All that could be heard through the cold, dark night was silence. The silence had once again returned after so long and in the silence a faint scream broke through and its ears perked. Wherever the scream came from had got it's attention and it smiffed the cold, night air for the longest and picked up a scent of Peaches & Pineapples, a woman's perfume. A perfume it knew all too well. "Trie Nosille," it spoke with a deep, hoarseness in its voice.


Ms. Trie Nosille was a student at Domes Studio , a third degree black belt and very beautiful too. She had long brown, silky hair with eyes like two shinning stars in the night sky when she smiled. She was also very tired and worn out from a hard nights practice. Mr. Domes had locked up and left , leaving her out in the cold night all by her self. She was not aware of what was about to happen, but the thing in the distance did. Soon five big guys came from up behind and around her. One snatched her purse and picked through it, while two of them held her down, pinning her up against a wall. "What no money, no credit cards ?" He dropped her purse to the ground then looked her up and down with a grin on his face. "Now I know what I want, baby." He pulled out his pocket knife and cut the buttons off her shirt and pants and soon undid his own. She began to struggle for freedom, but they were to strong but they had forgot about her legs. She then kicked him hard square in the jaw. He soon turned his head and raised a hand to his mouth and saw blood on his fingers. "Now that wasn't very nice, you made me bleed bitch. Now you bleed. Make sure you secure her legs I am going to enjoy this. Soon a sound of what could have been a lion or a bear roar... maybe both and caught there attention for only a minute and soon went back to what they were doing. Soon two sharp razor claw like hands pierced through two of the thugs standing behind the guy with the knife and threw them with a great, powerful force killing them instantly. "Let the girl go," A demanding powerful voice spoke from out of no where. The guy with the knife looked around to find the source of the voice,but couldn't. "Or what ?"
"Or you can join your dead friends over there."
"Alright boys, you heard the voice, let her go." They had let her go alright and pushed her onto the knife's blade. "Get off my knife girl, you got blood all over it too." Soon the voice showed its self and the two ran off scared and in a panic . It's dark, lifeless eyes stared at him now and let out the roar they had heard from before. That wasn't no roar they had heard, it was a gutteral. demonic type growl. He stood there by himself now, holding his knife for protection. He turned around to the girl on the ground and before he could stab her with the knife again, the hand holding it was soon sliced off at the wrist. The thing soon came at a running start to him and pinned him hard up against a wall . "Now, let's see how it feels from the other side, shall we." It rammed its sharp, razor claw like hands through the guys chest and soon pulled out it's hand, now covered and dripping in blood. "feels so good to kill again." It licked the blood off its hand enjoying the taste of it. It soon began to feel a painful change and a human heart soon began to beat inside it's chest then doubled over feeling a mortal soul now . Soon whatever this thing was had now disappeared.


Aaron Daniels was also a student at Domes Studio. Unlike Trie was was just a blue belt. He wasn't all that fit, but he was still lean or even all that attractive either. He was just a nice, decent guy . He had given her change when she was short on money for a drink and some chips. Aaron was just like that. He had no idea where he was, until he saw he was standing over a bleeding Trie. He bent down to check for a pulse, her heart beat was still barely there. Aaron had no idea but there were bodies every where. He picked her up and put her in the truck, not caring that her bleeding stab wound was soaking into his clothes, all he cared about right now, was her more. He grabbed her purse and belongings with her keys and got in the drivers seat, and put her head in his lap and sped off into the night. Soon a police officer pulled him over. "Do you know how fast you are going son ?"
"Yes officer, i do. It's my younger step sister here, she bleeding to death. She's been stabbed and almost raped."
"Alright son, you just keep on going son. You follow, you have my permission to run lights."
"Thank you very much officer, I really do appreciate it." Aaron soon sped off again this time with the cop in front of him til they reached MCH . Aaron got out and pulled her out very carefully not to hurt her and carried her inside. "I need a doctor, now. I said I NEED A DOCTOR," he bellowed out. Soon two doctors heard the bellow and went to see who it was. "Calm down, son. What is wrong."
"What do you think is wrong. I'm holding a slowly dying girl in my arms. Please help her, she's my friend and I love her. I can't lose her now." A doctor soon took her from him. "She's got to go under stat, she's reaching V-Fib." The doctor rushed her in as her eyes began to slowly flutter and she mumbled Aaron's name under her breath, leaving him standing there alone in the waiting room as her purse began to ring. Aaron reached into her purse, pulling out a cell-phone seeing her dad's name name display on the screen:Charles Nosille calling and Aaron so anwsered it.
"No it's not Trie sir, it's Aaron Daniels your talking to."
"Put my daughter on now, Mr. Daniels."
"I'm sorry sir, I can't right now."
"Why not ?"
"Well she's been pretty hurt and badly injured sir. I brought her down to MCH . Doctors said I was lucky, if I hadn't brought her in when I did she would have died right then and there."
"Okay, Mr. Daniels. I'll be there as soon as I can. I'm leaving home right now. "They both soon hung up and Aaron stood in the waiting room in silence with tears now running down his face.