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Brooke opened the door to the Jitter's establishment and scanned the tables for Becca. She spotted the girl in a corner table far from the door. Becca had also spotted her entrance and smiled in acknowledgement at the blonde. Brooke smiled back and motioned that she was going to get her coffee before heading over to the table since Becca already had hers. Brooke stepped in line thankful that it wasn't too long, but she still had to wait meaning her mind had time to wander. She wasn't quite sure what possessed her to call Becca, in truth she hardly knew the girl. She hardly knew her and yet this girl was the only person who knew that she had feelings for Sam. Did she truly want to talk about this? She wasn't totally sure what she needed to discuss for she wouldn't know where to start, yet she really needed someone to talk to. Harrison was completely out of the question and her other friends were also friends of Sam's. Well they used to be friends. Apparently she really didn't know who Sam's friends were anymore.

"Miss?" There was a gentle tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw an elder gentleman behind her. She didn't know him and gave him a questioning look.

"It you turn to order." He answered her silent question.

Brooke turned back around and saw that she was three feet in front of the counter and that the barista was giving her an impatient look. A blush spread across her face and she took the few strides to the counter to order her drink.

"I'll have a medium non-fat caramel latte," she quickly spewed out wanting so desperately to hide away from her slight embarrassment.

"$6.25" the barista stated and Brooke handed her a ten.

She got her change back and moved over to the pick-up spot. She put her change back in her purse and a minute later her drink was ready. She snatched from the counter and quickly made her way to Becca's table. She just got seated when Becca spoke.

"So do you zone out a lot?" Becca smiled at her.

Brooke knew that Becca was just trying to keep the mood light and Brooke decided that her moment had come and gone and that no one would remember anyway.

"I don't know. Do you think that is why people are always giving me weird looks?" Brooke decided to play along.

Becca burst out laughing. "Well it's either that or they're just jealous because of your good looks."

Brooke only smiled in response.

They each took a sip of their coffee knowing that they had some more serious things to discuss but were unsure how to start the conversation. Becca decided to break the silence.

"So are you going to tell Sam that you have feelings for her?"

Brooke looked down at her coffee trying to think of a response. "I kind of already did." She mumbled as she took a sip from her drink.

"What?! Wait what do you mean you kind of?" Becca leaned more over the table.

Brooke set the cup on the table but still clasped it in her hands. "Well last night when she was sleeping I told her. I know it doesn't count but how can I tell her now after all that has happened."

Becca reached across the table and took Brooke's hand that had let go of the coffee and was now trying to rub a line into the table top. "Why can't you tell her now?" Becca was sad at seeing such conflicting emotions in the girl

"This really is a bad time to tell her. For one she is emotionally unstable right now. For god sake they have her on suicide watch. If I tell her she may freak out and shut down on me. I don't think I could deal with that. There is also the concern about her being raped which is going to give her more anxiety about everything people say to her or do around her." Brooke had more to say but that last part about the rape made rant lose steam. Oh my God. She was raped. This rape was what pushed her over the edge. Her I am talking about my own silly problems when she is in the hospital hurting.

"Brooke?" Becca had noticed that Brooke had zoned off again.

"She was raped" Brooke refocused and looked at Becca who was a little confused. "She was raped and overdosed and I'm here drinking coffee talking about my emotional issues. This is fucked up."

Becca squeezed her hand. "Hey, don't go ranking who's issues are more important. That is not a fair thing to do." Becca made sure that Brooke was listening. "Besides, it's a good thing that you talking about things know before we go see her." Brooke gave her a questioning look. Becca drank the rest of her coffee before finishing. "The last thing we need is two emotional time bombs in the room. I for one can hardly deal with one person crying let alone two."

Brooke scoffed, "What makes you think we, or even I, will cry."

Becca stood up from her chair, "I don't that is why I said time bombs, you never know just when they'll go off. Let's go you're driving, I had my mom drop me off on her way to work"

Brooke shook her head and stood up she couldn't believe how this girl could turn everything into some sort of joke. She was jealous of Becca being able to change the mood so effortlessly like she had all these quips stored in her mind for these exact situations.

When Brooke finally made her way outside she saw that Becca was leaning against her car.

"How do you know that's my car you could be leaning on some stranger's car right now."

"Seriously? Have you seen your license plate?"

Brooke looked down at the plate just before completely passing it. BQUEEN1.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that" She then unlocked the car and got in behind the wheel.

"Jane!" Brooke shouted down the hall when she saw her step-mother at the vending machines.

Jane turned in acknowledgment of her name, when she saw it was Brooke her face broke out in a grin. Brooke approached Jane with Becca trailing behind. When both the girls stopped in front of Jane, Jane realized that the girl next to Brooke came with her but she didn't know this girl.

