-daughter just came in. She was in a car accident," Mike said to the only nurse sitting there.

"Your Nicole's father" she said as she looked up from the screen.

"Nicole? No, Sam's. Sam McPherson," He said impatiently.

"Sorry Sir, I don't have anyone by that name," she responded after looking at the patient list.

Brooke had now approached the desk wondering what was taking so long.

"She was the one who was hit by the car, not in the car. The paramedic's said they were bringing her to this hospital," Brooke was getting angry.

"Oh, Jane Doe. Yes she's here she's in surgery," The nurse said as she grabbed a clipboard to hand to them. "I'll need you to fill this out, while you are waiting."

Mike grabbed the clipboard and they both went to sit down. He took a look at the sheet and realized that he couldn't fill it out only Jane could.

"Ugh….I forgot to call Jane," Mike was angry enough to kick himself.

Ten minute of silence went by till Jane came in all frantic.

"What happened?" Jane approached Mike and Brooke who now stood up.

"Sam was hit by Nicole in the parking lot at Prom," Brooke answered her. Up till know she had stopped crying till Jane broke down. That is when her tear ducts when haywire again.

"Well, what do we know? Anything?," Jane said in between breaths.

"We don't know just yet because they said we have to fill this form out before they can tell us anything," Mike waved the clipboard around.

Jane grabbed the form and filled it out and quickly handed to the nurse behind the counter.

"Can you now tell me what going on with my daughter," Jane was trying to keep a steady voice.

"She's in surgery they are trying to stop the internal bleeding and set all her broken bones," the nurse read off the screen. "The doctors will come and get you when she's out of surgery."

"Thank You" Jane then went back to her seat.

The first bell of senior year went off and students rushed off to their classes. Physics class with Ms. Glass.

"Well, well, well, all you seniors stand up I have a seating arrangement," Bobbi Glass pulled out a sheet of paper and started to read.

It was alphabetical like every year. When she reached the M's there was one less person.

"McPherson. McPherson. Sam McPherson." Bobbi Glass looked around the room. Her eyes stopped on Brooke. "McQueen, where is your step-sister?"

"I don't know. I'm not her babysitter," Brooke said unaffected.

Glass finished up her seating assignment and everyone took their seats. Class was over in fifty-minutes and all the students streamed out of the room and moved onto their lockers.

"Hey Brooke," Harrison put his arm around his girlfriend and kissed her cheek.

"Hi, Harrison," Brooke smiled and opened her locker.

"So," Harrison pause trying to figure out the right words to use. "you and Sam are still not talking."

"I try she doesn't want any of it," Brooke put some books into her looker and pulled out another. "I think she is still having a hard time with us being together and the accident."

"She told us that she was ok with us and that she was happy for us," Harrison gently turned Brooke around so that he could look her in the face.

"Yeah, well you know Sam. She keeps things bottled up and just wants you to be happy," Brooke shut her locker.

Sam needed to pick something up before going to school so she left before Brooke could ask her if she needed a ride. She approached a blue house on a nice street. She walked around back and knocked on the back door. A young man, wearing a Star Trek t-shirt with many stains and messy short hair looking like he just woke up off the couch.

"Hey Trevor, I came to pick up my book," Sam said giving him an envelope.

"Ah..yes would that be history or physics," Trevor asked as he looked at the table next to the door.

"Physics," Sam answered.

He took the envelope and gave her the physics book. She walked back to her car and got in. She put the book in the seat next to her, put the car into drive and headed to school. She pulled into the parking lot and turned off the engine. She reached over and grabbed the book, surveyed the surrounding outside her car and then opened the book. Inside the book was a cut out compartment that held pills, different prescription pain killers to be exact. She took out two pills, she didn't care which ones, from the baggy and swallowed them with the water she had left in her water bottle.

"Damn it I'm late for class," she had just looked at her phone.

She put her "Physics" book under her seat, grabbed to book bag and locked her door. She walked into the school just as lunch started. She headed straight to the Novak.

Brooke walked in the Novak as Sam was washing her hands. Brooke walked up next to Sam and started to touch up on her make-up.

Sam could feel the meds kicking in. Just at the right time too, cause she couldn't deal with Brooke without a buzz.

"Sam, where did you go this morning?" Brooke asked as she applied more lip gloss.

"You're not my parole officer. I don't have to tell you anything," Sam snapped back.

"Sam don't be such a bitch," Brooke closed her purse up and looked over at Sam.

Sam wouldn't look at her. She could see the long scar on the left side of Sam jaw bone that was from the accident. She knew Sam cared for her, why else would Sam take the hit. She just wanted Sam to talk with her. She felt more hurt that Sam ignored her she was starting to miss Sam and her arguments.

