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Chapter 1: Out

He did it. He got out of HIVE. And all he had to do was wake up at 2:00am and take a Shroud with Wing, Laura and Shelby to the mainland, he thought that the security would be better.

so here they were back in the city and nowhere to go and still in their uniforms.

'So … now what do we do?' Said Shelby.

'We should probably find some new clothes' Replied Wing.

'Aye, that sounds good to me.' Said Laura.

'Yes, but how? We have no money.' Otto said while standing up form where he'd been sitting.

Everyone just looked at Shelby.

'What?' Shelby said looking very confused.

After Shelby returned with the stolen clothes, everybody got changed in the hidden Shroud.

'Wow Shel, right size and everything.' Said Laura admiring her new outfit.

'Yes, how did you know what our sizes were?' Asked Wing.

'I have a good eye for these kind of things.' Replied Shelby happily. She had gotten herself an excellent outfit that both looked good and she could fight in easily if needed.

'So, now that we all look somewhat normal.' said Otto 'I suggest that we ditch the Shroud, and find a place to sleep.'

Everyone nodded in agreement.

They were walking around town for hours looking for a good place to get some food and sleep. Eventually they gave up and just went to the nearest hotel, Otto hacked the system and got them the best room there.

In the morning they had a big breakfast of hotel buffet food and left.

'That was a big breakfast.' Said Shelby 'I'm stuffed.'

Otto suddenly started giggling.

'What's so funny?' Asked Shelby.

'I just thought of what Nero's face would look like when he finds out we escaped.'

At that everyone started to giggle, even Wing.