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After breakfast Abyss produced a stack of papers from his coat, which Gibbs and Ziva pored over in an unused corner of the police station. "None of the DNA samples at the scene match Sora," Ziva summed up, setting that stack aside. "All of the blood on the beach matches the same person, and we can only assume that Wakka is the source. The sand appears to not have been tampered with, it is consistent with the surrounding area… oh, she marked something here." She handed the report to Gibbs. "There were unusual minerals in the sand under where Wakka was. The rest of the sand was soaked in salt water, but there was no salt under Wakka so far as she could tell. The water was consistent with fresh water like that we retrieved from the waterfall."

Gibbs skimmed the report. "That doesn't tell us much. The amount of blood indicates that Wakka was killed where he was. Why would there be fresh water right by the ocean?"

"Maybe the culprit used water magic to incapacitate him?" Ziva said thoughtfully. "Sora does not know water magic, he knows ice."

"That's another point in his favor. We need to see his body," Gibbs groused. At Ziva's blank look he sighed. "Wakka's body, the victim's. At least, we need to see the coroner's report. "

The beach was packed, bodies pressed against each other in the bright sun. The only part of the beach that was clear held a small rowboat, two people tearfully standing over it. Gibbs and Ziva arrived at the scene, hats off and suitably respectful, and watched Wakka's funeral.

It was a simple affair. The body had already been prepared and dressed, the youth seemingly sleeping at the bottom of the rowboat. The two that could only be his parents said a few words about how much they missed Wakka, how they knew he was in a better place. That done, they placed a few objects in the boat to send off with him, a blitzball and a few items of food and water.

The last part of the funeral had the assembled mourners singing a song Gibbs and Ziva could only listen to, a song in a tongue they didn't understand but was probably symbolic. Its beat was slow and maudlin, bringing to mind Auld Lang Sine or a much downer version of It's a Small World. Wakka's parents fastened a tarp over the boat while the music washed over them. The tide had come in while the proceedings had gone on and it didn't take much to push the boat into the waves.

The song wrapped up as the boat vanished into the horizon. As if on a cue Gibbs and Ziva didn't get the assembled crowd dispersed, leaving the two of them alone on the beach with grieving parents.

Ziva had already interviewed them the day before. There was nothing left to do but leave.

Their luck held when they visited the coroner. The coroner had done a full autopsy to the Island's standards and was more than happy to share his findings.

"Don't know how that will help you," the short man shrugged. He barely reached Gibbs' middle, standing on a platform to reach the bodies he took apart and put back together. He had the proportions of an adult male, though, looking just like a man who had happened upon a sort of shrinking spell rather than the dwarves of Gibbs' world. His blonde hair was tied back with a red bandana, his blue eyes clear as the sea they'd just visited. His lack of height or reach didn't deter him in the slightest, hopping from ladder to stairs without hesitation.

Gibbs flipped through the report. Ducky was going to have some choice words about the Islands' method of autopsying but otherwise it looked complete. "You think Sora's guilty?"

The coroner shrugged. "My findings were consistent with the police's theory. Wakka died of blood loss due to his throat being ripped open. The wound looked to be caused by a sort of knife. There were marks on his body consistent with a friendly game of blitzball, nothing to indicate that he was held down or tortured. My guess? Sora pulled a knife and got him after they were getting ready to go."

"Did you keep Wakka's clothes?" Ziva asked.

"Sure, they're in a bin in the corner with his name on it. I was getting ready to incinerate them, but if you think they can help Sora they're yours."

"You don't want Sora to die, then," Gibbs noted.

"Certainly not! Someone has to be punished for the crime but not Sora. Ever since he came back he's been the model citizen. He helps anyone who asks and settled disputes with that odd weapon of his. Though…" And here the coroner hesitated. After a moment where he seemed to be wrestling with something in his head he nodded, then ascended the tallest stair in the room and retrieved a box full of spheres from the top shelf of a dusty bookcase. He fished through them and handed a few to Ziva and Gibbs.

