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~With Sasori and Deidara~

"want some cotton candy?" Sasori asked as they made their way through the crowd hand in hand. "yes please Danna, un!" Sasori nodded and led them to a booth where they sold cotton candy. "can I have blueberry, un?" Deidara asked sweetly. Sasori smiled and kissed his blonde uke on his forehead "of course" Deidara squealed and hugged his Danna.

They walked up to the stand and got their cotton candy. Yet again, they fought their way over to a bench. Sasori sat first motioning for Deidara to sit on his lap. Deidara smiled and positioned himself on his lap waiting to receive his treat. "open up" Deidara giggled and opened his mouth. As soon as Sasori was about to put some cotton candy in his lover's mouth it was swiped from a weasel. And it wasn't Itachi either...

"oh my!" a fat (A/N: no offense to some pplz...) rich lady ran up to the couple. "my weasel! My weasel! heathens! Don't give him that junk!" she yelled as she retrieved her, probably dying of starvation and suffocation, weasel. The two ex nins stared at her dumbfoundedly as she walked off.

"I'm so telling Itachi 'bout this, un" Deidara snickered. Sasori gave a small chuckle and grabbed another piece. "lets hope this one makes it to its destination." Deidara giggled and opened his mouth, waiting for the sweet fluffy goodness. As soon as it was in his mouth a pair of familiar lips had connected with his.

Deidara smiled into the kiss as he felt the other's tongue lap at his bottom lip. Opening his mouth his tongue was met by Sasori's. Their tongues battled as sweet cotton candy laced them. Pulling away Sasori dragged Deidara to another ride.

On the ride known as The Tornado, Deidara and Sasori took their seats. The ride began slow then began to gather speed. As soon as they were in the air Deidara sank downwards wearing his trademark grin. "Deidara? What are you d- OHHH GOD!" Sasori moaned. Somehow the blonde had manged to undo his pants. And now the blonde's mouth was wrapped around his ever hardening cock.

"does Danna like that, un?" Deidara said innocently with Sasori's cock still in his mouth. "FUCK! Dei..." Sasori panted out feeling vibrations from his brat's talking. Deidara ever so lightly sucked, making the red head growl and push Deidara's head demanding more.

He giggled and sucked harder, deep throating his puppet lover. A low moan ripped at Sasori's throat as he threw his head back and kept his hand on Deidara's head. Sneakily, Deidara moved his hands up to where he was, bringing them to join in with him. Another loud moan. "Deidara...so close..." Sasori said thrusting his hips up a little.

Said blonde smirked and brought one hand to Sasori's balls. Licking and nipping, Sasori, thrust his hips up more to hit the back of Deidara's throat. Experience kept Deidara from gagging. So the blonde continued to pleasure the man in anyway possible until, "Deidara!" Sasori gasped as he came inside the blonde's mouth.

Said blonde smiled and swallowed the sticky white substance. "Danna taste sweet, almost like cotton candy, un" Deidara giggled as they both got out when the ride had ended. Sasori smirked. "cock tease. " "your cock tease, un" Deidara giggled and took his Danna's hand and walked off to another ride.

~With Kisame and Itachi~

After exploring the ground more the two decided to take a small break by the giant slide. "wow, it's taller than you Kisa-San!" the weasel exclaimed. Kisame sweat dropped. "heh, of course it is Ita-Kun..." "but nothing is never taller than you!" Itachi said with widened eyes.

"well then we'll have to fix that right?" Kisame said with a toothy grin. Itachi gave an evil smirk back. Kisame summoned Samehada from the car, since leader didn't let them bring their weapons. "ready Ita-Kun" Itachi nodded. Kisame smiled and raised his Samehada and cut the metal support beams that held the sword.

A few more cutting here and there and the thing wobbled barely staying on the beams. "your turn Ita-Kun" Itachi nodded and made a few hand signs. "Hi-dama no jutsu!" and with that the beams melted from the fire ball jutsu. People screamed and clung to there children. When everything was said and done. Kisame was now taller than the giant slide.

"my Kisa-San is amazing!" Itachi said flinging his arms over the taller blue male. "you bet I am." Kisame smirked and hugged the Uchiha. "e-excuse me s-sir. Uhm, you n-need to -" Itachi turned and glared at the woman. She eeped and ran off. "hehe" Itachi laughed and suddenly Itachi's Sharingan caught something. "You!" he exclaimed pointing a finger at a young boy. Said boy's eyes widened. "you kicked me in my shin! I'm going to kill you, you little snobby brat!" Itachi said letting go of Kisame and running to chase the boy.

