It had been a month now and Aaron and Trie were perfectly happy together. He made her feel special and a better fighter while she made him the luckiest guy in the world. Aaron and Trie were the perfect couple , except he was 12 years older than her but she didn't care, they were in love with each other and that was all that mattered. Her school work slipped just a little from her straight A streak to B and B+'s . It made her father a little mad but she was still passing her classes but being with Aaron not as much so. When they were at Dome's Studio they held hands and kissed til there respective classes started.


It was the month of Trie's birthday and about to turn 20 years old and excited about it. Aaron had the perfect birthday gift for her, something he had from when he wa a baby. Something his mother gave him before she passed away. He left it in its small golden box and stuck it in his pocket. He headed for his wensday night class at Dome's Studio . When he got there he saw a few gifts for her on the table with a chocolate/white icing cake and smiled still holding onto his gift for her. Soon her, her dad and her sister Izelle showed up an hour early. Trie soon looked around and saw the love of her life, Aaron and his new physique. She went up to him and they soon hugged and kissed each other briefly. "I missed you so much, Aaron."
"I missed you too, Trie." He soon put a hand to the side of her beautiful face and said the three words he'd been longing to say to her. "I love you."
"I love you too, Aaron." She soon took his hand from her face and held it in hers. She and Aaron sat down together at the table and just smiled, looking at each other and something came over them and before they made out everybody came out from the back and scared them, screaming 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRIE.' She smiled at everybody and stood up thanking them properly. She soon opened her gifts. The first one was from the Domes family . A beautiful blouse which Aaron commented on. "You'll look amazing with that on."
"And I look good on you too." Soon her dad heard her comment and shot her a look of disdain. "I raised you better than that Trie Elizabeth Nosille ." Soon her and Aaron laughed at her dads comment, like they would do that any time soon. They were just in love with each other, and each others arm candy as well. When it came to the last gift that was on the table, she looked to Aaron like he had forgot it, but he didn't. "Did you forget it, Aaron. Did you forget to get me a gift.?" Aaron stood up and took his shoes off then took hers off as well and escorted her to the training room floor . " NO i did not, it's right here. My mother gave this to me when i was a baby. My father had gave it to her, cause he felt the time was right. And i feel the time for me is right now." He pulled out the box as he got down on one knee and opened it. A beautiful jeweled gemstone ring glistened in her eyes and she could no longer keep her tears in. "Trie Nosille, will you marry me?" Mr. Domes looked to Trie and Aaron on the training room floor then to Charles, gaining his attention. "Looks like you may have a son-in-law." Charles soon looked to his daughter and Mr. Daniels. "She's too young for marriage, she's gonna make a big mistake . I guess i need to give my daughter her birthday gift from me." Aaron soon unlatched the necklace clasp holding the ring on it and put in on around her neck when Charles pulled out a .36 calibur rifle out from his duffle and aimed it at Aaron and a tear came to his face and pulled the trigger but Mr. Domes was too late to make him miss his shot and made his shot right above the heart about an inch and Aaron fell hard with a painful thud to the padded floor. Though no blood flowed onto the floor Aaron was out and down for the count. "Why isn't there blood ? Aren't you suppose to bleed when your shot ?" Trie bent down to his side crying and held his hand in hers, until his fingers curled up and gripped onto her hand . "Aaron, you were shot, how can you still bealive? How are you able to move?" He soon sat up straight and let out a hard cough. "Your dad is a really bad shot. See, look at the mirror behind me, its cracked." She looked and saw what he was talking about . " Oh, Okay." She soon hugged him tightly but her father knew he never missis a clear shot like that. The ring soon lit up and suddenly she could feel his heart beat. " I can feel your heart beat. How's that possible."
"I don't know, it was never explained to me." She took a deep breath in and he took a hand to her face and wiped away her tears. "It's your birthday , it's a time to smile."
"Your right, Aaron. I have something to tell you. I don't think I can imagine my self with any one else but you." When they were about to kiss Mr. Domes interrupted. "It's 7:30 already. We're just going to start the 8:00 o'clock class early. Mr. Daniels you care to join in, your welcome too."
"No i'm sorry. I got to go now. I'm in a hurry any way. Aaron decided not to change and just grabbed his bag on his arm and rushed outside and out of sight and doubled over in painand closed his eyes, tears running down his face and sunk back into his other persona. This time was different now, Aaron's memories stayed as well his heart . The similiarities between Aaron and his other persona were different yet the same. For the first time it stepped into the light and looked at its own reflection in amazement. How could this be. It soon moved closer to its reflection until some one came out of Domes Studio with a rifle in hand and as it was fired it turned around and caught the shell in its hand then crushed it into cinders. It soon lunged for him until it just suddenly stopped and looked him over. This was not A Nosille... this was an imposter. It then looked into the window and saw Trie and everybody else stared at it. It could see the concern and love in Trie's eyes. It then looked to this imposter of her dad and let out a growl like roar scaring the imposter and soon ran off.