"What're these?" Gibbs asked, looking at the glass spheres curiously. If he peered into them he thought he could make out pictures flickering within them.

"Recordings. When I'm not taking care of the deceased I like to go around town interviewing people, I work on the newspaper too. A few people didn't like Sora after he got back."

"What do you mean?" Ziva asked, curious.

The coroner waved them towards a screen in the corner, a circular depression in its base. "See for yourself."

"Those Keyblades of his, they're freakish! A weapon that can unlock anything? What's to say he won't just barge into our homes when he feels like it?"

"Him and Riku, they're unnatural. They're just kids, but when you look at them, you can see it in their eyes. They've killed people and they've seen too much. I think they should've stayed wherever they went and not come back!"

"Two boys like them shouldn't be hanging around such a sweet girl as Kairi. Mark my words, she's going to be gallivanting off next and come back a freak. They should have just stayed gone."

Gibbs and Ziva sorted through dozens of recordings just like those, wincing at a few particularly heated sentiments. One of them, though, stood out amongst the rest.

A blonde man with a mullet glared at the screen, his blue eyes hard and cold. "Sora, Riku, and Kairi? What about them? They're just hacks that couldn't beat anyone in a fair fight. Something should be done about them before they kill someone else."

Gibbs froze the image on the screen before calling for the coroner. "Who's this?"

The coroner peered at the boy thoughtfully. "You know, I don't know. He showed up before Sora and Riku came home. He's a natural with water spells, though, almost like he's a water elemental."

"And what is that?" Ziva asked.

"An elemental is a person who doesn't need spells to control his chosen element. He just moves and his element reacts. Those are really rare, though, only one in every couple of thousand people. For all of the Islands I'd say there are maybe five. This kid, if he were an elemental, he'd have been made famous."

"I see. Thanks for your help." Gibbs and Ziva kept a few choice spheres and left the coroner in peace.

Abyss was waiting for them at the police station, in the room that had unofficially become theirs. "Any luck?"

"No other suspects, but we did gather more evidence." Gibbs handed him the bag with Wakka's clothes and the coroner's report. "The first goes to Abby and the second goes to Ducky."

"Got it," Abyss said cheerfully. "I'll be off, then. Need anything from home while you're waiting?"

"Some of what you had," Ziva commented. "You are… bouncy."

The teen scowled, even as his fingers tapped out an impatient beat on his elbow. "Am not."

"You've been hanging out with Abby, haven't you?" Gibbs asked.

"She has this awesome drink," Abyss agreed. "It's red and sweet and whenever I drink it I feel like I could stay up all night."

"Uh-huh. I'd lay off it if I were you," Gibbs advised.

Abyss waved his hand impatiently. "Do you guys need anything from your houses before I go?"

"A change of clothes," Ziva said immediately, sniffing at her shirt and making a face.

"Same," Gibbs agreed wholeheartedly.

"See you in a few, then." Abyss vanished into his portal.

There were a few knocks on the door before the officer in charge of Sora's investigation entered. "Any luck today?" he asked after they exchanged greetings.

"We collected some evidence, it's being analyzed back home. We may have another suspect as well." Gibbs located the right sphere and handed it off to the officer. "This young man had some very interesting things to say about Sora. We have reason to believe that someone using water spells was responsible for Wakka's death, and according to your coroner, this young man is very talented with water spells. You should talk to him."

The officer winced. "You're not going to want to hear this, then. Sora's set to be executed in two days."

"I thought we had another week!" Ziva objected.

"Investigations can last up to two weeks," the officer said. "Often, the culprit is identified within days. We've only held off this long because we like the kid, but the facts are that there's no other credible evidence indicating otherwise. I hope you can pull something out of your hat tomorrow, because otherwise…" The officer shrugged. "Sorry you two came all the way here for nothing. You can stay until after if you'd like."

