Hey, sorry it's been so long since I last posted. This had been the most insane week at school. Who knew one week could be so full of craziness, absolute choas, I swear. Anyway, on with Church! (Disclaimer: Cassie Clare owns all the characters, I just control Church's mind).

Thursday June 27th

I have discovered an additional locality aside from the library which cyclically puts me amid the updates of the day's endeavors. Additionally, I believe I have decoded a common program the populace of this abode follow, which includes flocking to this region of the institution thrice daily.

Not only do I have the propensity to obtain free victuals from my lovely Jem, but also from anyone else who displays any bĂȘte-noir to what gastronomy they are given. It is with distress I reveal how their food arrives - no exhilarating pursuit involved. How monotonous and lackluster.

I originally deduced that such excursions away from our abode, resulting in their return covered in putrid blood, were due to their hunts for food obviously. It is not like they would find any sort of victuals here which pleased them, seeing as my own source of food includes the mice which are too diminutive to be substantial. Also, the humans apparently find such unappetizing as illustrated by the fair, light-gold colored maiden who has a rather corpulent lower half in comparison to her very slight upper half for upon the sight of any of my own delights, her shrieks can be heard from any corner of this institute quite clearly which are followed with either fainting or grabbing up her excessive sides and scurrying in the opposite direction.

However, I realized over time that none of the food they ate smelled anything like that of the blood much of their garments reeked of whenever they returned from some grueling task. All I know is that they would not in such situations if they bothered to spend more time with me.

I am very curious now as to what it is they would bother hunting if not for the purpose of consuming. This mystery is just one added to the catalog of many that I shall eventually illuminate regarding the creatures who dwell in this institute.

Since I arrived, my log of such conundrums has grown exponentially to comprise of such as follows:

1. Grooming: they only do so a few times a day (not including the flaxen young girl).

2. Napping: instead of a multitude of transient dozes over time, they are cataleptic most of the dark hours and occasionally for part of the first light hours. This of course does not include my Jem's dark haired companion who simply recedes into the dark shadows of the streets unaccompanied, only to return for a single catnap before congregating with all others in the gratis victual area.

3. Drinks: On the rare occasion the dark haired accomplice will return early morn just before up above becomes light, but not in his normal self-contemplative state.

Note to self: Never, by no means, on no account ever approach him when he even remotely smells of fermented drink, or else plan on ending up with a slight restyling of neck fur, something sharp quivering in the wood less than a hair's length from neck and Jem storming in to save my life from another sharp object coming flying at me. Claws are not useful in such a situation. Actually, just don't end up in the situation in the first place.

4. Follow-up on drinks: Never lick that which the dark haired accomplice has as well. After-effects of fermented beverages are not agreeable with cats, yet there is some green leafy object that smells and tastes delicious giving analogous results to me as the fermented drinks do Jem's dark haired companion.

5. Leafy green objects: Delicious. Must find out what and where they are.

And now today's:

6. Food: they do not in fact consume what they hunt, yet have some colossal reserve of food that appears ad infinitum from enigmatic quarters of this abode.

AN: I don't know if I'll have something for you by next weekend (Halloween! Get excited) But I certainly have a list of things for Church to accomplish/discover/whatever that will be added to here at one point or another.