"And who is this?" Jane smiled first at Becca then at Brooke.

Brooke realized then that Jane and Becca didn't know each other. "Jane this is Becca, Sam's friend. Becca this is Sam's mom." Becca held out her hand for a shake.

As Jane shook Becca's hand she still had a smile but also was a bit confused. "You are a friend of Sam's? Do you go to school together?"

Becca glanced at Brooke to see what she should answer but realized Brooke didn't know what to say either. "Not exactly, she came to the café I worked at, after school each day and did her homework." It wasn't a complete lie but she knew that she shouldn't talk about Sam actually working there because that was not for her to tell. She also didn't want to answer questions that would have come up after telling Sam's mother.

"Ah, so that is where Samantha spent her time," Jane looked relieved to know where her daughter ended up most days.

Brooke finally spoke up. "So can we go see Sam?"

Jane looked at Brooke. "Yes she's been taking a nap but my guess is that she will probably wake up soon she doesn't sleep more than 2 hrs each time." That last part made Jane look worried.

"Jane maybe you should go get stuff done, we will be sticking around for quite awhile," Brooke said, but could see the hesitation in the woman. "Please go take some time for yourself and maybe a decent meal instead of this junk." Brooke gestured towards the vending machine.

Jane signed finally giving in. "Your right. Plus I think Sam is starting to get sick of me hanging around 24/7. I just can't help it. I just wish she would talk to someone. The doctor said she won't talk to the psychologist. Maybe both of you will get somewhere." Jane started to walk towards the exit. She turned back and added quickly. "I'll be back in a few hours."

"Well, let's go see if Sammy is awake shall we," Becca held her arm out waiting for Brooke to link arms with her.

Brooke rolled her eyes but linked her arm with Becca's anyway. "You're such a dork."

Becca grinned at her and replied, "and you my dear are a pushover. I think this is the beginning of a great friendship."

Brooke held back eye rolling this time as she walked next to a skipping girl. This girl is something else. Brooke could see that they could be great friends she just hoped that Sam wouldn't think that she was stealing her best friend for that is the last thing she wanted.

The short trip to the room was quite eventful to say the least. Becca started to skip and sing "follow the yellow brick road to which Brooke's response was to try to pull away before dying from embarrassment. She didn't succeed in pulling away because each time she tried Becca held onto her arm tighter and sang louder. By the time they reach the room Brooke's face was bright red and Becca was apologizing to an older nurse who was scolding her and telling her to act her age. The nurse took Becca's apology but once she rounded the corner Becca broke out laughing. Brooke could help but laugh a little also.

Sam awoke to laughter outside her room she recognized the laughter but couldn't place exactly who it was. She saw the door knob start to move and quickly shut her eyes. She really wasn't in the mood for visitors. She just wanted people to leave her alone, but she knew that wasn't going to happen since she was on suicide watch and nurses kept coming and going every thirty minutes. The door was now fully open and by what she could make out was the sound of two people entering before shutting the door.

The door took a seat but stayed deadly silent. She felt weird and didn't want to play asleep since she wasn't tired at the moment, but she also didn't want to hold a conversation. She decided faking sleeping was the better choice. She thought she was quite convincing till a voice broke through the silence.

"Stop being an asshole, I know your faking it," Becca said not amused.

Sam opened her eyes seeing Becca smirking at her and then she saw Brooke who looked at Becca horrified by the girl's word choice.

"Asshole? Really? Do you say that to everyone lying in a hospital bed?" Sam smirked back.

"Sorry, would you have preferred, bitch?" Becca came back quickly.

Sam just rolled her eyes. "You have such a great bedside manner, ever think of volunteering at the hospital?"

"Nope, the nurses hate me."

Brooke kept silent the whole time watching the back and forth friendly banter.

"So when are they letting you out?" Becca switched to a more serious tone.

"Tomorrow, hopefully."

There was an awkward silence. Sam looked at the bed covering like it was the most fascinating thing ever. Becca noticed that Brooke wasn't going to speak anytime soon and figured a good way to force a conversation was if she left for a bit.

"Well, I'm going to go see if they got any good coffee." She then quickly exited the room before Brooke could mention that they just had coffee.

Sam wasn't prepared to be in the same room alone with Brooke. Brooke was picking at her nails and Sam tried not to stare at her while the girl was not paying attention, but it was hard not to. The last time her and Brooke were in this room her brain was playing tricks on her mind and she thought she heard things that subconsciously she wanted to be true. Fuck. Becca why did you have to leave.

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