"We'll have our report in the morning," Gibbs promised. "I won't let Sora die."

The officer took the sphere anyway and left them in peace. Not a moment later Abyss returned, two bundles of clothes in his arms. "Here you go," he announced, dumping the bundles unceremoniously on the floor. "Abby said she'll have those clothes analyzed by tomorrow, and Ducky should be waking up soon. He, ah…" Abyss looked slightly ashamed. "He didn't expect me to show up at his house."

Gibbs sorted out his clothes from Ziva's and let her head for the showers first. Abyss didn't leave immediately, instead looking at the notes the two investigators had scattered around the area. In the silence that ensued the elder ran scenarios through his head, trying to find some way to clear Sora. That led him back to his first encounter with the teen, the fantasy battle between Sora and Abyss that had left both in the hospital for weeks.

"Abyss," Gibbs began, waiting until the one so named looked up from an interview transcript. "Why're you doing this?"

"Doing what?" Abyss asked, though he looked away from Gibbs and back down at the paper in his hands. He wasn't reading it, though, the NCIS agent could tell.

"Helping Sora. You wanted him dead before, so I'd think that you'd be quite happy to let him be executed. What's changed?"

Abyss put the paper down, standing and going to the window. He gazed out at the palm trees rustling in the gentle wind, an unreadable expression on his face. He was silent for a good few minutes, during which Gibbs waited patiently.

"When I tried to kill Sora before," the teen finally started, "I was still thinking of myself as a failed replica. I wanted so badly to do something right, and I was so angry. Why couldn't I be the original? What did I do wrong?" He hung his head. "I have most of Riku's memories, but I'm really only two years old. I was being childish.

"I decided, after hanging out in Traverse Town for a while, that I should do something productive. I went to stop the Organization but someone had beat me to it. I got angry again, felt useless, until I realized something."

"You realized that the Nobodies weren't dead," Gibbs guessed.

Abyss nodded. "I knew that Sora wouldn't know. He'd think that they were dead and gone. I was still so angry, though, and I wanted to do something useful so badly that I rationalized killing the Organization again. Nobodies got the memories of their Somebodies, after all; who's to say that the reverse wasn't true? So I went from world to world, searching for any sign of them."

"How many of them did you end up killing?" Gibbs asked.

"Just Lea and Ulmaria. They're the first two I found. Well…" And Abyss thought back. "Back in Castle Oblivion, I think I killed Zexion permanently. I absorbed his powers of illusion and I haven't found him again. He could be alive, but I doubt it."

"He was still a Nobody then, right?"

"Right, he was trying to hurt Namine. I couldn't let that happen." Abyss turned from the window and finally looked at Gibbs. "I hadn't planned on hurting Sora that time. But then I saw him, and I was still so angry, I could only see Roxas in him. Roxas was the Organization's key to everything, they needed his Keyblade. That's why I attacked Sora before."

"Obviously you've changed your mind," Gibbs noted. "Why?"

Abyss chuckled. "I had lots of time to think in the hospital. Had several cops talking to me and about me, and I realized that I was being an idiot. I had fifteen years of memories to draw on and I was only acting on the last two. That's why I decided to actually go out and help people. I've been going from world to world looking for Heartless or Nobodies, saving people and just generally doing good. I can't change the fact that I killed Lea and Ulmaria, but I could make sure no one else got hurt."

Gibbs nodded, satisfied. "You do know that if you come back to my world and get caught you'll be executed."

"They can try. I'm a Nobody, remember? If I die I'll just wake up somewhere else." And Abyss looked a bit sad at that. "Wonder if I'll get older."

"Where are we going?" Abyss wanted to know as Gibbs led him through the quiet police station. It was later that night and most of the police officers had either crashed on cots or had gone home. The NCIS agent was silent as they walked. He'd taken his shower and changed into the clothes Abyss had brought for him, a pair of old jeans and a light blue dress shirt.