"Bye, Brooke," Sam was not feeling an argument. She felt numb now and had no emotion to get back at Brooke.

Sam walked out the door leaving Brooke at the vanity alone.

"Shit," Brooke said to herself in the mirror. "Sam, I'm here. Please just talk to me."

Sam skipped lunch and the rest of her classes and hung out in the newspaper room working on her articles.

Mr. Williams the new writing teacher who also headed up the schools paper, came in the room after the last bell of the day and spotted Sam staring blankly into the screen.

"Sam, just the person I needed to see," Mr. Williams approached her desk. "I wanted to talk to you about the article you wrote for our welcome to school issue for tomorrow."

Sam looked up at him.

"Well, the story wasn't your greatest. It….it was really dry and blah," Mr. William gave her a concerned look. "I know that this summer has been difficult but Sam you are the most talented girl I know but this was just bad. I won't be publishing it in this issue."

Sam stood up and walked out of the room without saying anything. She walked out to her car and headed to Trevor house again.

This time she went to the front door and a blonde scantily clad girl answered the door.

"SAM! Come in let's start this party," Stacy ushered her in.

They walked down into the basement that had a full bar. Stacy grabbed a bottle as Sam took a seat on the couch. Stacy held out a pill and the bottle to Sam and Sam downed the pill with two shots worth of liquor. Stacy also took a pill and a swig of vodka. Within a few minutes the room was spinning and more people started entering and music was playing. The whole room was packed with sweaty bodies grinding against each other. Sam was in the center of the room drink in hand and high, dancing with anyone next to her. She was getting warm and tired and in need of fresh air. She couldn't find her keys so she just started to walk down the street. She only lived a block over. She was walking down the center of the road looking up at the sky, disappointed that she couldn't see and stars.

A few minutes later after zigzagging down the road, she walk up the glass door to the kitchen and tugged at it. It was locked.

"Damn" Sam didn't have any keys.

It was freezing outside and she wanted a bed. So she pulled out her phone and called the only number she could. After two rings the person answered with a groggy, sleepy voice.


"Hey Brooke," Sam said in a drunken slurred state. "I'm in a pre…predica….predicament. I'm locked out."

"Sam?" Brooke was already headed downstairs.

She saw Sam standing outside the glass door staring back at her. Brooke hung up the phone as she reached the door. She unlocked the door and opened it. Sam sped past her and up the stairs. Brooke heard a door click shut.

"What, no 'thank you'" Brooke said to herself as she locked the door back up.

She headed back up the stairs and she could smell a faint odor of alcohol in the air. She was still quite sleepy and was still processing what just happened. Sam called her and she sounded strange. She saw the bathroom door closed and heard the toilet flush. She paused, waiting for Sam to come out and see if she would explain herself. Sam emerged a minute later and started off to her room. She walked in and closed the door not once taking any notice of Brooke standing there. Brooke was too tired to go start anything so she walked to her bed and climbed in. She was asleep within seconds of her head hitting the pillow.

Brooke opened the door and Sam took off towards the bathroom. She had to pee and throw up. She wasn't sure what order it would happen but didn't care at the moment. She reached the bathroom and was about to slam the door when she caught herself and closed it as lightly as she could. She ran to the toilet and hurled twice before she turned around and relieved herself. She flushed the toilet and washed her hands. Then swished some mouthwash, in her mouth before going to bed. She walked out into the hallway she did see Brooke staring at her but the alcohol and drugs were wearing off and she didn't feel like talking with her.

Brooke woke up to her alarm going off at 6 am and she dragged herself out to bed, down the hall to the shower. After she got reading she realized that Sam hadn't pestered her at all to get out of the bathroom. She was a little concerned, so she quietly knocked. When no answer came she turned the door handle and gently swung the door open. Sam was sprawled out on her bed with her head at the foot of the bed and her feet up on the pillows.

"Sam?" said Brooke quietly approaching the unconscious body. "Sam?"

Sam didn't even stir. Brooke got closer and when she did she hit a wall of booze. Sam reeked of it. Now she was concerned if Sam was breathing or not. She reached her arm out and gave Sam's shoulder a little shake. Sam groaned a bit but didn't wake up. Brooke was relieved but knew that she couldn't leave Sam in her bed smelling of booze. If Jane caught Sam she would not handle the stress of Sam's decisions well.

"Sam," Brooke shoved Sam harder. "Sam get up now."

Sam just groaned again but didn't move. So Brooke grabbed Sam leg and pulled her off the bed violently. Sam hit the ground with a thud.

"FUCK, Brooke. What the fuck," Sam squinted up at Brooke.

"Get up and take a shower," Brooke pointed towards the bathroom. "Don't let your mom catch you."