Kisame sighed and turned to the side, facing a woman. "Your bratty kido?" "your psycho lover?" the woman sighed, "yea" Kisame nodded,"mhmm." the two older male/female sighed and chased after their responsibility.

~With Zetsu~

"this food is fucking tasty. You sound like Hidan? Yes." Zetsu spoke to himself as he walked down more concession stands. Lost in his conversation, he ran into something squishy and round. "excuse me watch where your going..." Zetsu looked up at the person, " tubby"

The male's eye twitched. "tubby?" Zetsu smirked, "that's what we said, got a problem with that?" "yea I do!" the male yelled. "Choji?" a blonde girl yelled, she could be Deidara's twin if she had brighter yellow blonde hair and her fringe placed on the left side.

"troublesome women" a male with a small pony tail said as he followed her. "Choji? Are you ok- It's an Akatsuki member!" she eeped. Zetsu gave a crooked smirk. "Calm down Ino, were taking a relaxing day and I'm sure he is too." Zetsu nodded. "oh," the girl known as Ino said.

"he called me tubby!" Choji whined. The brunette rolled his eyes, "you're not willing to apologize are you?" "heh, no" Zetsu stated. "how bout this, he challenges you to something and if he wins you say sorry." "great idea Shikamaru!" the blonde squealed.

"fine, its so on" Choji smirked. "I challenge you to a sumo match!" Zetsu raised his eyebrows. "okey, heh your on tubby" the two glared at each other and went to a open table. "first we eat." Shikamaru and Ino walked over to where Choji was and sat on a ledge of the sidewalk.

Both began to chow down on random foods. They even mixed foods together. Once they were finished they both rose and did a hand sign. In a sudden flash of puff, both males were enlarged and wearing sumo outfits. "you ready?" "yes, bring it"

Both then charged at each other and Zetsu topped the other male. "wow, this is-" Shikamaru stated and Ino butted in, "gross" she scowled as she watch the two fat males slam each other to the ground. "i was gonna say troublesome but sure if you think so. "I don't think, I know." she stated.

Zetsu smirked before bringing his knee up and kneeing Choji between his legs. The other male gave a loud yelp and fell backwards, the jutsu breaking. "we won bitches!" Zetsu remarked before his jutsu broke off also. "YOU CHEATED!" "no, you never said we couldn't knee you in the crotch believe it or not, I didn't think you eve had one with all that blubber be nice. I don't have to!"

Zetsu began to argue with himself as Shikamaru and Ino helped their pained friend. "troublesome" Shikamaru mumbled as he helped Choji to the restroom. Ino followed behind blabbing bout how ridiculous the fight was and other worthless shit no one ever cared about.

~With Tobi~

Tobi turned his head and stared at all the people walking by. He beamed of happiness when he spotted a bright blonde. His Senpai was near him.

"Senpaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" Tobi squealed as he glomped the male. "Senpai? What the hell get off me, PERVERT!" the blonde squealed. "Senpai? When did you get boobs?" the 'fe'male glared at the boy. "PERVERT!" she yelled and hit Tobi upside his head. "Tobi is sorry! You look like Tobi's Senpai!" The girl stopped beating Tobi and spoke, "and who might your Senpai be?"

Tobi starred at the woman. 'should I tell her or not' he thought. Then he decided he would, since she looked like his Senpai. "Deidara-Senpai" the girl smirked, "here let me help you up" she held a hand out to the raven haired male. Once off the ground Tobi brushed off some dirt off his cloak. "do you know my Senpai?" she nodded.

"UNMEI! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" the girl yelled. A brunette poked her head out and walked calmly over to the blonde. "what is it? I was kinda busy, ne." "this shit head knows Deidara" The blonde said jabbing a finger at the orange swirled masked boy.

The brunette, known as Unmei smirked, "oh does he now? Do you also know a Sasori-San, ne?" Tobi nodded. The girls smiled, "oh well do you think you can help us find them? They're really close friends of ours." "Tobi would love to!" Tobi squealed, "but, Senpai says not to talk to strangers." the blonde girl thought for a moment and before she could say a word the brunette spoke, "I'm Unmei and this," she pointed at the blonde, "is Kira. And you are Tobi. Now that we know each other were not strangers, ne?"