Their destination wasn't a mystery for very long, the stairs leading to the cells coming into view. Abyss stopped short, Gibbs following suit shortly.

"I can't see him," the teen said flatly. "He doesn't want to see me, and I don't want him to be angry when he goes."

"He won't be angry," Gibbs promised. "You should settle things with him, just in case. We'll save him, but what if we can't? You'll regret it for the rest of your life."

Abyss gnawed his lip uncertainly. "You sure?"

"Yeah. I'll be right behind you."

Gibbs let Abyss take the lead, nodding at the guard at the base of the stairs as he trailed behind a few paces.

Abyss paused before the last cell, taking a few deep breaths. He glanced back at Gibbs and received a reassuring nod in response.

Sora glared at him from the inside of his cell. "Riku Replica, right?"

"My name's Abyss," the green-streaked teen introduced. "But yeah, I was him."

"What do you want?" the brunette challenged. "You here to gloat?"

"He's the one that brought me and Ziva here," Gibbs put in, stepping into Sora's view. "He's trying to help us clear your name."

Abyss nodded. "And I wanted to apologize for what I did before. You're not just Roxas, and I'm sorry for trying to kill you."

Sora looked a bit less murderous, but he still obviously wasn't convinced. "And what about Lea and Ulmaria? How do you plan on apologizing for them?"

Abyss chuckled. "I'm two years old and was a bit crazy. But really, there's no way to apologize. I'll live with what I did to them forever, but I can't let that rule me. I have to move on. And I wanted to make sure that you know that I'm going to try and help from now on."

Gibbs snuck away while they were talking. He figured that what went on was between them and he had no business eavesdropping.

Gibbs woke up to Abyss poking him in the shoulder. "Gibbs, wake up! Abby has some good news!"

"Too early," Ziva groaned, turning over and burying her head in her pillow. She said a few choice words in some of the other languages she knew, words that sounded scathing and impolite.

Gibbs shared the sentiments but withheld his remarks. Instead he propped himself up, checking the time and then Abyss' excited demeanor. "Did you get into the Caf Pow again?"

Abyss waved his hand dismissively, thrusting a report under his nose. "Abby ran those tests and she said that you're right about the water. Wakka was soaked with freshwater from the waterfall!"

"Uh-huh. How does that prove Sora's not guilty?"

Another report appeared. "Ducky's analysis of the coroner's report. He thinks that Wakka was immobilized while he was killed. There was evidence of water in Wakka's lungs which the coroner chalked up to them just getting out of playing Blitzball. Unskilled players do inhale a bit of water at times, but Wakka was going pro. He'd be able to hold his breath easily."

Gibbs nodded. "I think this is definitely enough for reasonable doubt. Thanks, Abyss."

The officers stared at Gibbs and Ziva expectantly. "You have new evidence?" the head officer asked.

Gibbs nodded, passing around the reports and indicating the papers he'd pinned to the wall. They were in a meeting room just off the practice range, sounds of sparring filtering through the shut windows. The sun had just barely risen and everyone looked a bit sleepy, but all gazes were alert and focused.

"Our analysis of the crime scene indicates that the killer was standing here when he attacked Wakka," Gibbs began, indicating an enlarged photo of the scene. He traced the bloodstain, emphasizing a curved void at the edge of it. "Wakka's body was found here," and he pointed at the stakes in the ground, "and Sora claims he woke up here." He pointed to the far edge of the bloodstain. "Judging by the blood spatter patterns, Sora can't have killed him. There's a void here right where the killer should be."

"What if Sora killed him, then fell asleep where we found him?" one of the officers challenged.

Gibbs pointed to the official investigation folder provided by the officers. "Based on the description of the blood covering Sora, I'd say he was lying down. He was covered only on one side with blood. If he'd been standing in front of Wakka his front would be soaked while his back would be clear. This indicates that his left torso, front, and back were covered while his right side was clear."

"Based on this, it would seem that Sora was unconscious at the time of the murder. He was lying down on his right side in the sand," Ziva concluded for the benefit of the officers.