Sam got up from the floor with the use of her bed. Once she got up her hangover hit her like nails being pounded in her skull. She really needed her pills. She had some hidden in her desk for emergency use just like right now. The only problem is that Brooke was in the room and she wasn't leaving.

"For Fuck's sake why are you still standing in my room?" Sam narrowed her eyes at Brooke.

"Because I'm going to throw your sheets in the washer along with your clothes," Brooke answered.

"Well I'm not undressing in front of you, and why bother this isn't your problem," Sam crossed her arms.

"Go into the bathroom and throw your clothes out. I care cause I know that Jane will be stressed out if she finds out and I don't want her getting all upset," Brooke pointed to the bathroom again.

Sam slowly made her way to the bathroom with Brooke at her heels very impatiently trying to get her to move more quickly. She entered the bathroom and quickly stripped down and threw her clothes over her shoulder to Brooke. Brooke failed to catch the clothes because she was in shock by Sam's naked body in front of her. She stood in shock in the doorway as if time stopped.

Sam looked over her shoulder and noticed Brooke's stare.

"Like what you see," Sam said with a nasty grin.

Brooke shook her head. "I was just shocked, because a minute ago you said you weren't going to undress in front of me."

Brooke bent down and snatched up the clothes and slammed the door shut before going back to Sam's room to strip the sheets of the bed. She bundled up the sheets and on her way down stairs she paused.

"Shit, Brooke. Why did you check Sam out that definitely wasn't a sisterly stare," Brooke chastised herself and then head back down the steps.

She threw the laundry in with some detergent and softener. She then walked into the kitchen and made herself a chopped fruit bowl.

Sam stepped into the shower and turned on the scalding hot water and let in rush over her body causing her skin to turn pink. Sam was trying to burn out these feelings out of her body.

"Sam don't be stupid. She picked Harrison. She wasn't checking you out you just shocked her with your indecency" Sam finished up her shower.

She emerged from the shower with her body beet red. She dried off, slowly opened the door, and surveyed her surroundings before heading to her room. She shuffled to her room with a towel wrapped around her body constricting her leg movement. She closed her door and made sure that Brooke wasn't in her room before taking out her pills hidden in her desk.

She dry swallowed them and moved on to dressing herself. She picked out a purple bra and panties and complemented them with a black spaghetti strap tank top and tight hole-ridden jeans. She brushed through her wet, snarled hair, not bothering to blow dry it. She applied some eyeliner and headed downstairs.

Sam walked into the kitchen just as Brooke put her dish in the sink. Brooke turned around and saw Sam.

Shit. Is she trying to say 'fuck me now'. Brooke took in the sight of Sam.

"You're going to wear that?" Brooke tried to push the sexy thoughts from her head.

"Yeah, what's it too you?" Sam said as she grabbed a grape from a bowl on the counter and popped it into her mouth.

"It's your body you can do whatever with it," Brooke said as she grabbed her keys trying to look indifferent. While inside her head she was screaming, I want your body and I don't want to share it with anyone else. "Ready to go?"

"Yep, just drop me off at my car. I have to get my keys from a friend," Sam said as she headed out the door.

Brooke grabbed her things and locked the door behind her. She was so confused at all the thoughts running through her head now. How come I'm having all these feelings for Sam now? Have I just not noticed before? Maybe I just wanted Harrison because I didn't want him to have her? Shit, why is my life so complicated?

Brooke got in to her car, started the engine, and pulled out to the end of the driveway.

"Turn left," Sam broke the silence that had been suffocating Brooke for a minute but to Brooke it seemed like forever.

Brooke drove as Sam gave directions. She pulled up behind Sam's car and turned off the engine allowing Sam to get out. She then watched Sam walk up to the house.

When Sam reached the door she rang the bell. She waited two minutes and the blonde answered the door giving her hug.

"Hey girl, where did you run off to last night," Stacy smiled.

"Went out to get fresh air and ended up at my house, so I just stayed, but I left my purse here with my keys," Sam answered the blonde.

"Oh, well go ahead and find it and let yourself out cause I'm heading to bed," Stacy said as she head unsteadily up the stair to the second floor.

Sam walked through the door and headed straight down to the basement. She had to step over passed out bodies sprawled on the stairs and on the floor, almost tripping a couple of times. She made it too her purse which was still behind the bar. Before heading back up the stairs she made sure that she had her keys. When she reached the porch, bag in hand she expected Brooke to be gone but nope it looked like Brooke was being her babysitter for the day.

Brooke watched a blonde answer the door and hug Sam right away. She felt this surge of jealousy wash over her body.

"Who the hell is that? Brooke found herself saying out loud angrily. "What does it matter to you Sam isn't yours you have a boyfriend and finally your straight."