Tobi nodded and began to walk around with the two girls. After a few thirty minutes they went to go sit down. "let's rest here for a few minutes." Kira said sitting on a bench. "you always get so tired quickly, ne?" Unmei giggled. "shut up!" Kira said going to punch Unmei. The brunette dodged the attack and chuckled. "whatever"

"hey Tobi keep a look out, ne." Tobi nodded and stood on the bench looking for the redhead and blonde. "is he always full of this much energy?" Kira grumbled. Unmei shrugged, "you'd have to ask 'Sori-Chan and Deidara-Kun, ne." Kira gave Unmei a deadpanned face. "do you have to use San and Kun all the time?" Unmei grinned, "you know it"

"Tobi found them!" Tobi squealed as he bounced up and down on the bench. Kira growled before pushing Tobi off and took a deep breath, '1...2...3...4...FORGET THIS SHIT!' she then proceeded to beat the shit out of the poor Tobi.

"hey he found them! So we have to let him live, ne!" Unmei said dragging her blonde friend off of the pained Tobi. "right" Kira grumbled. "show us the way Tobi, ne!" Tobi bounced off the ground and led them to the redhead and blonde. "seriously, is he mental? Or something?" Unmei chuckled and followed the boy with a grumbling Kira.

Unmei and Kira both grinned at the sight in front of them. "wow, Sasori-San , still the same pedophile I see. Taking advantage of such a young blonde boy, ne" Sasori froze, lips still connected to Deidara's and hand slightly down the other's pants, he knew that voice. Both males pulled away and their eyes widened. "not you two!" Sasori scowled while Deidara blushed a deep red. "GAH WHY'D YOU HAVE TO BE HERE, UN!"

"aw, don't be mean to you sister Deidara." Kira chuckled. Unmei plopped herself down next to Sasori. "hm, same with me. You should treat family with more respect, ne." Sasori groaned and glared at Tobi. " don't look at me like that Sasori-San! Tobi was a good boy and led them to you!" Deidara glared and threw a clay bird at the masked idiot. Tobi screamed and tumbled backwards, tripping on a extension chord and crashing into a near by game booth.

The four on the bench laughed at Tobi, who was now currently sitting in a pond full of rubber ducks. "mommy! why is there a man in the ducky pound?" a little black haired girl questioned her mother. "uhm, I'm not sure. Let's keep walking" she said rushing the small girl away.

"well now that we found you," Kira started. "we can hang out with ya, ne?" Unmei finished. The girls grinned, Unmei's looking more idiotic. Sasori and Deidara groaned knowing they couldn't get out of this.

~With Kakuzu and Hidan~

"hey Kakuzu," said male turned to face his albino lover. "what?" "isn't that blondie and puppet fucker with two chicks?" Kakuzu averted his sight to where Hidan was looking. "ah, yes. The brunette is Unmei, Sasori's cousin. And the other blonde is Deidara's sister." (Note: just in case some of you were confuzzled and srry for the OC's ) Hidan nodded.

"hey Kakuzu do you think – .Jashin...LOOK KUZU! THEY HAVE PLUSHIES OF US!" Hidan squealed running to a small stand full of plushies from various Animes. Kakuzu scowled, "Hidan please, don't start th-" "Kuzu can we get them pretty fucking please!" Hidan pleaded holding the two plushies to his bare chest.

"no Hidan" "please" "no" "pretty fucking please" "no" "but Kuzuuuuu, look how fucking cute plushie you looks!" Hidan said holding the Kakuzu plushie in front of the older's face. "Hidan no" said male then proceed to make his bottom lip quiver, giving Kakuzu a puppy dog face. "pweaseeeeee I promise to be good, and if I ain't you can punish me when we get back to the base" Hidan smirked seductively at the end.

"ugh, fine" Kakuzu grunted and bought the two plushies for the albino. "FUCK YEA!" the Jashinist yelled in triumph. Kakuzu grumbled and started to walk off. "I wonder if lil' Kuzu has a dick..." Hidan said while opening th cloak and messing with the plushies pants. "you're such a perv, Hidan" Kakuzu said smiling. "I know, and you love it" Kakuzu rolled his eyes. "that I do"

~With Pein and Konan~

"okey Nagato sweetie stay right here, I'll be right back." the blunette said as she walked off to the bathroom. "fine" the pierced male grumbled. He sat on a bench. The smell of food waved through his stomach making him sick. "gah, greasy foods make me sick." he complained to no one.

"excuse me, mister?" Pein turned around and came face to face with a little blonde girl with springy piggy tails. "what do you want kid?" he asked grouchily. Oh yes he hated kids, was he ever gonna have some? No way in hell, the Akatsuki was already hard enough to take care of, he didn't want some bratty kids running through the base messing everything up.