There were a few grumbles around the room. Gibbs pretended not to notice, moving on to the next piece of evidence.

"Analysis of Wakka's clothes indicates that he was soaked in fresh water. Why would he be soaked in fresh water when he'd just come out of the ocean? Somehow, water was used to immobilize him."

"And how can you prove that?" one of the officers asked skeptically.

"I had my coroner look over the autopsy report. Wakka was an experienced Blitzball player, so why would he have water in his lungs? The only thing that makes sense is that he inhaled some of the water used to immobilize him. There's no way to tell now if it was salt water or fresh, but it makes sense, right?"

A general murmur of agreement.

"Sora could have used a water spell," a voice from the back of the room offered.

Ziva shook her head at that. "I have seen Sora use magic before. He is a skilled wielder of ice, but I have not seen him use water. You have interviewed his friends, yes? They will say that he cannot use water magic."


"So. Our theory of the crime is that Sora was knocked out. There was an injury on his head that you all chalked up to a Blitzball injury, but we think that the killer knocked Sora out. With Sora out of the way our killer used the water from the waterfall to imprison Wakka. There would have been no way for Wakka to have fought back while our killer sliced his throat. After Wakka was dead our killer took his murder weapon with him, leaving Sora to wake up in the morning next to his dead friend." Gibbs put down his folder and looked every one of the officers in the eye. "Is this enough to get his execution canceled?"

The officers were looking through the folders, tracing the information there. The head officer looked up after a moment, confusion written on his face. "I don't understand any of this. Your pictures are clear but what's a mass spectrometer?"

Ziva raised her hand like she wanted to plant her face into it, but held off at the last second. "You do not have them?"

Heads shook around the room.

"They analyze a material's basic chemical makeup. It can tell the difference between fresh water and salt water, for example," Gibbs explained.

There were still uncertain looks around the room. Gibbs suppressed a sigh.

"Ignore the mass spectrometer, then," he ordered. "Does our theory of the crime make sense?"

A few nods. "Do you have another suspect, then?"

Ziva produced a photo of the unknown blonde and passed it around. "This young man is a water spell specialist who said very suspicious things about Sora not too long ago. Based on our evidence, this young man at least needs to be talked to."

The photo was scrutinized carefully. Gibbs let them think things over for a minute before asking, "Well?"

"We will let you know," the head officer said. He, at least, looked convinced. "We have to take this to our superiors and let them look at it."

Gibbs nodded. "We'll be around."

Sora was permitted to see his friends and family that day. They were led to a room near the front of the complex. Guards were posted at the window and door, but they otherwise weren't bothered.

Gibbs didn't invite himself into the room. He hadn't known Sora as long as Riku and Kairi and he didn't think Sora's parents would be happy with him in the room. Instead he hung out around the practice area, taking notes on the different weapons he saw. Ziva vanished into town, expressing interest in a small boutique she'd seen while interviewing Riku.

The bubble straws interested Gibbs particularly. He investigated and found that they were made on a rather small island, just simple wooden tubes with a water spell ingrained into the wood. Their users were mostly spell casters, though there was one woman who could create bubbles large enough to trap her enemies.

He was watching a swordman facing off against a whip user when the officer in charge of Sora's case sat next to him. "I have good news and bad news."

"Give me the bad news first," Gibbs sighed.

"Sora's still going to be executed."

Somehow, Gibbs hadn't expected anything different. "What's the good news?"

"Our supervisors aren't convinced, but we are. There's nothing to say that we can't keep Sora in our custody. He has a weapon that can unlock anything, after all."

Gibbs nodded. "Of course. And he has a friend that can travel anywhere instantly."

"Right." The officer shrugged, scuffing the grass with his foot. "I'm sorry."

"You did your best and that's all we can ask. Are you going to look into that blonde?"

"No one seems to know who he is," the officer admitted. "He's a talented water spell user but he comes and goes. By the time anyone thinks to ask his name he's already gone. It's a bit like Sora, actually, except Sora's lived here all his life. We know who he is."

Gibbs nodded. "So you're going to let everyone else think Sora killed Wakka."

"The family has to have some peace, and people need to know that the killer's been caught. It's unfortunate, but too many of us think Sora did it. Those few of us who know otherwise can't change their minds." The officer hung his head and sighed. "I just thought I should warn you. Talk to Sora and that friend of his that looks like Riku, the one with the portals. See if you can't get them to figure something out."

"Thanks for the warning."

Sora shook his head. "I'm not leaving."

Gibbs tried very hard not to do something involving great amounts of pain. "Sora, you're innocent. You shouldn't let yourself be killed for this."

"I don't remember anything, I could have killed him." He certainly looked guilty enough. "I'll be able to choose how to go, at least. I can manage something."

Abyss scowled. He was in a corner of the room as far from Riku as he could get. Riku, for his part, was ignoring his replica, focused instead on his suicidal friend. Kairi was seated next to Sora, a comforting hand on his arm.

"And what's your plan?" the replica asked, running a hand through his green-streaked hair. "Unlike me, when you die, you're dead. I don't want you to be dead, Sora! I didn't bring Gibbs and Ziva here just to watch you die."

Sora shrunk in on himself. "Wakka's dead," he said miserably. "I feel responsible. I'm not leaving."

"It's your choice," Gibbs sighed, standing and brushing off his pants. "I hope you have some kind of plan, because I don't like feeling like watching a kid get killed."

The brunette managed a small, sneaky grin. "I have a bit of a plan, but I'm not saying anything. Don't want them choosing how to kill me."

Abyss growled. "Damnit, Sora, don't make me kidnap you."

"I won't let you," Sora shot back.

"For the crime of murder, you, Sora, have been sentenced to death," a solemn woman proclaimed. She wore black robes which absorbed the early morning sun. Her brown hair was tied back with a black ribbon that caught the light wind. Around her were others in black robes, standing atop a wooden platform three feet off the ground. Sora was on the ground in front of her, hands chained in front of him and tied to a post driven into the earth.

Gibbs was one of the few people allowed into the execution grounds, a part of the police station very rarely visited and buried at the back of the compound. Facing the judges' stand, the wooden bleachers only held ten people and granted their occupants perfect views of the ground. Ziva sat next to him, hands clenched in her lap, while on the tier below him was Riku, Kairi, and Sora's parents. The very bottom row was Wakka's parents, the pair grim-faced with reddened eyes. Sora's parents weren't in any better shape, clinging to each other and Riku and Kairi and unable to help their tears.

Sora nodded, face unreadable. "I understand," he said gravely.

"Do you have any last words?" the woman judge asked him.

The brunette turned towards Wakka's parents. "I don't know what happened. I don't know if I killed him. If I am, I'm sorry. If I didn't, I hope you find who did."

His statement was met with silence. After a moment he sighed, turning back towards the judges.

"That's all I had to say."

The woman nodded. "Have you chosen how you'd like to die?"

Sora's mother sobbed just a little bit louder.

The teen nodded. "Yes. I'll take my own life with my Keyblade." He held up his bound hands. "If I could be untied, that is."

The judges whispered among themselves before the head woman nodded. A police officer came out and unchained Sora. He rubbed his red wrists for a second before bowing his head and taking a deep breath, Keyblade appearing in his hand.

Ziva gripped Gibbs' arm.

The field was silent save for sobbing and the odd tropical birdsong. Sora raised the black Keyblade and reversed it, the pronged end pointing at his chest. He stood like that for a moment, Keyblade poised, as if he was waiting for something.

Gibbs wanted something to happen. He wanted someone to burst in and exclaim that everything was a mistake, that Sora was free to go. He wanted something to explode and distract everyone so that Sora could live, just a little bit longer.