"Mommy disappeared and I'm scarred." she said quietly. Pein sighed, "what do you want me to do about it?" the little girl looked up at the older male. "help me find Mommy please?" Pein's eye twitched. "sorry little girl, I have to wait here. Why don't you sit down. Maybe when my girlfriend comes back she can help you, 'kay?" the blonde girl smiled and sat down next to him.

"eh, so..." Pein said awkwardly. "why do you have those funny black thingys in your face mister?" the girl said in awe more than being weirded out. "they're piercings, and if you must know. They're there so I can control the other me's." The blonde girl nodded. "how many you's are there?" Pein smiled, "six counting me" "oh, what's your name? I'm Kari"

"I'm Pein" why was he telling her this? Who knows. "oh, nice to meet you Mister Pein." she giggled. "heh, do you believe in God little Kari?" hm, maybe he could make this girl follow under his footsteps. She nodded. "well do you know who the real God is?" she shook her head, "he lives in the sky though. Mommy told me that."

"well she was wrong, the true God in this world is me!" she looked up him with big eyes. Ah young little fools. "y-your God?" she stuttered. "yes, I'm God. And I know that you are a very good little girl. You want to make this place a better place right?" she nodded hastily. "then believe I am God, because I am." she nodded.

"oh honey!" a blonde woman cried as she ran up to where Pein and Kari were sitting. "oh I'm terribly sorry, sir." she said to Pein. "it's quite fine, she didn't bother me at all." the woman nodded and walked off with her daughter. "Honey, I told you not to talk to strangers." the little girl smiled, "but Mommy, he was God!" the woman shook her head, "honey that man was ly-" "I BELIVE IN YOU MISTER PEIN!" the little girl yelled in glee.

Konan walked over to Pein and sat beside him, "what did you do?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. "I told that little girl I was God" he said smug. Konan rolled her eyes. Both Akatsuki members watched as the mother tried to stop her daughter from shouting about of Pein was God. "heh, soon the world will fall under my hands!" Pein laughed maniacally. Konan sighed and hit him over the head with her purse.

~Mr. FluffyButt P.O.V~

'hehe' I thought as I snuck up behind Blue Fishyman (Kisame). I'll show him Weasel's (Itachi's) true love. "Teijo, come over here and bite his ankle" I commanded another raccoon. Teijo nodded and scampered over to Blue Fishyman. I snickered and got into position. 'soon Weasel will be mine!' I evilly laughed in my head.

I nearly fell back in laughter as I saw Blue Fishyman yelp and jump about five feet on the air. Teijo gave me the thumbs up and left before he could be grabbed by Blue Fishyman. "raccoons are out to get me." Blue Fishyman sighed to Weasel. "oh you're so silly Kisame" Weasel commented before kissing Blue Fishyman on the cheek.

I growled quietly and waited for them to approach me. "I blame Mr. FluffyButt for my pains" Blue Fishyman said dreadfully. 'heh'. Finally they approached me and I limped out in pain. "aw look Mr. FluffyButt is in pain!" Weasel said before picking me up. Blue Fishyman rolled his eyes before saying, "he's probably faking it, little jealous oversized rat" I growled and whimpered in fake pain towards Weasel.

"aw! Kisame apologize now!" Weasel said cuddling me. I purred into his chest. "fine, sorry" he said grumpily. I smirked and he saw it. Good, cause I wanted him to. I whimpered more. "you must of really hurt his feelings Kisa-San!" Weasel said. I snickered as Blue Fishyman's eye twitched. "here hold him and I'll go buy him some food!" Weasel stated before handing me to Blue Fishyman.

The look on his face made me snicker loudly. He growled at me and dropped me to the ground. Then suddenly a girl with long brown hair came by and stopped to talk to one of her friends. She had an oversized purse. Good. I quickly went to smack her rear. Blue Fishyman saw what I was doing and went to stop me. I smirked and smacked the girl on the rear.

Kisame then grabbed me. The girl turned around with an angry face. "I-I can explain" Blue Fishyman said looking up at the girl before standing up straight. "PERV!" she screamed and started to beat him with her purse. I jumped out of his hands so he couldn't use me as a shield.

After the girl was through beating him up she hmphed and walked away. I snickered and climbed back into Blue Fishyman's arms. 'right on time' I thought as I saw Weasel come back with some popcorn and other good food. "woah, what happened to you?" he asked Blue Fishyman. "you don't wanna know" he stated in deep pain before handing me over to Weasel. 'heh, I win again!'

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