The birds chirped, one alighting on the building just over the judges' head. It looked the scene over quizzically for just a moment before taking off again.

Sora closed his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks. It only took one quick motion and the Keyblade was in his chest directly above his heart. Everyone but Gibbs winced.

Face pained, Sora managed to twist the Keyblade, then jerked it out. A red light floated out of his chest and up into the morning light, and the teen staggered backwards. He opened his eyes and smiled at his friends and family through his tears.

"Stop!" a voice echoed through the field. Abyss leaped in from above, a figure bound and gagged in tow, and skidded to a stop before the judge, black coat billowing ominously around him. "Stop, Sora's innocent! I have the culprit right here!"

Gibbs looked closer at the figure and recognized the blonde hair, the cold blue eyes. "So I see," he said, barely restraining his anger. "A few moments too late."

Abyss turned and saw Sora, saw the way the brunette had started to glow, lights drifting upwards off his form. The replica looked stricken, blonde falling from his slack fingers. "No," he whispered, face twisting in despair. "No, this can't happen!"

Sora smiled, tears no longer streaming down his face. He looked rather serene, his eyes falling closed. Abyss reached for him, fingers passing through where his arms should have been. "Sora, you can't die! You just can't!"

Sora's mother's sobbing pitched itself just a bit higher.

With a smile Sora vanished into wisps of light. Abyss fell to his knees screaming in rage, pounding the earth where the other teen had stood just a moment before. Kairi went to him, kneeling next to him and letting him turn his grief into her shoulder.

Gibbs was the next to the floor, hauling the blonde to his feet and removing his gag. The blonde glared at him, lips pressed together.

"So, why'd you do it?" he snarled. "Why'd you get Sora killed? What'd he ever do to you?"

"Yeah, Demyx," Riku's voice put in from behind them. The boy himself walked next to Gibbs, Keyblade in hand. His blade resembled a large black wing. "Why'd you want Sora to die?"

"Because he killed me!" the blonde shot back. He jerked backwards out of Gibbs' grip and stood proudly. "I was just doing my job trying to get a rise out of him, and he goes and kills me! I didn't want to do anything but annoy him, and he kills me. How rude is that?"

Gibbs nodded in understanding. "You were Demyx," he stated. "Sora told me about you. He said you were a water elemental."

"I was, back when I was a Nobody. Now that I'm just human it's a lot harder now to control the water, but I can use it well enough," Demyx said coldly. "Enough to knock Sora out, and enough to keep Wakka still so I could kill him and frame Sora. I used a dagger of ice to slice his throat open, let him bleed out onto Sora so you'd think he did it. And I succeeded! You can kill me now but Sora's dead and I have my revenge!"

Gibbs couldn't help it. His fist flew out and caught Demyx in the chin, the blonde falling backwards with teeth a second behind. "There you have it," he said in disgust. "You all let Sora kill himself and here's your culprit right here. Do what you want with him, I'm done."

Gibbs was on his way to the door when Kairi's voice stopped him. "Sora's not dead."

All eyes turned to her. She was looking at where Sora had been, absently twisting her hair around a finger. She noticed the attention and blinked. "What? He's not dead."

Riku blinked, eye widening. "Oh."

Abyss looked between them, scrubbing tears from his eyes. "What do you mean?"

"He used the Keyblade on himself once before," Kairi reminded him. "Remember?"

Abyss thought back, then blinked. "Oh."

Gibbs was lost. "What? What's going on?"

"Gibbs, remember!" Ziva said suddenly. "When Sora was telling us his story before, he mentioned when he turned into a Heartless."

"Yeah, when he was telling us about Roxas. He said he used the Keyblade…" And it was Gibbs' turn to blink. "Oh."

"Kairi, let's get to the Castle," Riku said immediately, Demyx forgotten. "We need to let Donald, Goofy, and Mickey know so we can start looking for him."

"Where are we going to start?" Abyss protested. "He could be anywhere!"

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